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Taken Heart
Crime, Thriller, Action
IMDB rating:
Steven R. Monroe
Tanya Panting as Gabrielle
Geoff Silverman as Dr. Anschel
Joseph Card as Sgt. Diaz
Stan Den Ouden as Albert
Pulu Lightburn as Antoine
Matthew Ziff as Drew
Gildon Roland as Rafael
Natasha Calis as Nina Johnson
Raffaello Degruttola as Francisco Orizaga
Gina Holden as Kate Johnson
Storyline: Kate Johnson is a single mother and a successful undercover detective. When her daughter, Nina, goes to Punta Dia in Belize to help with the local orphanage, she is kidnapped by the cartel organization "La Muerte Roja". Kate, not trusting the local government, takes it upon herself to travel to Belize to find her missing daughter. While there, Kate meets with Francisco Orizaga, an ex-marine who agrees to help. As Kate investigates into Nina's disappearance, she discovers just how strong La Muerte Roja's influence is in Punta Dia. Her questions are met with silence and looks of fear from the locals, with only a few willing to talk about the rumors of the cartel's organ trafficking business. Now, it's a race against time as Kate struggles to find Nina before Nina can become La Muerte Roja's next victim.
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Utterly rubbish
Yes another copy cat "Taken film" but with a girl. Slow boring and predictable script. The acting was stunted and the timing was off to say the least. So many holes it was unbelievable such as when the girl was sedated completely out of it one minute, the next thing she's running for the boat. Quick recovery! A extremely soppy end that was not necessary but just one more reason not to watch the film
Politically correct version of Taken ... and boring as Heck
Canadian actress Gina Holden is both gorgeous and game, but neither quality will suffice to save this sodden, dull, misfit of a film.

From a production company that almost single-handedly manages to commoditize B-movies as if they came off a conveyor belt (Jeepers Creepers 3, Nightmare Nurse) we have something which, once upon a time, scrawled on a napkin in the back of a bar, must have seemed really clever.

"Let's do a version of Taken with a female lead!" someone said, then someone else agreed, then a third person raised the cash ... and here we are.

The best sequence is the first 4 minutes, which does a pretty good job of establishing Holden's character as a tough female cop who is not afraid of violence.

Would that we could say the same about the screenwriters, because, after that solid opening, the film chugs along for almost a full hour before we see even a hint of action; and when we finally do, it is too little, too late.

Recommended? No, thank you.
I couldn't even get half through this
I couldn't even get half through this film before I gave up.

There is nothing good about this film, absolutely nothing.

But what made it very unbearable is the directors use of one of the worst scores in a film I've heard and it was non stop!

I mean almost the entire film (well, the first 40 min of what I saw) was this dreary lousy continuing annoyance of noise in almost every scene. Is this supposed to be a movie or a funeral home soundtrack? And it was louder than the dialogue in most cases!

Oh the dialogue. Who wrote the screenplay for this garbage? The scene where she talks to her Captain (yes, we get it, he's your captain and you want a promotion) was so poorly written a failing high school student could have written better dialogue.

Then the acting... omg I wanted to stick forks in my eyes. There was absolutely nothing believable in any of the characters in the less than half of this garbage I watched.

Don't waste the 1hr 28min on this, I wasted 40 min and that was too much for me to bear.
The film is OK. I didn't hate it, but it wasn't good.

A short way in Hollywood did it's propaganda bit with a long speech about White Privilege that added absolutely nothing to the film and felt really forced into the "natural conversation". But don't let that put you off completely.

It's watchable all the way through but it has a not-actually-strong-at-all female lead and it never reaches the point of being "good".

It definitely never reaches the point where it is fair adopt the "Taken" brand.
The use of 'Taken' in this title is criminal
In this case the reference to 'Taken' in the title of the film obviously refers to the fact that the viewer has been taken for a ride. Plenty of ham acting, but little action and while the heroine does her best with the weak script, she was given little opportunity to demonstrate her competency. In fact, towards the end of the film when some action finally hits the screen, she constantly gets caught and her firearm is easily and regularly confiscated by an unconvincing rogue. The latter comes to an unlikely end at the hands of said heroine.
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