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Drama, Biography
IMDB rating:
David Gordon Green
Clancy Brown as Big Jeff
Kate Fitzgerald as Aunt Karen (as Katherine Fitzgerald)
Michelle Forziati as Jill Hurley
Nate Richman as Big D
Patty O'Neil as Aunt Jenn (as Patricia O'Neil)
Sean McGuirk as Bill Hurley
Frankie Shaw as Gail Hurley
Lenny Clarke as Uncle Bob
Carlos Sanz as Carlos
Miranda Richardson as Patty Bauman
Tatiana Maslany as Erin Hurley
Jake Gyllenhaal as Jeff Bauman
Storyline: Stronger is the inspiring real life story of Jeff Bauman, an ordinary man who captured the hearts of his city and the world to become a symbol of hope after surviving the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.
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Tatiana Maslany steals the thunder from Jake Gyllenhaal!
There I said it. While the critics have been going mad over the performance of Jake Gyllenhaal and rightfully so, I walk a different path. To me this movie was never about Jeff, it was about Erin. Can anyone for once, put himself in her shoes and think what would he have done? Tatiana Maslany answers that question with perfection. Perhaps for a lot of people she might be relatively new, but those who have seen her in Orphan Black knew that her performance in this movie was going to be amazing. She plays over a dozen characters in that TV show, and all with such excellence that you forget that it is just one actor, you could only imagine what she was going to do with just one. The helplessness, the agony, the pain that she shows in this movie is beyond the approach of any actor. Her talent is far beyond any Oscar trophy. I say that because the world has been sleeping on her since forever. Yes, I just dedicated my entire review to Maslany's admiration, but honestly, words can not do justice to the sheer talent that is Tatiana Maslany! You can find tons of reviews telling you about how great Jake is, and how he makes you feel for him and all that emotional stuff, but the real hero here is Erin.
The film is OK, performances are fantastic
The story of stronger is inspirational and heart-warming. It realistically showed how difficult it is to deal with such tragedy, the time it takes to move on and the impact it has on friends and family. It also shows how we can draw beams of light from the darkest of places.

What makes Stronger worth seeing are the performances from the entire cast. Jake Gyllenhaal, Tatiana Maslany and Miranda Richardson definitely stand out and deserve all the praise there is.

I also have to agree with some of the fellow reviewers here when it comes to depicting American patriotism and the American way of dealing with things, it went a bit too far, especially towards the end. I have nothing against patriotism, I believe we should be all proud of our countries and roots but also stay within the limits of not going overboard.

Again, worth seeing for the story itself and the performances.
Interesting and mildly inspirational, but also kind of bland
After a tragedy occurs, telling the stories of the individuals affected is often the best way for others to understand and relate to what happened. That's what the 2017 biographical drama "Stronger" (R, 1:56) does with the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing and the story of victim Jeff Bauman. He only survived because another bystander, Carlos Arredondo, ran to the scene of the explosion, put tourniquets on both of Jeff's legs, placed him in a wheelchair and helped get him into an ambulance. A New York Times photo by Josh Haner, which showed Jeff in that wheelchair, with Carlos at his side, became iconic. Responding to widespread interest in his story, he joined forces with best-selling author Bret Witter to write what became the 2014 book "Stronger", which is the basis for this film.

Before the Marathon Bombing, Jeff Bauman (Oscar nominee Jake Gyllenhaal) was an unremarkable, anonymous guy born and raised in Boston. He worked at Costco and loved his hometown sports teams – especially the Red Sox – to the point of superstition and even obsession. He lived in a modest apartment with his divorced alcoholic mother, Patty (Oscar nominee Miranda Richardson). Jeff was obsessed with local girl Erin Hurley (Emmy winner Tatiana Maslany), whom he had dated… and who had already broken up with him three times. On the night of April 14, 2003, Jeff and Erin were still apart when she came into a neighborhood bar where Jeff and his friends were watching the Red Sox game on TV. He went over to talk to her, helped her get the other bar patrons to contribute to her effort to raise money by participating in the marathon and he promised to be there for her the next day at the finish line holding a sign.

The next day, as Jeff's waiting for Erin at the end of the course, a man bumps into him and Jeff turns to look at the guy who is walking away. Jeff looks down at something in the street. Then comes the explosion. Jeff finds himself on the ground lying in a pool of his own blood. Erin hears the sound ahead of her. She stops running, ducks into a local bar and sees on the TV a picture of Jeff, injured and being tended to by strangers. She rushes to the hospital, where Jeff's family and friends were also gathering. Jeff's father (Clancy Brown) fumes and even lashes out at Jeff's boss (Danny McCarthy) who shows up to offer help. After waiting anxiously, Jeff's loved ones learn that doctors had to amputate both legs above the knees. When he wakes up, not only does he manage to keep his sense of humor and his usual positive attitude (relatively speaking, of course), he's also able to give the FBI valuable information about the bombing.

Obviously, Jeff survives, but his life and the lives of those closest to him are changed forever. We see the pain and discomfort that Jeff's injuries cause him – both in the hospital and when he finally gets to come home – and we follow him as he adjusts to life without legs and begins the long and difficult recovery process. He receives gifts and well wishes from all over the world, he's greatly in demand for media interviews and he is given the opportunity to make public appearances at Bruins and Red Sox games. He goes along with much of it, but he really doesn't want any of it. He doesn't even want to meet with Carlos (Carlos Sanz), the man who saved his life. Jeff says that he doesn't want to be reminded of the worst day of his life. Jeff wants to walk again, but he approaches the challenge half- heartedly. He needs the love and support of his family, his friends and, especially Erin, even though he often treats them unkindly and even pushes them away. He doesn't want to be famous or inspirational, but it's out of his control. Something has got to give.

"Stronger" is a somewhat inspirational, but mostly bland bio-pic. With no disrespect to Jeff Bauman or any of the others directly or indirectly affected by the Boston Marathon Bombing, their individual stories are interesting, but aren't necessarily best served in the format of a feature film. Having said that, this one does about as good of a job as can be expected, given its limited focus. The screenplay by writer-actor John Pollono (who plays Tyler on TV's "This is Us") adapts the book of the film's title without being exploitive or flashy, telling the story almost entirely chronologically and only occasionally drifting into melodrama. Director David Gordon Green (mainly known for producing and directing TV series like "East Bound & Down" and "Vice Principals") does here what he did with 2014's "Manglehorn" and 2015's "Our Brand is Crisis", telling a story solidly, but making it less impactful than it probably should've been.

Green does, however, often get excellent performances out of his actors and this film is no exception. Gyllenhaal is as great as he was in similarly emotional roles like the desperate astronaut in "Life" (2017), the grieving father in "Nocturnal Animals" (2016) and the down-and-out boxer in "Southpaw" (2015), while Richardson and Maslany completely inhabit their roles. All three are award-worthy, especially Maslany in her most high-profile feature film role to date, following her personal triumph that is TV's "Orphan Black". In this film, she will be a revelation to many Movie Fans, while they may also notice and wonder how Gyllenhaal manages to continue giving exceptional performances in high-quality films every single year. This one may not be as exceptional as some man-versus-self films, but it's worth a look. "B"
Jake Gyllenhaal delivers, but patriotism made me cringe
No, this will not be a popular review. No' I'm not from the US. Yes, these two are related.

I love Jake Gyllenhaal and he delivers in this Jeff Bauman inspired 'beating terrorism' story. The majority of reviews I've read use words as 'inspirational', 'capturing hearts', 'symbol', 'heroic' etc. And that's what bothers me about this movie. And it's what scares me too.

Because, what happens in this movie is real right? I mean, this is what actually happens in the US. There is a devastating attack on US soil. To cope with it, people turn to patriotism. Don't get me wrong, this is not a Michael Bay American Flag Waiving Patriot Fest. But singling out a survivor, having him waiving a flag at a sports game, having him pitch, people cheering, people crying, and to top it all of having Mr. All American telling him that he 'beat terrorism'...it's just a little too much.

But again, this movie is showing real things. This movie is not (really) over the top, not exaggerated. Waiving flags, singing Star Spangled Banner before sports games, people meaning from the bottom of their hearts that 'terrorism did not win'. Let's say, it is the American Way, right?

So my question is, why make this movie? To confirm US citizens that this is actually how things work in the US? They know that right? I mean, they sing along, they stand proud, they will not let terrorism win! Or to make people from other countries cringe to US patriotism?

OK, so Jake Gyllenhaal was great and he absolutely delivers. However, this 'the US being the greatest country on earth and let's all cry while singing the Star Spangled Banner' theme does not really have the same impact outside of the US. But hey, why care about the rest of the world when you are raised to care only about what happens inside your own borders?
you don't owe me anything..

Breeding the suffer and relinquishing the hope in some heartbreaking scene; Jake Gyllenhaal breathes Jeff Bauman's life, with the help of David's wide vision and John's tight adaptation which tears you down instead of cringing on the seat.
Gyllenhaal is excellent with a strong supporting cast
STRONGER (2017) *** 1/2 Jake Gyllenhaal, Tatiana Maslany, Miranda Richardson, Richard Lane, J r., Nate Richman, Lenny Clarke, Clancy Brown, Carlos Sanz. Gyllenhaal is excellent in his portrayal of Jeff Bauman who lost his legs in the Boston Marathon bombing and the aftermath of his life in an attempt to regain his life for better including his estranged yet super supportive girlfriend Maslany (equally good) with his friends and family included for better or worse. The struggle to not only physically acclimate to the near impossible is only counterbalanced with the emotional and mental anguish to move forward and also to become a better person in the long run. Filmmaker David Gordon Green wisely shows the warts-and-all of a real-life character and a strong screenplay adaptation by John Pollono on Bauman and Bret Witter's book.
Very average bio
I have the greatest respect for Gyllenhaal's acting abilities, and in this film he is quite impressive as a handicapped person, after being seriously wounded by the Boston Marathon bomb blast of 2013. In particular, I had never thought of how painful it can be just to remove dressings from your wounds, and Gyllenhaal conveys it in a sound piece of acting. Sadly, he has far too many silences that annoy rather than allow the viewer to understand the nature of his predicaments.

Gyllenhaal is potential Oscar material and he might get a nomination here, but he has done better (PRISONERS and NIGHTCRAWLER, for instance). I doubt he will get it on this ticket, where his message, especially his eye message, is not always clear (more through poor direction than incompetent acting).

I was greatly impressed with Tatiana Maslany's performance, in a much smaller role, but one that completely comes to life. Miranda Richardson is also very good in a thankless role as the oft-drunk mother.

I was not impressed with the direction or the screenplay. It would have been more interesting if more attention were given to Bauman's part in helping to identify the perpetrators of the Boston attack. There is a great deal of waffling and dithering, pointless dialogue, and 30 minutes less would not have hurt the film.

Distinctly average bio: 5/10
A film of pain and struggle to get to redemption with courage and determination.
"Stronger" the new biopic film about Jeff Bauman and the 2013 Boston marathon bombing is one tale of courage and dealing with pain and sorrow before coming to terms with life thru determination. The film is set from the beginning and deals with the marathon bombing to the struggle and life changing days of one Jeff Bauman(in one of Jake Gyllenhaal's best performances). The city of Boston from the scenes and accents is captured just perfect and the pain and blood wounds seen are felt and seem real like as the hospital stay that involves Jeff and his struggle to get back up with family and friends is highlighted and showcased with such pain and tough determination. This film proves that one's life can be turned upside down with an unexpected event and can change forever. Still with love, courage, and determination it can make one stronger forever.
This film was pitiful , at best ! Intense, for sure , but not in a good way !! There were a lot of emotions to convey , with this story ... But , as in most movies ,over the last 10 years .. There is a huge lack ,in the choice of vocabulary !!! Wish that I had kept count of the " F " word , which started in the first 30 seconds !! Probably , in the thousands !! Sure... Hollywood thinks that the whole country uses this vulgarity ... Wrong !! Next movie that I see with this garbage , I will ask for a refund ! Please stop ... Learn to express feelings and emotions ,where every other word is not F... "Stronger " was not a film that I would recommend .... Even though the acting was fairly good .... It probably should have been used on another one of the many other tragedies on that Boston Day !! It was sad to think that anyone would have to be raised in that dysfunctional mess of a family !, I was not really expecting any feel good film , but this was depressing , in too many ways !! Thus , my 2 stars !,
Skip This Movie, Read The Book
Jeff Bauman is an amazing and nice guy who went through the hell of losing both his legs in the Boston Marathon bombing of 2013, and became a huge inspiration to the people of this (Boston) area, the nation and the world. His book captured his experience with gratitude, a down to earth likable personality, and humor. None of those qualities made it into the movie, which unfortunately does him a huge disservice. The biggest problem is that virtually everyone in this pic is hugely unlikable. Hollywood also thinks that Lenny Clarke has to be in every Boston movie. There's no sense of the bigger story of the bombing and how the community truly rallied around the injured. Bauman moves back in with his alcoholic mother -- a second floor apartment, with stairs, with no modifications made for a double amputee -- and everybody goes on like nothing happened. Just not accurate. I understood that the point is that reality wasn't as inspirational as it seemed, but they depicted Bauman having an angry flashback/violent outburst when he appeared at the Bruins game to wave the flag just weeks after the bombing. Watch the video of the real event and see the pure joy on his face that boosted a whole city. It was lousy how they changed that. A few graphic scenes just not necessary. I also don't get why Red Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez was given a cameo when nobody else was, he was really out of place. The man who saved his life, Carlos Arredondo, is himself an amazing man and an inspirational activist who was portrayed as a sad sack whom Bauman had no desire to meet. This was also not true. On the whole I was disappointed by how ungrateful (or lazy!) Bauman was made to look, when gratitude and spirit came across so forcefully in the book. So I'm glad the movie is doing well, I'm glad people like it, and I hope it makes a lot of money. But read his book to get the real, much more amazing and inspiring story. Bauman will need financial support for the rest of his life.
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