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The Croods
Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Family, Animation
IMDB rating:
Chris Sanders, Kirk De Micco
Catherine Keener as Ugga (voice)
Chris Sanders as Belt (voice)
Clark Duke as Thunk (voice)
Ryan Reynolds as Guy (voice)
Emma Stone as Eep (voice)
Nicolas Cage as Grug (voice)
Cloris Leachman as Gran (voice)
Randy Thom as Sandy (voice)
Storyline: The Croods is a prehistoric comedy adventure that follows the world's first family as they embark on a journey of a lifetime when the cave that has always shielded them from danger is destroyed. Traveling across a spectacular landscape, the Croods discover an incredible new world filled with fantastic creatures -- and their outlook is changed forever.
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great movie
Great Dreamworks movie which has adventure,emotion,and funniness all in one.The movie is basted on a stone-age family which lose their home and go on an adventure to find a new one.The Croods might be a bit scary for some of the younger folk but there is not much to be afraid of in this funny,delightful movie.the Croods as pretty good 3d so you might want to see the movie in 3d if you want to. this movie is a top notch movie for Dreamworks animation studios which made the movie be full of color, and glamour and also please the younger folk.i hope this movie does good at the box office because this movie is a winner and deserves to have people watch it, Good job Dreamworks!
Funny one liners
This film tells the story of a family in the prehistoric times. The head of the family does everything he can to protect his family from the dangers of the nature. One day, a courageous young boy enters their life, and change their lives forever.

"The Croods" has many funny one liners, such as the father proclaiming that he is a cat person, and also the scene of making a family portrait. These scenes made me laugh, but overall the story is just alright. The visuals are good, the fantastical creatures are visually interesting, and the story entertains children. The plot contains points for adults to reflect upon to, such as stepping out of the comfort zone and being courageous. However, the characters are not cute and adorable enough for me, so I knock a mark off from the final score.
Delightful, Funny and Gorgeous
The characters in The Croods, an animated story of prehistoric humans is a wonderful surprise. The animation is stunning. The human drama is wonderfully comic. The dialog feels true as it covers familiar themes. The voices are performed by A-list actors who do much to make this film a delight. The story line has some unexpected twists, enough to keep you guessing, but the characters keep the movie interesting.

There is an educational aspect to this animated story as is appears to depict life on Earth in prehistory. Some quasi-scientific ideas are illustrated - for example, the idea of adapting to hostile environmental conditions is shown. The main reason to see this movie is its good humor. There are many laugh-out-loud moments as well as heart-warming parts.

Excellent script, terrific acting, beautiful animation, good story.

A film that will entertain all ages.

See it.
Zany Ideas
The Croods seems like it's gonna be just another Dreamworks Animated film that has crazy little characters messing around with their antics on a preposterous world. Well, these kinds of films are remarkably fun and has impressive technical achievements but there's nothing else to merit in the end. The Crood is almost one of those simple crazy films if not because of the philosophy that was displayed on the premise. Basically, it's about a zany version of the prehistoric times and a survival on the continental drift. The conflict of this plot is the titular family's choices if they would choose to follow their overprotective father or a stranger who makes daring ideas to survive from the natural condition. Disappointingly, the conclusion goes to the easy way. It doesn't go beyond the comfort zone, but the visuals transcend. The animation is getting better and better. It's totally fun but there are things that could have been more complex.

Everything is ought to be silly and hilarious. The beginning gives a set of ridiculous sequences to easily get to know about these characters. When it finally proceeds to the actual plot, it tells something sophisticated. It's an opposition between safety and getting away from your comfort zone. It ends up being obvious when it is suppose to be complex. But that is what the film wants, be simple and delightful all the way. The film doesn't necessarily need to be deep or emotional, but there is something clever to its concept that could have been smarter.

The best thing about the film is the characters. The performances simply brought them to life. Emma Stone perfectly gives her role a fitting personality. It sounds perfect for Nicolas Cage to play a caveman. He yells at a monkey in one scene which is a usual pleasure from him, but there is more to the Grug character than just yelling. While Cage is having fun, he brings a strong emotional depth to the rest of his scenes. The characters of Clark Duke and Cloris Leachman provide most of the laughs and they effectively show off its joy.

The visual effects are even more spectacular than the rest of the studio's films. Just like their recent films, it's snappy and energetic. The film's world looks amazingly eye candy and imaginative. The prehistoric characters and animals are wonderfully designed. The animal designs are meant to be ironic, like some of them got their food chain reversed eventually or their hybrid will some day become their fear. It's a slick joke. And for the 3D, you know it's great as long as it's from Dreamworks Animation.

It leaves a great amount of heart and fun, but its enlightenment theme results as being underwhelming and somewhat contrived. It would have made this more than just a typical Dreamworks film, but it doesn't matter because the movie is definitely suppose to be delightful for the entire family. It still takes some clever points. It's also great to see a load of spectacular animation. It is indeed truly enjoyable and full of life. The Croods is far from classic but this is kind of film that would enjoy anytime.
Well I thought it wasn't bad from the man that brought you Lilo & Stitch and How To Train Your Dragon franchise
As a lover for animated films like The Lion King,Tangled,How To Train Your Dragon,Frozen and so many more good animated films out there,I decided to buy The Croods on DVD yesterday for a bargain as I never seen it before and I decided to check it out. So here is my review on the film The Croods(2013)

The Croods is an animated 2013 DreamWorks Animation/20th Century Fox film and tells the tale of a cave girl called Eep(voiced by The Amazing Spiderman star Emma Stone) who is sick and tired of being cooped up in a cave alongside her overprotective father called Grug(voiced by Face/Off's Nicolas Cage) and the rest of her family as her father thinks that they could die if they ever left their cave. So Eep one day escapes only to find a handsome boy called Guy(voiced by The Proposal's Ryan Reynolds making his first animated debut here,as his second animated film he did with DreamWorks was Turbo) making fire as Eep saw a light and decided to follow it which landed her to him in the first place and the two set it off. So when Eep's habitant is in danger herself and her overprotective father along with the rest of her family decide to venture out to a whole new other world. With teamwork involved will Eep and her father ever get along and will her father stop being so overprotective over his daughter?

So what is good about this film well for starters the animation is brilliant,in fact the animation isn't like the likes of Frozen or Tangled as they used Photo-Realistic imagery with 2D and CGI combined together,whereas in this the backgrounds look as if its done in live action. Also the charcther design is nice too and its nice to have Alan Silvestri(who teams up with Chris Sanders who worked with him in Lilo & Stich,while Sanders directed the brilliant How To Train Your Dragon films) as the composer of this movie.

Now for the bad, the story has been done to death before. The whole overprotective parent,the child or teenager who is always moaning about wanting to be free,falling in love for the first time basically teenage stuff has been done like I said SO MANY TIMES and its a bit of a cliché if you ask me,but still I enjoyed the story too. The ending was a bit of a downer as it ended kinda funny but having said that if you love Ice Age than you will love this film.

For an Oscar Nominated film I give The Croods a 6/10. And out of 5 stars I give it 3 and a half out of 5 stars.

Verdict: Good
Stone age family uses wits and luck to find a new home.
Setup: which planet, don't know. Time: not so sure when. We follow a stone age family who are evicted from their cave by geologic activity. Grug is the father, Eep the teen daughter, Ugga the wife, Guy the perspective mate of Eep, Gran the grandmother, Sandy the young sister, Thunk the clueless brother, Belt the monkey pet of Guy.

Guy knows how to make tones from a sea shell; he teaches Eep. Guy knows that geologic cataclysms are to come; he warns them all. Guy knows how to make fire; he uses it to save the family. Guy knows the value of shoes, which lets him get free of the obnoxiously stupid family, at least temporarily.

Guy negotiates with the family to learn new things to get to a new home. Grug grows jealous when leadership migrates from Grug to Guy.

The family eventually loses its acceptance of caves as a place to live. Grug and Guy bond during an incident with a tar slick, but the dangers are not over yet.

Does the family find its way to a new home that is at least relatively safe?


Art/Animation: 10/10 Brilliant.

Sound: 8/10 The incidental music is a bit florid at times, but still good.

Voice Acting: 8/10 Leachman, Cage, and Reynolds were fun. Stone was OK.

Story: 8/10 Good humour through most of the story, plus a poignant ending.
Colorful Movie
I saw this movie last night.... It reminded me of the movies Brave and The Life Of PI. The connection between father and daughter was the thing that reminded me of the movie Brave, than the colorful nature and animals which reminded me of the movie The Life Of PI. It was indeed a colorful motivational inspirational movie. Like most of these animation movies you walk out from the movie theater with hope and encouragements of not giving up. This movie gives the message of regardless of how scary things in life seems don't be afraid, GO FOR IT. Although i had expected this movie to be even more amazing...it was only amazing..not that wow wow...but a incredible movie overall! Worth watching!
A feel-good family movie.
Certainly a feel-good movie, The Croods tells the tale of a Cave Family and their struggle to survive the continental drift. What I found most interesting about this animated film is the fact that, while there was a love interest, that was not the focus of the movie. For me that was a selling point. It is refreshing to see a story in which the main focus is a family connection, more specifically, between a father and daughter. Another great selling point is the animal creations, from meat eating bird flock to a multipurpose sloth, each creature and plant is unique and original. I also have to add how cute I found all of the animals, except maybe the "Piranhakeets". Those freaked me out. The relationship between Grug and Eep is one that I think most of us can relate to. A protective father and a rebel teenage daughter is nothing new, but when you add a prehistoric set it definitely seems that way. Furthermore, the ideas of shoes and hugs that Guy and Grug come up with bring a dash of comedy to the movie that I found delightful. The aerial shot of the environment are breath taking, particularly in the way they are so colourful and paradisaic. This movie certainly left me wanting more, and I recommend it to anyone who has not yet watched it. If you like animated movies this is a good one.
Loved it!!!
I have never written a review on a movie before no matter how good or bad. But this movie really deserves high praise! I had brought the kids to see a few other animated movies before this like Wreck-it Ralph and Rise of the Guardian, but they turned out to be somewhat boring and unengaged. So I went into this not expecting much, it was more for the kids. To my surprise, I LOVED IT! It's different, funny, smart, and adventurous. I found myself giggling through most of the movies and at other times astounded by the visual effects. I also see my kids and other kids sitting at the edge of their seats at times. It is great for all ages. The picture was stunning and saturated with imagination. Dreamworks has outdone themselves with this one. I highly recommend taking your family to see this!
Another Product Hot off the Assembly Line
While companies like Pixar (and to a lesser extent, Disney) continue to innovate and take risks, Dreamworks is still using their same formula. The formula, of course, is use themes from better films, recycle all the same gags from previous efforts, splash some colorful visuals on it, and it if it does well, plan a sequel and a television series. Examples of this formula: Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon and Shrek (though in it's defense, Shrek never got a TV series). Now, we can add The Croods to Dreamwork's extensive list of products.

The Croods is about a family of cavemen that are used to living in their protected cave. Eep, the oldest daughter of the family, wishes to explore the outside world, but her father, Grug, forbids it. But the entire family is pushed outside of their comfort zone when their cave is destroyed, and they are exposed to the wilderness. They find a tour guide of sorts named Guy (and his pet sloth, Belt) that promises to aid them on their journey. And so, the generic adventures begins.

So, let's count the clichés and rip-offs in The Croods. For one, we have the adventurous, free-spirited daughter (see Brave), and the overprotective father (see Finding Nemo). We have the father learning to adapt to his offspring's new way of life (How to Train Your Dragon). And we have the main character giving a spoken epilogue at the end of the film (nearly every CGI Dreamworks film) There are many other examples in the film, but this is all to say that there is nothing in The Croods that we haven't seen before in other animated films.

This is the same film that audiences have seen dozens of times. There is no reason to see this film, because odds are, you own an animated film that's almost exactly like this.

Occasionally, formula films can entertain, but The Croods is not an example of this. In fact, more often than not, The Croods is downright dull. The plot is uninteresting (and offensively generic), the characters are unlikable (as well as being either bland or a tired stereotype), and the entire film is absurdly predictable.

The humor in this film scarcely ever works. All of the gags seem aimed at the 10 and under crowd (and for that matter, the story seems that way too). With that being said, kids will probably love this movie, but there's nothing here for their parents or older siblings.

Even the animation is lacking. The visuals in the first 20ish minutes would've looked unimpressive 10 years ago. After the first 20 minutes, the animation picks up significantly with some beautiful environments, but the characters themselves still lack detail. However, I will say that some of the designs for the prehistoric creatures are very unique, and very creative, so if nothing else, there is at least a little originality in the creature design department.

The cast provides serviceable, but unimpressive (and forgettable) voices for the characters in the film. No stand-outs here.

The score, by Alan Silverstri, is fun at times. But one of the main themes sounds frustratingly similar to the Burning Bush theme from Prince of Egypt (a much better Dreamworks film, by the way).

It frustrates me to see a film so devoid of creativity, and so reliant upon the themes and ideas of other, better films. It frustrates me even more to see how much money these formula films make. Aren't audiences tired of seeing Dreamworks regurgitate characters, plots, and gags that they've seen in many other films, many other times? Aren't audiences getting bored with Dreamworks making the same film over and over? Well, if you disagree, then you're in luck: Like the franchises listed at the beginning of this review, The Croods is getting a sequel and a TV series. Frustrating is too weak a word for me to use. How about disgusted?
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