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The Assignment
USA, France, Canada
Crime, Thriller, Action
IMDB rating:
Walter Hill
Sigourney Weaver as Dr. Rachel Kay
Hugo Ateo as Guzman
Caitlin Gerard as Johnnie
Paul Lazenby as Bodyguard
Lauro Chartrand as Cousin in Vegas
Anthony LaPaglia as Honest John Hartunian
Paul McGillion as Paul Wincott
Caroline Chan as Ting Li
Adrian Hough as Sebastian
Zak Santiago as Edward Gonzalez
Tony Shalhoub as Dr. Ralph Galen
Ken Kirzinger as Nurse Albert Becker
Michelle Rodriguez as Frank Kitchen / Tomboy
Terry Chen as Dr. Lin
Alex Zahara as Vladimir Gorski
Lia Lam as Asian Woman
Storyline: Following an ace assassin who is double crossed by gangsters and falls into the hands of rogue surgeon known as The Doctor who turns him into a woman. The hitman now a hitwoman sets out for revenge, aided by a nurse named Johnnie who also has secrets.
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If you liked sin city, you'll like this movie. A good story is sometimes in you you tell it.

It sets a dark mood. The plot is straightforward. The ending makes sense. It is worth the time to watch and is entertaining.

Weaver is still a great actor. I think the effects department deed a very poor job on Johnny as a man. But all in all it is a good movie.
It's Just Bad
For a film that is strangely underwhelming and completely unknown to the public, The Assignment, is a very horrendous film. I found myself totally lost after the first thirty minutes when the movie began. It's a whirlwind of strange and odd fights alongside its vague and grim story about gender-change. For a movie that's trying to be action-packed, it felt like more of a reason to show Rodriguez's tits and her vaginal area if anything. It's a very vulgar and bad film that really has no purpose, and to me, I got to say it's one of the most underdone films in a long time- it's no wonder why the film wasn't heard of. The only good thing about this movie is Sigourney Weaver and that is really it. There wasn't anything else I found remotely exciting, not to mention that they have given Weaver one of the worst scripts she's ever done in her career as an actress. It's a bad film. Don't waste your money; get it from the Redbox like I did, and you'll know why.
I am trans and was looking forward to this!
Forget the uproar from sensitive trans groups, this film was never transphobic, it was just a classic revenge thriller. Waking up as the opposite sex is the worst thing imaginable for the overwhelming majority of society and tat's the crux of the film - not an attack on trans. If anything, its success would spark a franchise of a kick-ass trans-woman - talk about giving trans the spotlight! I am trans myself and I was looking forward to it as it seemed to be a throwback to the films I grew up on in the 80s when one man would avenge his life being ruined (usually his family being massacred). However this film was dull and muddled and riddled with exposition.

The biggest problem is that it's told in flashback and with lots of - literally - one character 'talking' the story to another (Frank to the camera, the Doctor to the other doctor) and as a result there was no tension only on the nose dialogue. The other problem was a completely unlikeable anti-hero in Frank and a completely unbelievable performance by Michelle Rodriguez who never once convinced she was a man with her female frame, female build, female skin and female voice. Similarly, Weaver's The Doctor was lacking. I appreciate she was playing an aloof, detached character but there was nothing to her character. There was no bad guy you wanted to root against just as there was no protagonist you wanted to root for.

This film could have been a solid, action-filled romp had it been told in a linear fashion and with stronger characterisation. As it was, it was a boring affair with too little action, style or interesting characters. The IDIOTS who say it's transphobic are, well, idiots. It's no more transphobic as Death Wish was phobic to people who have been raped and murdered.
I loved it
I don't understand why it it has scored so low. I really liked it. It was a bit slow to start and a bit complicated. It may have been a bit too confronting for some viewers as it pushed boundaries. overall a good film that was a bit different from the rest. If you are middle America then don't bother to watch it.
What Makes A Man?
I'll have to give THE ASSINGMENT credit for coming up with something original to add to the action genre. When I think back to all of the films that involve gender reassignment surgery the list is small. Most of those fall into the exploitation genre with only a few notables in the major release category. Unfortunately little faith was seen in this film and it made its way quickly to satellite and now to DVD.

The opens with Dr. Ralph Galen (Tony Shaloub) sitting down to interview a straight jacketed Dr. Rachel Jane (Sigourney Weaver). Jane is in the psychiatric ward unable to stand trial due to her apparent insanity. It seems she was arrested in an abandoned hotel, surrounded by the bodies of her bodyguards and an employee. Now Galen is trying to decide if she is competent enough to stand trial or not.

What unfolds is Jane's tale of what happened and the steps that occurred to bring about her circumstances. It seems that three years ago a professional hit man named Frank Kitchen (Michelle Rodriguez) was hired by mobsters to kill Jane's beloved brother. In return she sought revenge on Frank. Hired by mobster Honest John Hartunian (Anthony LaPaglia) Frank waits for instructions, stashes the money he's been paid and makes the acquaintance of a young lady named Johnnie (Caitlin Gerard).

Honest John sells Frank out to Jane who drugs and takes custody of Frank. When Frank wakes he finds himself covered in bandages. He discovers that not only has he been drugged with no idea who was behind it all but that during the time he was out an operation has been performed on him. Sexual reassignment surgery. Yes, Frank is now a woman but in body only. Jane has left behind a letter explaining what has been done, why, funds to help take care of him and medicine he will now need to take.

Frank heals a bit and then heads out to retrieve his cash and begin a quest to get revenge on all those who have done him wrong. Contacting Johnnie, slightly stunned to see what has happened, Frank begins to track down the group responsible beginning with the crew of Honest John, leading to a confrontation between the two. All of this is merely steps towards his ultimate goal of finding Jane.

This movie could have played in grindhouses across the country in a time when films like these were being churned out by far lesser studios and under the guise of directors with much less skill. But this time around it has the backing of Lionsgate and a director in the form of Walter Hill, one of the best action directors of all time and a personal favorite.

Hill was an amazing director from his first film (HARD TIMES with Charles Bronson) in 1975 and hit his stride in the 80s with movies like THE WARRIORS, SOUTHERN COMFORT, 48 HOURS, RED HEAT and CROSSROADS. As time went by for some reason his films played to smaller audiences and studios backed away. He never stopped making good movies, especially action films, and it was good to see him come up with something original here since he co-wrote the film.

What could have been salacious and tawdry is instead thought provoking. While full frontal nudity might be on display in the film it isn't used for sensual reasons but instead to show the changes made to the body of Frank Kitchen. What few love or sex scenes there are in the film are brief and show very little. What we are talking about here is less the sexuality of the person transformed as much as the person inside.

Jane's motivation for changing Frank as opposed to killing him outright is to experiment with him. A discredited doctor who does her work off the books she is curious to see if she can alter this macho persona who kills without remorse into a more feminine and thus more moral person in her mind. Whether she succeeds or not isn't known until the end.

While Weaver does a great job as the cool and calculated Jane credit must be given to Michelle Rodriguez in the lead role of Frank. Her male persona is a bit less masculine than most men would seem but she pulls it off. Rodriguez has made a career out of playing roles where she leaves little doubt she is feminine while playing characters most would associate as more masculine. She's always done an amazing job but here she truly must play a woman playing a man who becomes a woman. Not an easy task but she does it well.

Sure, this movie may not be for everyone. If nudity offends you or the thought of those who undergo sexual reassignment disturbs you too much then by all means bypass this film. The fact is that is not the main theme or design of the film. It is more a revenge picture with a twist to it rather than the standard fare. And speaking of twists it provide an excellent one at the end. If you're willing to take a risk then you might be surprised by this one.
Pure entertainment
If you don't like action and have a dark sense of humour then don't waste your time and don't see it, it's that simple. It only means you have other movies that suits you better. Whoever watch's it, take it seriously lightly and you will have a laugh. It's a graphic movie with a B-side intention.
The most splendid of God's Creation
Frank Kitchen (Michelle Rodriguez) is a paid assassin who has stepped on some toes. His reward is a sex change operation at the hands of Sigourney Weaver whose brother was a victim. The story is told as two flashbacks, one from each of the main characters. Now a woman, Frank wants revenge, The film starts and ends as a noir graphic novel, but fails to keep the mood in between with a lack of animated scenes or graphic sets and colors. There is still time for them to re-edit the film and turn it into an "uncut" version. Weaver had a lackluster character, poorly written. Likewise Frank could have used some personality having less than John Wick.

Guide: F-word. Sex. Caitlin Gerard, Michelle Rodriguez FF nudity...thanks for taking one for the team.
The story of how a hit-man became hitgirl!
Actually, it was a much better film than what I've heard of it. What could you expect from a B movie? This was a much better film for its small budget with a decent cast. The storyline seems okay, but Michelle Rodriguez is the one who made it possible. Yeah, it was like created for her to play the main role and she excelled. The filmmaking was quite compromised when the initial part of her character was played by herself. Because of particularly her height, but decently convinces us with all the rest of the makeovers.

The film was about an assassin, who after encountering some wrong men, discovers later that he'd went through gender reassignment surgery. Now raged with anger, he begins his hunt whoever behind it, especially finding the reason for. With a small romance and action sequences, the film comes to an end. Before giving it a try, you must understand that it is not the film you should expect to be a masterpiece. It tried its best to narrate a decent story, as well as you get your entertainment along. So it is not a must see, but still worth a watch.

Cult movie from the director of "the Warriors"
I don't understand why this film gets such poor reviews. Sure, Sigourney Weavers' weren't the best lines she has ever spoken in front of a camera, but, all in all, I thought "the Assignment" was a decent old school action movie, directed by Walter Hill (of "the Warriors" fame). I felt like Michelle Rodriguez did a credible job as a transgender to the point where, like another reviewer on this website mentioned, I found myself thinking of her as a man, even during the nude scenes, and I thought her performance while she comes to terms with what has happened to her to be very much how I imagine I would feel myself if I would wake up a woman one day. Of course, this is not a psychological drama but an action movie, so the main focus is on that and I thought Walter Hill did a very good job creating a dark, gritty atmosphere, which, combined with a synthesizer soundtrack that reminded me of John Carpenter, plenty of nudity and Michelle Rodriguez' biker jacket to turn this movie into an instant cult classic.
I wanted to like this film i really do but..
After waking up and discovering that he has undergone gender reassignment surgery, an assassin seeks to find the doctor responsible. The Assignment is one of those films where you push your self to the limit and you try to like you really do but the end result is just meh. Seriously how in the hell did Michelle Rodriguez and especially Sigourney Weaver agreed to this film? The film was also directed by Walter Hill who was the Producer to the original Alien film starring Weaver and even his last movie 'Bullet to the Head' was more enjoyable than this. The acting is truly dreadful especially from Rodriguez and even Weaver, the plot with the whole sex change makes no damn sense where they could easily kill Frank instead of making into a woman. Also way too much nudity i did not wanted to see Michelle Rodriguez fake d*ck or her just naked as a woman after it her sex scenes or her kissing scenes with Caitlin Gerard were also pretty awkward. I don't know if this is one of the worst films of the year but it's sure on the list although it counts more like a 2016 film rather than a 2017 one. Overall The Assignment or Revenger as it's also known is a film where good actors careers go to die and good directors get sucked in a colossal disaster. (0/10)
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