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The Conspiracy
Thriller, Horror
IMDB rating:
Christopher MacBride
Laura DeCarteret as Nicole HIggins
Ian Matthews as Harvey
Bruce Clayton as Mark Tucker
Alina Lee as Landlady
Peter Apostolopoulos as Jim's Friend
Gavin Fox as Guard
Dennis O'Connor as Robert Williams
Aaron Poole as Aaron
Douglas Nyback as Unmasked Man
Storyline: A documentary about conspiracy theories takes a horrific turn after the filmmakers uncover an ancient and dangerous secret society.
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Great idea, making a conspiracy film about film makers making a conspiracy film... BUT it just goes nowhere... like a shaggy dog story told by a reasonably good story teller conspiracy is let down by a plot that gets thinner and thinner until there is nothing left to bite into. Yes, it's a reasonably entertaining film, I have spent many worse 1hour 20 odd minutes in front of a TV screen my life but when the punchline to The Conspiracy comes you simply think "why?"

This film could have been so much more - imagine the awesome film Seven ending on a weak note. I hope someone takes the idea, forms it into something solid and makes a worthwhile film.
I think overall this film was great and usually i am very hard to please, the story line is extremely relevant to some of the investigating i have been doing lately. Before i watched this film i did believe in the Illuminati, free masons e.c.t. I hope this film is seen as an eyeopener to some people, even to those who never believed it to be true, i hope they take some of the topics of conspiracy into thought. In future i would love to view other films of this genre. I think they could make a sequel to this by having them film James look for Aaron. Great film, I highly recommend it, it cant all be lies there must be some truth in it.
A demonstration in the limits of the found footage genre
It's a brilliant idea to present a found footage film as a documentary as it gives a reason for the footage to be FOUND and EDITED in an entertaining way. This is an entertaining film for nearly 70 minutes but the last 10 minutes are horrible. I will not spoil this film for you but it's an entertaining ride with an extremely weak payoff. This isn't the fantastically well written film that many other reviews claim that it is, which you will notice in the end when suddenly little of the film makes any sense. Just understand before you get into this that the movie is a lot of fun most the time with a weak ending. I'd recommend it to anyone who is bored of conventional horror movies; if you're looking for a memorable experience, I'd look elsewhere.
Terrifyingly realistic must-see movie
This film is superb, a real gem in this day and age. The narrative is well-paced, complimented by a strikingly simplistic score and characters you can relate to. Consequently, the film feels very realistic, which makes it all the more scarier when suspicious events start to occur. Don't mistake this film for found- footage (not like there's anything wrong with that sub-genre), it has been made in the style of a documentary, all the different resources it features(such as experts and actual footage of 911) coming together in order to create a tableaux of impending doom. And not just for the characters, but for the audience as well because the film begs the question: What if conspiracy theories are real and we're all just being controlled by one institution ? The film itself doesn't provide any answers, but it does provide plenty of food for thought to help you form your own theories on conspiracies, and on the events of this unique and original thriller as well.
An intense found footage thriller
This is an effective and enthralling film which uses the mockumentary formula very well. It actually builds an atmosphere in the first half, unlike so many other genre films in the past few years (there are always exceptions of course). Both main characters are simple, but believable, and the increasingly dangerous situations they find themselves in are directed with care. If you're a horror fan like myself, you probably won't be surprised when you realize where the whole thing is going, but you'll still enjoy the film until the very end (which is debatable, but original).

I can complain about the fact that the film doesn't dig that much into many of the conspiracy theories it presented, it just kind of mentions them, but I guess that wasn't it's primary goal... It also seemed a bit far-fetched in the last 15 minutes. Other than that, it was just fine.

I recommend this film to any horror fan out there, especially if you're a fan of found footage thrillers and you dig conspiracy theories.
Good enough movie... I guess.
Well lets just start off by saying that I am a bit into conspiracies, I enjoy learning about them, true or false. Now that that is over, I must say I cannot stand these kinds of movies. So the whole movie is about these two guys, one more suggestible than the other (plot twist... future drama) who do a "documentary" on this cult/secret society.

The main guy disappears and these two dudes piece it together... sort of... all the while, Mr. Suggestible here believes the conspiracy, the other dude doesn't care. Then, they get followed, they decide to snoop, they get caught, all a big joke, silly misunderstanding, this guy vanishes, crazy huh? All the while they keep up this guise that this is a real movie, and at no point do they say that it is fiction.

So, the whole time the movie is going I keep thinking "Man, these cameras are AWESOME!" for a documentary these guys are getting clear shots... yada, yada, yada. Well they get these crappy little hidden cameras at one point and they are very nearly just as clear with like a grainy effect done after editing. Now of course there have been a few things that I have been like "I don't know, this is a little too much to be real." Surprise!

It isn't. It is fake. Seriously, for those that don't believe me, A. they could have shown those faces that they blurred throughout the entire movie. You are allowed to do that. B. There are way too many times that hidden cameras that are supposed to be attached to ties are above everyone else's shoulders. And then C. Don't try and b.s. so much with these crappy plot holes. A supposed CIA spook always wears the same thing when watching you? And at the same restaurant as the first time? Your wife is out on the street looking at you all ashamed and the baby is crying inside and you can here it better than the guy next to you? For any left over believers, in the credits they pay thanks to the mask designer and manufacturer. Really? Also the actors are just that, actors who have been in other movies.

I guess what I am saying is this, the movie is okay. The acting is a lot like Blaire Witch, not super great as they rely on the idea that the movie is "true" to carry you. The filming is ehh too. The plot line is okay actually, but, don't try and claim something is true when it isn't or I am going to start claiming that Cloverfield was true... and that would be a... lie. It is wrong to lie. Great movie to waste time with, or to screw around with a friend of yours who is super suggestible.
My Review Of "The Conspiracy"
"The Conspiracy" is a fictional documentary that plays out like a found- footage soliloquy. The film comes from Christopher McBride who wrote and directed. It stars Aaron Poole, James Gilbert, Ian Anderson, Peter Apostolopoulos and is quite frankly the most brilliant found-footage styled film to come out in a long while. The story follows two friends as they document their attempts to document a conspiracy theorist. Soon they become a deeper part of the documentary than they intended as things begin to get a little more real than they previously believed. Soon an ancient plot to control and dictate world societies by a super secret society is revealed.

The story in "The Conspiracy" was a pretty captivating conspiracy theory that flowed logically and seamlessly. The use of actual known prevailing conspiracies, that run rampant on the net along with one of the darkest known cults of human history, amped up the commanding plot. The style in which "The Conspiracy" was shot played out like a true documentary with softer moments of commentary and reflections from the characters, this created a more emotional connectivity for me that sometimes is lost in found footage films and actual documentaries. The fact that this film plays out as a believable documentary with a convincing conspiracy theory, and does so with very little flaw, is a testament to what can be achieved with the subgenre if care and consideration is taken into account. I honestly believe the conspiracy exposed within this film-even though I know it is a fictional film-it hit all my conspiracy theory nightmare sweet spots!

The drama and suspense is the man drive that moves this film forward, relying totally on the acting and camera tricks to create the intense melodrama from start to finish. It works great in "The Conspiracy". The dialog flowed effortlessly and came off genuine. It didn't feel really forced or over scripted. The main star is the actual conspiracy itself. It is a major player in the real world online conversations and framed by one of the most interesting and aloof cults that ever existed. The Mithraic cult of ancient Rome. You can (not that I have entertained such notions-yet) literally red-line the connection between events, religious backgrounds of people of power, Mithra origin story and cult beliefs to the point of paranoia. It was done in the film with eerie, believable implementation. I left the film with just a bit more fear and paranoia about the world around me, even questioning the truth of conspiracies as well as the truth presented to me by educational tools offered in our society.

"The Conspiracy" is a true horror story but if gore and standard creep affair is your thing then this film may leave you feeling a bit empty. However if you are a fan of any type of horror, and enjoy being taken on a thrill ride through story-regardless of the amount of blood splatter or grue-then "The Conspiracy" will deliver 100%. The clever ways the film is shot using innovative camera tricks in ways that haven't yet been over indulged in the found footage subgenre add the chilling suspense. The film really does prove that there are still some pretty stellar stories left to be told and found footage is still a viable means to tell those stories.
The Conspiracy great movie
I enjoyed this movie because it basically brings to life second thoughts about what we're going through and what type of oppression we could possibly be under. This movie was enjoyable and is a movie that gives you a feeling of nervousness and thrill and excitement. This movie definitely had me shaking in my boots and definitely gave me a life lesson off of this movie. This movie actually made sense in a lot of ways and made a non-conspiracy friend of mine totally start asking questions. I thought the characters Jim and Aaron needed to stop trying discover so much information because that could get them in trouble basically and I would have had a limit of how much I wanted to know. I felt bad for Jim because he looked like he might have ruined his wife's life and who knows if she would stay with him. I would love to see more movies like this.
Well made but not well told
Most of this movie is trying to predict how it ends. I got some details right, but not all.

"Was it interesting?" While they tried to portray conspiracy theorists rather well, they didn't really show a realistic investigation to me. 2 out of 3.

"Was it entertaining?" There's not much character development, and the story just seems to string several movie tropes together. I was hoping for something a little more complex and exciting. 1 out of 3.

"Was it memorable?" The ending is the key to this type of movie, and this ending was slightly predictable but mostly a letdown. It was made well and pretty well acted. 1.5 out of 3.

Starting with 1, 1 + 2 + 1 + 1.5 = 5.5

With a half, I'm going to round down to 5 for the bit of disappointment of the overall ride. Maybe it's just not cup of tea.
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