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Taxi Driver
Drama, Thriller
IMDB rating:
Martin Scorsese
Robert De Niro as Travis Bickle
Jodie Foster as Iris
Harvey Keitel as Sport
Leonard Harris as Charles Palantine
Peter Boyle as Wizard
Diahnne Abbott as Concession Girl
Frank Adu as Angry Black Man
Gino Ardito as Policeman at Rally
Victor Argo as Melio (as Vic Argo)
Garth Avery as Iris' Friend
Harry Cohn as Cabbie in Bellmore
Copper Cunningham as Hooker in Cab
Brenda Dickson as Soap Opera Woman
Harry Fischler as Dispatcher
Storyline: Travis Bickle is an ex-Marine and Vietnam War veteran living in New York City. As he suffers from insomnia, he spends his time working as a taxi driver at night, watching porn movies at seedy cinemas during the day, or thinking about how the world, New York in particular, has deteriorated into a cesspool. He's a loner who has strong opinions about what is right and wrong with mankind. For him, the one bright spot in New York humanity is Betsy, a worker on the presidential nomination campaign of Senator Charles Palatine. He becomes obsessed with her. After an incident with her, he believes he has to do whatever he needs to to make the world a better place in his opinion. One of his priorities is to be the savior for Iris, a twelve-year-old runaway and prostitute who he believes wants out of the profession and under the thumb of her pimp and lover Matthew.
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A movie that remains as relevant as it was in 1976. Maybe even more so.
On the cloudy, hazy streets of New York City, a single yellow beacon stands out. A lonely, insomniac, mentally unstable cab driver does his job. All while plotting to cleanse the city of "human trash." Welcome to a real-life nightmare: Taxi Driver.

With an omniscient feeling of loneliness (symbolized by a taxi) present in Travis Bickle (Robert De Niro), our anti-hero protagonist has his one element that anybody who has ever experienced loneliness in their life can relate to. However, anyone who shoots up a brothel and attempts to assassinate a senator is by no means a role model. Travis Bickle (despite his one trait that an audience can relate to) is such an emotionally disturbed person that he sees very irrational actions as perfectly sane, making him a danger to himself and to other people. The phenomenal score by Bernard Herrmann (known for composing scores for Alfred Hitchcock from 1956-1964) reflects everything about Travis. His insanity, loneliness, bigotry, and instability are all represented in a way that hypnotizes the listener in a cocktail of sound.

Travis is a man that has nothing to live for in life. His infatuation with Betsy is doomed to go nowhere. He feels the need to lie to his parents (in the form of a letter) to make his life look better than the boring reality. Travis cannot discern rationally what deeds are right or wrong and, quite frankly, I doubt that he cares.

The climactic final shootout (which threatened to give this movie a X rating) is an intense scene that has not lost an ounce of power today. As a kid born in the mid-90's, I can only imagine what effect images like a man having his hand blown apart by Travis's Magnum .45 had on 1976 audiences. The scene also drives home the extent of Travis's fragile mental state.

Overall, this is a masterwork from Martin Scorsese. Possibly even THE masterwork (GoodFellas and Raging Bull create tough company) of his entire career. A disturbing wonder (more so for me as I am a high- functioning autistic) of the cinema that is telling of our society and of the human psyche. There are few classics in cinema that have withstood the test of time (in terms of multiple decades) in a way in which they have only become more relevant than when they were initially released. "Taxi Driver" is certainly one such movie.
great film
this film is always on a 100 greatest films ever somewhere in the 20s because it is a great film because travis is mad son of bitch he must be to blow of someone hand with his magnem 44 scorese is the my favitoe dirctor you talking to me scene was great i also loved the suck on this scene where travis shoots sport 10/10 masterpeice
De Niro standing in front of the mirror practicing his insults ('You talking' to me?') is one of the landmarks of contemporary Hollywood cinema…
The opening images of the yellow taxi cab moving slowly through clouds of steam, seems an authentic vision of the city as netherworld, a landscape of gaudy nightmares… Travis himself is an unnerving combination of psychopath and naive innocent, a victim whose attempts to put the World to Rights produce yet more victims…

Like other troubled heroes of the era, Travis is an ex-Marine, working nights as a New York taxi driver, observing with increasing disgust the human flotsam that comes into his cab… His attempts at human contact are a failure… An icy political worker whom he takes on a date (Cybil Shepherd) is repelled by his taste of porno films… He tries to rescue Iris, a teenage hooker (Jodie Foster), but increasingly his mind is under tension, and, prevented in his attempt to assassinate a Presidential candidate, he murders Iris' pimp Sport (Harvey Keitel) and a client in an orgy of what he intends a redemptive violence…

Scorsese's film: a study of urban alienation, and a restless, fluid camera contributed to a view of New York as hell on earth, and mirrored the protagonist's growing insanity…
one of these days i'm gonna get organiz-ized
i can't believe i waited this long to finally watch this classic.this is one brilliant film.De Niro is excellent as the title character AKA Travis Bickel.Martin Scorsese directed this masterpiece.i don't wanna to oversell this film,but it's something else.i'm not gonna give any of the plot away,because i think any way who goes into this should view it without any preconceived notions.DE Niro is brilliant here,that much i'll say.i also loved the look of the film,the style,the colours.it's currently #39 on the top 250 here on this site,but i'd probably even rate it higher than that.if you haven't seen it,i would highly recommend it.for me,Taxi Driver is a 10/10
After reading many of the reviews for Taxi Driver, I feel I have to make one comment.

What amazes and baffles me about this movie is that basically, Travis Bickle is a murderer. If he would have killed Senator Palatine, then he would have been scum. But since fate has him killing "Scum", pimps and whorehousemen, he becomes a hero. In the eyes of society.

So in the end we are left with the message of it is not why you kill, but who you kill. I am still shocked my the poignancy of this statement whenever I watch this masterpiece.
Scorese and De Niro at the top of their game
I am a big fan of Scorsese (Raging Bull, Goodfellas, Shutter Island, The Departed) and De Niro (Godfather Part 2), but the brilliance of Taxi Driver still stunned me.

I have seen two of the finest male performances given by De Niro in both the Godfather Part II and in Raging Bull, yet somehow he turned in his finest in this film. His portrayal and character are completely fascinating from start to finish. He creates a character that somehow transcends out of the screen and glues the audience into believing, sympathizing, and experiencing with his character. The same can be said for Scorsese. Up until this point I always had Raging Bull as his finest, but something about his work here is completely mesmerizing. Taxi Driver comes together as an incredible piece of filmmaking, with completely intriguing dialogue, and story-wise it is flawless (although technically wise I would say Scorsese was still getting the hang of it).

BRAVO to Taxi Driver, and I cannot believe I waited this long to see it.
Best Scorsese-De Niro film
"Taxi driver" is not only one the greatest films of the Seventies, it's also the best Scorsese & De Niro production.

A Vietnam veteran, now a New York taxi driver, lives in a nightmarish loneliness. The meeting with a baby prostitute and the will of rescuing her will give him a new aim.

The movie is dramatic and passionate. It's a story of an anti-hero who wants to save another anti-heroin. Also when he tries to court another woman (Cybill Shepherd) the result is a complete disaster (look at the scenes...!), it's impossible for him to enter a "normal" world. There's an anguish sense through all the movie, underlined by Bernard Herrman score. Definitely "Taxi driver" is the momentum of the "nouvelle vague" in Hollywood movies. Actually the Seventies were the only time when big studios really allowed independent directors to do their own films. Now these two worlds are more separated than before.

This film won the "Palme d'or" at Cannes Film festival in 1976, and brought chance to Scorsese, Jodie Foster, Harvey Keitel and (of course) Robert De Niro -the same year he made Bernardo Bertolucci's "Novecento", the year before he won an Oscar for "The Godfather part II".
An individual's fight- against loneliness and for justice.
"Taxi Driver" is a beautiful portrayed of an individual who tries to do things his way, in the hectic and dangerous New York of the '70's. He already isn't a stable person to begin with (he's a Vietnam veteran) but through his loneliness and due to his own personal views and idea's of society and the world, he gets more and more consumed by the rotten society until he feels it is enough and decides to take matters into his own hands.

Beauty of the movie is that it gets interpreted by everyone in his or hers own way. Everyone sees some different things in the story and characters. I think this also was what writer Paul Schrader and director Martin Scorsese had in mind, while making this movie.

The story takes us into the world of Travis Bickle. We begin to see society through his eyes and we more and more begin to understand the character as the movie progresses. It makes his character not only a understandable one but also a very realistic one. Nothing in this movie is overdone or made to look better or worser than it is in real life.

The movie is made extra powerful through the performances of the cast. Robert De Niro is a sensational main lead and the supporting cast is also real great. Some well known actors that were still unknown at the time of this movie make an appearance, such as a very young Jodie Foster, Albert Brooks, Victor Argo and an almost unrecognizable young Harvey Keitel.

The entire movie is sensational- and with lots of style directed by Martin Scorsese, who knows how to set the right mood and atmosphere. The simple- but effective and realistic from Michael Chapman and the musical score by Bernard Herrmann (his last) also add to the atmosphere. Also of course the fact that New York City serves as the backdrop for this movie, gives the movie a typical dark and gritty feeling and atmosphere. Everything is slowly but powerfully build up in the movie and every sequences plays a significant role. A result of this is that the movie is filled with some unforgettable sequences, of which the famous 'You talking' to me?' sequence is the best known. But also the violent ending leaves a lasting impression.

It's still a movie that applies today, after 30 years now. Because lets face it, what exactly has been changed in society compared to 30 years ago and now? The subject and meaning of the movie could still apply to present day. It makes "Taxi Driver" a timeless and important movie that is a perfect reflection of society and already is worthy of the 'classic'-status.

Yet another essential '70's viewing.


What is it with this movie?
I mean, seriously. What is it with this movie? I've seen it twice, read stuff about it, got a lecture on it, and I still can't see how anybody could call this movie a masterpiece. So Scorsese shows us a shot of an empty hall while DeNiro is talking on the phone. So what? And is the fact that he constantly makes us aware that we're watching a movie a sign of Scorsese's greatness? Even when it doesn't serve any real purpose??? I particularly dislike the ending - the lack of comment on the violence and the way Travis turns out to be a hero. Is this a critique of violence or a celebration of it? It is clearly not very hard to imagine someone inspired by Travis's resolution to "clean up the streets".

Besides, I thought the film was pretty boring. Especially the second time I watched it.

I think "Taxi Driver" is hugely overrated. But that's just me, of course...
Great Story/ Great Acting
Robert DeNiro, (Travis Beckle) plays the role of a Viet-Nam veteran who is trying to find himself in the wild city of New York and drives a Taxi for a living. Travis witnesses all kinds of crimes against society and how a young girl named Jodie Foster, (Iris Steensma), is being used as a hooker and exploited by some very low life creatures. Travis becomes very committed to Iris and tries to straighten her life out. Travis decides he is going to do away with a certain politician and senator who is running for President. Cybill Shepherd, (Betsy) plays a great supporting role along with Peter Boyle, (Wizard). Robert DeNiro is so very young looking, I had to look twice in order to recognize him; there is lots of action, drama and some humor. Enjoy.
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