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The Dark Knight
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Action
IMDB rating:
Christopher Nolan
Christian Bale as Batman
Heath Ledger as Jack Napier
Aaron Eckhart as Two-Face
Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth
Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel Dawes
Gary Oldman as Commissioner James Gordon
Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox
Monique Gabriela Curnen as Detective Anna Ramirez
Ron Dean as Det. Michael Wuertz
Cillian Murphy as Scarecrow
Chin Han as Lau
Nestor Carbonell as Mayor Anthony Garcia
Eric Roberts as Salvatore Maroni
Ritchie Coster as The Chechen
Storyline: Set within a year after the events of Batman Begins, Batman, Lieutenant James Gordon, and new district attorney Harvey Dent successfully begin to round up the criminals that plague Gotham City until a mysterious and sadistic criminal mastermind known only as the Joker appears in Gotham, creating a new wave of chaos. Batman's struggle against the Joker becomes deeply personal, forcing him to "confront everything he believes" and improve his technology to stop him. A love triangle develops between Bruce Wayne, Dent and Rachel Dawes.
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A Modern Masterpiece
A modern masterpiece of 21st Century Cinema. The Dark Knight combines great direction, with brilliant acting, and beautiful cinematography to create a film that transcends it genres and becomes a great film. This will remain a perfect example of why film is still worth shooting in, why practical effects should not be a thing of the past, and why the Oscars should pay attention to comic book films as they can be art in their own right. It serves as a comic book film, but also a tragedy of Shakespearean quality, with one of the best villains of the last 20 years. On top of that Christopher Nolan's unflinching faith in practical effects creates a truly realistic and beautiful experience.
Surprisingly incoherent and boring
I don't think that in my quarter century of living I've ever felt more disconnected from the pop-culture at large than after seeing this movie. With all the hype and uniform praise I thought beforehand that this is at least a solid piece of cinematic craft, maybe embellished slightly by Heath Ledger's unexpected death.

Unfortunately, this movie is rock solid proof that sometimes mass delusion can strike an entire society at one time. There is absolutely no way that this film can be regarded not just as a masterpiece, but even as half-way decent.

Let's get to the point. First - the plot. It's just unconvincing as a whole. Batman is basically a side character with little to do as he takes backseat on the Joker train. He whines incessantly about how no one needs him and how he needs to hang up his cape. Do it already! His troubled relationship with Rachel Dawes has zero chemistry and it's hard to care about the outcome. The idea of Joker being an anarchist, goalless and malevolent force sounds good on paper, but it translates to aimlessness on the screen. Joker shows up out of nowhere seemingly with no one backing him and then... snap! It seems like the whole world is at his service. Not only he has no trouble hijacking a school bus (and then blending into a line of school buses after driving out of a half collapsed bank), hacking into the public TV feed or rigging an entire hospital with explosives; he apparently does it with such ease that the creators didn't feel the need to reveal a shred of information about how he did it. Many events in the movie make absolutely no sense whatsoever. For example - what was the purpose of Lt. Gordon faking his death? And why did they make a point of showing the scene where his family is informed of the death - was that just to get the audience to buy into it as well? That's just dumb and a waste of time. Why did Harvey Dent become evil all of a sudden? Sure he was badly burned, but he had to know the risks going into this business and he had a steely resolve just minutes prior. There are many other plot issues, but it's pointless listing them all. They are there and easy to spot.

The acting in the movie is a-OK, but most of the actors just don't have any good lines as their characters are irrelevant puppets. Heath Ledger is good for sure, but his take on the character gets tedious after a while - mostly from overexposure. Maggie Gyllenhaal is a good actress, but she's just so wrong for the role. She's a nice-girl-next-door type and as superficial as it sounds, it's hard to believe that she would have two hotshots like Harvey Dent and Bruce Wayne chasing after her. Christian Bale has zero material to work with and they've turned Morgan Freeman into a moralizing nerd. Gary Oldman, Aaron Eckhart and especially Michael Caine do a decent job considering the script they were given to work with.

The screenplay is atrocious, incongruent and messy. It's like the movie was cut-up into a thousand pieces of varying length, reshuffled and then strung together. There is no natural progression of events and subsequent scenes frequently befuddle. It takes a couple of minutes to figure out what the hell is going on or why should we care. It's just poorly done.

For all the car chases, fight scenes, and giant explosions, the movie is just unforgivably boring. It's a combination stemming from a poor script, naive (or barely existent) plot, flat characters (that can't be remotely identified with much less loved or hated), and a general lack of good sense. There is also an annoying feeling that the creators had a rather low opinion of the viewers intelligence or maybe they just rushed the movie and had to come up with a lot of material in a little time, hence the low quality.

Before I end this overlong diatribe, let me just mention three scenes that I absolutely cannot get over with in terms of their pointlessness and stupidity. 1. Batman is riding his wicked-cool motorcycle approaching an aftermath of a multi vehicle crash and accelerates aiming it straight at the Joker. What he is trying to accomplish is never explained. One thing certain is that at the last moment he veers right, barely avoiding the villain, and drives his bike without touching the brakes, straight into a wall. I mean he drives it into a wall (or overturned truck, can't remember) full speed like a blind man. Had he even chosen to hit the Joker, how the hell did he expect to stop? 2. This one actually occurs a couple of times at least. Batman leaps out of a 20th story window and falls onto the ground unharmed. Unharmed! He didn't have a parachute, a bungee cord, and he didn't even spread his cape on the way down. He just hit full blast and walked away. And on one occasion his squeeze Ms Dawes fell with him and experienced a similarly puzzling lack of after-effects. Filmmakers, needless to say, didn't find it prudent to even try to provide some explanation.

3. Joker enters the hospital in a nurse uniform. That should present a logistical problem by itself, but OK. However, not only he seems to move around the hospital freely, he also does it still wearing his face paint. I mean the lower half his face is covered by a protective mask, but the rest is clearly visible. What's even funnier is that Harvey Dent looks at Joker straight in the eyes and the face paint doesn't give him away until he takes of the mask. Is this a cartoon?
Over long, rambling, episodic, pompous. Nice effects though.
Seeing it rated as the third best movie of all time by IMDb voters, and ranking up huge box office, I thought I'd give it a swing.

I mostly wish I hadn't bothered. Like most super-hero movies nowadays, it's one gigantic battleship of a movie, weighed down by its humongous budget and massive running time. How many sub-plots do we need? How many conflicted characters, staring into the depths of their pompous souls? Visually - great. And the vfx crew have to be credited for some of the most seamless and impressive work ever done, on the city, the batmobile, the bat bike etc. Brilliant stuff.

But the story, the script, the pacing - all pretty blaah. Did I give a damn about any of the characters? Did I really care what was going to happen next? Nope. Did I actually know what was going on half the time, what with the various criminals, their money, the money laundering guy, the Joker, the various Police Departments (what the hell is "County"?). No, no, no. Boring. I was actually looking at my watch.

The one intriguing episode in the film - with the ferries - is shoved in three quarters of the way through the film, and unceremoniously dumped once it has served its purpose in sticking other bits of the film together.

So, all in all, I wish I'd spent the time some other way.
If not 'the dark knight'....then nothing
I feel regret of seeing this film lately.This movie is a mixture of incredible performances and absolute photography and incredible direction.If credits are to be given for this movie heath ledger is on first row.His performance was never before and never after.coming to batman,bale is as usually outstanding.Christopher Nolan handled the story with some emotions,some action in perfect way.He is absolute genius and a perfect director with wide knowledge on all movie aspects.This is master piece of Nolan's art.I am amazed with the jokers performance his body language his confidence and his attitude and the list goes on......heath ledger kept his soul on this movie and he provided life to the joker.if u still haven't seen this movie,then what the hell are you waiting for....
A Batman Of Shakesperean Proportions
Dark, yes, complex, ambitious. Christopher Nolan and his co-writer Jonathan Nolan deserve a standing ovation. I don't usually go for loud movies filled with mindless gore and violence. "The Dark Knight" is certainly loud and violent but it's not mindless. It has depth and soul. Even the Joker, in an extraordinary creation by Heath Ledger, is deeply human. The natural petulance of Christian Bale makes his ego and alter ego the most fascinating and complex of all film superheroes. Part of the genius of this movie is that Batman himself, in screen time, is not really the lead. My attention was captivated by Heath Ledger and he determines and inspires the breathtaking atmosphere that envelopes Gotham as well as us. The aplomb of Christopher Nolan as a director is mind blowing and his secret, I believe, is his obvious respect for his audience. What he's done is to elevate a popular genre into Shakesperean proportions. Bravo!
Absolutely not dark. Hardly Batman-like.
I wasn't so much excited about "Batman Begins". Simply pseudo-intellectual "philosophy of fear" was rather painful than interesting to me. Techno-futuristic Batman surrounded by oh-my-god cinema stars that have nothing to do with traditional Batman characters was nothing special to me. But this time I got excited. 3rd trailer was absolutely great, interesting interpretation of Joker (though vocally not so good as Mark Hamill but very original), a little bit of darkness, "The Dark Knight" reminding me of "The Dark Knight Returns" (that then I found out has absolutely nothing to do with the movie). It was great. But then... then come the movie...

Movie that is absolutely boring, artistic-like weird and is so full of light that calling it "dark" is an abomination. If you want to hear the voice of Batman who apparently sings in a death metal band, go for this movie. If you want to see Gotham probably built and designed by IKEA (especially interiors), go! If you want to see "bat cave" so full of light that I had to dive under my chair to bring my eyes some darkness, it's the movie for you. But if you want to see anything really dark, atmospheric, Gothic, simply batman-like better remind yourself of things like "Batman The Animated Series" (1992) or Burton's movies (1989 & 1992) as you will find a lot of what Batman really is there, the real Dark Knight where word Dark means something and Knight is not meaningless as well. "The Dark Knight" is absolutely soulless like IKEA furniture and even Heath Ledger do not save the movie as his Joker is enjoyable for first 40 minutes, then becomes simply boring and all the same. What's funny, myself and audience around laughed much more when Batman spoke with his "dark" voice (death metal band vocalist, here...we...go!) than Joker laughed through the whole movie. It doesn't surprise me much as Ledger had the biggest problem with learning the mad laughter and although he did pretty well, lack of it during the movie, lack of single smile on Joker's face made it all look very pathetic. And then, here...we...go... with the plot. Batman decided to give up twice in the movie. Of course because he was afraid of what people think and self-critique. He apparently forgot that he started his obsession thanks to his parents death (oh well...). Alfred is dull and absolutely boring (I start to believe that it's just good to have "Michael Caine" name on movie posters). Lucius Fox is ohmygod-another-star-to-have-bigger-commercial-impact. Gordon was and remains not even close to what Gordon suppose to be, in my opinion. Etc. Etc. Finishing this counting-out rhyme with the Batman himself. Personally I love the way Ch.Bale acts. I admire his role in Prestige very much. But here... I don't see Batman, all I see is Christian Bale pretending he is Batman. Sad :(

My conclusion is simple, Nolan's vision is far from what I consider as "the dark knight" and lack of darkness, lack of dark Gotham (not to mention that Gotham lacking of criminals who are too afraid to do their job instead of overwhelming Batman with number of crimes is simply a blasphemy), lack of darkness in Batman's soul and then lack of taste and common sense in the movie are something that made me yawn and look on my watch for nearly whole movie. Apparently audience thought the same as nearly every Batman's line produced fine amounts of laughter and maybe 10 people stayed to see first lines of credits (just like they would hear "here...we...go..." and decided to evacuate as fast as possible, literally).

I know that the future will be completely different but I have high hope that Nolan will never, ever do another "Batman" again. Please... for the dark knight's sake.
I was disappointed by Batman Begins, was expecting the worst, and i got the best.
First of all things i should say i am a comic-book fan. From Eastern Europe. Why is this important? Because here its something really different then in the USA. In the USA comic-books are part of the everyday life. Here it is not. Here it is an underrated genre, and most of the people still think it is something sissy for small children and contains only fighting and dialogue no higher level then Kapow and Boom-Boom. And it was even worse when i was little. It was always a little treasure hunt to get some. And most of them was bad rip-off, cheap junk from the above mentioned category, and it was only Batman, who continually represented quality and was available for a kid like me too. And i was amused and loved it. Not Batman in the first place, but the amazing villains. And especially Joker. He was the best of the best. Maybe the most complex, interesting and remarkable character ever created.

And to tell the truth, i wasn't entirely satisfied with either one of the Batman films made up to the Dark Knight. Especially considering that there was an absolutely brilliant animated series: Batman the Animated Series, check it out if you like Batman, well worth it. They first 3 movies were okay, but the Batman and Robin and Batman Begins both sucked big time, but for different reasons. I lost hope i will ever see a really good and faithful adaptation of this comic. Then along came this one.

Yes it has some overdone parts, some flaws here and there, a bit rushed and corny ending, but its good, meaningful, and Heath Ledger (who i disliked before i saw this) is the absolutely perfect Joker. When i saw the casting, i thought it is a disgrace. After i saw the movie i thought he was unearthly good. The film has suspense, great acting, emotions, and a very interesting and coherent plot which is very rare in Hollywood blockbusters. Well worth watching for anyone and everyone. Especially for people, who think comic-books are sissy things for little children...
Too many fans seem to be blown away
Many commenters said they were "blown away," so it probably has succeeded in blowing away the box office. I waited until the second week, and had high expectations from the 9 and 10 ratings it was receiving. But, fellow movie/film viewers (and especially great film lovers) ... really!? There's no doubt about the action and action and action in this one, and thus, the special effects. That's the main reason I enjoy such fantasy flicks -- the comic book genre. So, this one does more of it and perhaps better than the last Batman and the last Spiderman and the last super heroes (but I would not rank it up with Iron Man). So, special effects and makeup may earn it awards.

Maybe I'm beginning to burn out on all the action and special effects of movies, though. Or perhaps I need more from a movie. With 45 minutes to go, I was ready for it to end. It was way too long. Some reviewers thought the acting was superb. What acting -- do they mean the one- or two-minute interludes between the fast and furious segments of action and destruction? I'm not down on any of the actors for their roles or parts -- but where were there any parts of substance in acting? True, Heath Ledger does a very good Joker. But, then, who hasn't (Nicholson, et al) who have ever played those roles in Batman, Superman, etc? As for plot -- well, anyone who knows the genre and a story that combines Batman with the Joker, knows to expect the unexpected with the Joker. So, the plot goes from one unexpected to another -- as though the variety and mixture and change in "unexpecteds" is trying to outdo the action mayhem.

When I saw that this stands as #1 in the top 250 right now, I clicked on the list. But how this movie for acting and plot (and yes, even action in many cases) could rank up there with the likes of the Lord of the Rings, the Star Wars films, and many great classics with real suspense (I have to mention Casablanca, Vertigo, North by Northwest), is beyond me. I'm not that far off with the overall trends in the IMDb reviews, but can't agree with so many who rate this film at the top.

It's good and entertaining -- but too long. It's not great, by any means. I love the youth of today (I have a few grandchildren), and I don't mean to disparage them by this observation -- but I think this high acclaim by many for this film may reflect a very large, very young audience, most members of whom don't have a great deal of quality and varied films in their viewing history. To all of those young people, I urge a look at the top 250 list or other major review ratings -- and then that you rent, borrow or otherwise watch some of the other great films. I promise you won't be disappointed or bored --and you may get an understanding (maybe appreciation for) of some past customs, life styles, dress, behaviors, etc. To be sure, you will have great entertainment.
The film that seems to have fooled everyone!
OK, lets get it out of the way, I'm a massive Batman fan. I loved the TV show when I was a kid, really enjoyed the early Tim Burton films and have even worn the costume on a few occasions. I've even taken the time to read Batman comics and graphic novels. I thought Christian Bale was an excellent choice of the lead role for the new films and thought the first one was a great start and I was really looking forward to this one. So how come I've just walked out of the cinema feeling very disappointed? Why? Because this film just wasn't that good. It's far too long, has very little fun in it and takes itself so seriously it's painful. The makers have thrown the kitchen sink at it with very little thought. The whole thing was one great, big, dreadful, noisy, mess. The only good thing in it is Heath Ledger's performance. I had my doubts when I first heard who'd they'd cast but I gotta hand it to Heath, he pulled it off. No thanks to the film however, which is so over cooked it's burnt. Sure there's loads of action, cool bat gadgets and lots of running about and shouting but absolutely no soul. It was great looking but has no personality. I felt neither happy, scared or even mildly concerned let alone entertained. I really didn't give a damn. So next time people, slim it down, less is more. It's not Apocalypse Now, put some fun into it.....Why so serious?
The DUMB Knight
I'm writing my review for this movie so late after running out of patience over all these years of people over-appreciating/over-rating it.

All Nolan movies are tricked into looking like masterpiece, on 1st viewing they appear classic to many people however on 2nd/3rd viewing you notice the crappiness/dumbassery of it, its like a clever trick done by magician which looks stunning but Meh! when you know how its done to manipulate viewers and doesn't survive multiple viewing. The difference between a tricky movies like this vs. Classic movies is that they survive multiple viewing over the years and you keep on noticing small /subtle nuances director/actor did and you appreciate it.

Defying Physics purposefully, batman survives fall several stories to the ground multiple times however dogs can chew through his Armour.

Joker burning up a huge pile of cash, wonder who pays for all his stuff/plans/gang members salary..what is the logic..wait DC fans will say that Joker is crazy genius..oh i get it. Heath Ledger's Joker act is more melodrama, acting like psychotic crazy person rambling lines on a drug induced high is not acting.

Way too long movie, 20 min could have easily been edited out.

Ridiculous heavy Bat-suits, LOL action sequences, stupid plot lines, huge plot-holes, Nothing happens out of logic in this movie. Wanted to rant more but i see lot of people already did a good job of it in IMDb section, just sort review listed by Hated it and you see piece by piece explanation of all the crappiness this movie has by others...good to see few good movie goers still around who do not fall for movies which act pseudo intellectual.
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