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The Dark Tower
Action, Adventure, Western, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror
IMDB rating:
Nikolaj Arcel
Dennis Haysbert as Steven
Claudia Kim as Arra
Ben Gavin as Soldier
Inge Beckmann as Teacher
Nicholas Hamilton as Lucas Hanson
Abbey Lee as Tirana
Fran Kranz as Pimli
José Zúñiga as Dr. Hotchkiss
Idris Elba as Roland
Storyline: The last Gunslinger, Roland Deschain, has been locked in an eternal battle with Walter O'Dim, also known as the Man in Black, determined to prevent him from toppling the Dark Tower, which holds the universe together. With the fate of the worlds at stake, good and evil will collide in the ultimate battle as only Roland can defend the Tower from the Man in Black.
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One of the best literary adaptations in recent memory
I'm not familiar with The Dark Tower novel series and I didn't expect much going into this movie with a few friends. To my surprise, The Dark Tower turned out being one of the best movies of the year so far.

It's never easy to transform one or several novels into one or several movies. Most of those films are extremely long and fans still complain that different characters or plot elements aren't included. Many of those films feel unfinished and often end on cliffhangers, implying that there will be one or several sequels. Many of those movies are only interesting for those familiar with the novels as a lot of information is omitted in the films which are hard to follow for those unfamiliar with the novels.

The Dark Tower avoids all those mistakes so many movies make. The movie is short and concise with a healthy length around one and a half hours. This film doesn't end on a cliffhanger and tells a coherent story from start to finish. It might be possible that there are going to be other movies involving the main characters of this film but with completely new story lines. The film was easy to understand for anyone thanks to a reduced and clear structure. Instead of including too many characters and a lot of background information, the film focuses on a pitiless villain, a lonesome gun-slinging hero and an innocent child with special capacities.

The movie managed to be balanced without ever being headless. It's an action movie because of the breathtaking fight scenes involving an incredibly cool Idris Elba and a cold and sinister Matthew McConaughey. It's a fantasy film because of the existence of different worlds and the possibility of travelling between them. It's a thriller because of the ruthless crimes the villain commits. It's a drama because it shows how the gunslinger struggles with his father's death and how the innocent child feels rejected by his family. It's a movie for teenagers because it's easy to identify with the sympathetic young loner but also for adults because the movie is surprisingly brutal and sinister at times.

Add a constant gloomy atmosphere, a fitting soundtrack, great camera work without too many shaky camera sequences, imaginative visual special effects, interesting side characters such as the teenager's suspicious stepfather or the charming and intelligent seer as well as smart references to other works of Stephen King such as It and The Shining.

In the end, I couldn't point out a negative element of this movie. The story itself might not be revolutionary and can basically be described as the eternal duel between good and evil but the story was written by Stephen King and not by the makers of this film. From the gripping acting over the diversified genre mixture and concise storytelling to the stunning sound and visual special effects, The Dark Tower convinces on every level. Most importantly, it's absolutely entertaining from start to finish, no matter if you're familiar with the novels or not.
Yes to Inspired Dramatization
I rarely write reviews, but just had to give my two cents on this one. Most of the negative reviews of this film are based on expectations of a slavish adherence to the books. I was actually compelled to read the book AFTER watching the movie. Guess what...I enjoyed both thoroughly. (Actually made we watch the movie again!!)

Bottom line is that the movie is inspired by the book. End of story. The movie really allows itself to be enjoyed even if you did not read the book. Is that such a bad thing? If you want to see a bad movie adaptation of an original story, go watch the Last Avatar...that is a truly terrible attempt.

This one wasn't. It just focused on one element of the book and milked it well. Performances by MM and EA were believable, as was the production value for the movie segment.

If you like this genre and are open-minded, I really recommend this. It is not perfect but it is one of the more enjoyable action movies this year.
Towering entertainment
I saw The Dark Tower just today and I think that the reviews have been generally unfair. If readers of the Steven King books on which it is based expect it to be faithful to them they will probably be let down because his novels are just too long and detailed for this to be possible. I have only read the first book of the Tower series so I can't make a judgment. I will say however that this film is highly entertaining and has quite a good story overall. Great action scenes between Roland the gunslinger and the Man In Black. Tom Tyler as the boy Jake is a damn good young actor. I've heard that there are plans to make a TV show from this but of course that will depend on the movie's box office success and the poor reviews won't help this cause either. I personally hope this does happen as this is a good cinema effort and I liked it a lot!
Brilliant introduction to the saga of The Dark Tower
I have read the books three times and followed a lot of comments and even spoilers on social media so I went to the movie not knowing what to expect.

I enjoyed every minute. For me it was a brilliant introduction to the world of Stephen King's The Dark Tower. Lots of Easter eggs in there which are fun.

The portrayal of the main characters, the make up and special effects I thought were cleverly done to turn such a huge epic work into a 90minute taster of what I hope is more to come.

Do sit through to the end of the credits.
I loved this Movie!!!
The last Gunslinger, Roland Deschain, has been locked in an eternal battle with Walter O'Dim, also known as the Man in Black, determined to prevent him from toppling the Dark Tower, which holds the universe together. With the fate of the worlds at stake, good and evil will collide in the ultimate battle as only Roland can defend the Tower from the Man in Black. Just got back from seeing The Dark Tower a movie that for many months since the trailer dropped out really got my attention until a few days ago when i saw the reviews which were awful and i told to myself instead of hearing the site that gave Ghostbusters a 73% and Alien Covenant a 71% maybe i should go and check out the film? and be the one who judges it and i just got back from the Theater and the only thing i'm thinking right now is that this movie is f*cking amazing from special effects to acting. Matthew McConaughey as Walter or most known as The Man in Black was perfection every time that he was on screen it was magic, he is a ruthless badass villain that he can kill you even without touching you plus his mind games were just creepy as f*ck. Idris Elba as Roland the last Gunslinger is basically perfection too he is the Batfleck of this movie he goes around shooting people with the most badass way i have ever seen in a movie in my entire life, the dude is Chuck Norris and the social justice warriors that were bitching about the fact that the Gunslinger is black instead of white? They should really go and jump from a cliff because Elba is a great actor and 2nd of all he was perfect for the role. Plus the kid Jake he was great as well, he had the b@lls to go against The Man in Black and even try to block him from entering inside his mind. Also i really loved those people that they used human skin as a distraction to enter our world. The action was freaking terrific especially the battle between The Gunslinger and The Man in Black was one of the many great parts of this film and that scene where Roland goes around shooting people in the Village and Walter's hideout were so epic i mean seriously great special effects and great cinematography. The soundtrack is excellent and knows when to hit you and it hits you hard, the whole story of 'fish out of water' was also pretty good it had levity and great humor especially the scene in the bus with the Coca-Cola or the one in the Hospital and it kinda reminded me a lot of Last Action Hero (1993) when Jack Slater visited New York and he was so confused about our world and our everyday things and it was pretty funny. The film also has a pretty good drama like the whole part of Roland and Steven his dad or Jake and his mother and the ending was also unexpected i was expecting it to end like Last Action Hero (1993) but they went to a much different and much better direction. The only flaw that i found with the movie was that it was short i wish that it was somewhere around 2, 5 or even 10 hours that is how much i loved The Dark Tower and honestly i haven't read the books but right now? I kinda want to and i'm definitely getting those Diamond Select Figures. Overall without saying more i just loved this film and i'm so happy that i did not heard critics or Rotten Tomatoes and i went to see the film on my own and judge it on my own. If you haven't read the books i think you're going to enjoy it a lot maybe as much as i did but if you have then you might get disappointed but honestly it's the most underrated Stephen King movie adaptation i have seen so far plus there are some references to The Shining (1980) and other King movie adaptations and to be fair with you people this is definitely in my Top 5 favorite Stephen King films and it goes somewhere like this: 1) The Shining 2) Misery 3) The Running Man 4) The Dark Tower 5) 1408.

Also this quote from the movie is dedicated to you guys:

I do not aim with my hand. He who aims with his hand has forgotten the face of his father. I aim with my eye. I do not shoot with my hand. He who shoots with his hand has forgotten the face of his father. I shoot with my mind. I do not kill with my gun. He who kills with his gun has forgotten the face of his father. I kill with my heart.
lifeless one and done
Jake Chambers is a troubled boy in NYC. He's haunted by nightmares and the city is rocked by earthquakes. His visions are of the fearsome Man in Black (Matthew McConaughey) and the mysterious last Gunslinger (Idris Elba). After a fight at school, his mother reluctantly calls a facility to the delight of his stepfather. He recognizes the two facility workers as fake-skins from his drawings. He runaways and gets transported through an abandoned portal to Mid-World. A tower at the center of the universe protects every world from the dark forces outside. The Man in Black called Walter with his fake-skin minions intends to use kidnapped children to bring down the tower.

It's been decades since I read the books and I'm not sure if I read them all. The most memorable aspect of the books are the Lobstrosities and I doubt those creatures in the amusement park are them. It's all fine. I don't need them. I do need charismatic characters in a compelling story. The story is relatively bland after getting stripped down from the novels. The characters are even more bland. Both McConaughey and Elba are playing it reserved. It's not wrong but the movie struggles with their blandness. The kid isn't much better although he starts off well. The first act on earth is fine but it doesn't explain the abandoned house. It's just there with the portal and things happen. More things happen and then even more things happen until I stop caring. The sad part is that I don't think anybody on the film set cared either.
Unfair reviews
This movie does not deserve all the negative reviews. As someone who has never read the books or heard anything about The Dark Tower before this movie's release, I thought this was an overall well made movie.

It is apparent that anybody who loved the books will say it did not even come close to capturing the full story. However, I'd recommend anybody with no prior dark tower experience to watch this. The action scenes are very well done. Idris' and Matthew's performances are on par with some of their other best works. And the story is very interesting and thought provoking.

The books must be spectacular for this movie to fall so far from them. If they are so much better than the movie as everyone says they are, I will be grabbing the first one asap.
Supremely unfaithful and uninvesting...
Hollywood took a great book series and butchered it into an overly formulaic, run-of-the-mill slog of an action-thriller that Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey could barely salvage. It's dull all the way down to the story, acting, and visuals, though I'll give the music by Junkie XL some props. If I had watched it in the theater, I definitely would've walked out.
Critics can't figure out what to make of this one
This film spent a decade in production hell and anyone who has read the series knows that to call it unfilmable is an understatement. It is a genre bending sci-fi western fantasy supernatural horror time travel tale that takes place in an interdimensional multi-verse that includes our own Keystone Earth with visits all over those other worlds. Even knowing where to start filming this could take 6 months to debate. This isn't a perfect movie and it is going to mystify a lot of people that need everything explained to them or a box to put it in. A lot of people will dismiss that as bad filmmaking. I thought they captured the essence of the story and laid down some good groundwork. It is a brisk 95 minutes but it felt over 2 hours, and it is a rare film where that is a compliment. I had LOW expectations. I've followed the making of this thing since the start and there have been some decisions that were... questionable. I walked away mildly impressed. And in this case that is probably high praise. I won't be recommending it to anyone that isn't familiar with the books. In short: I liked it, but I was willing to give it a chance. I hope it gets a sequel and they can start filling in the worlds without all the exposition that was necessary to get this one moving.
Based on, but certainly not an adaptation of the books
I'm a Tower-enthusiast for 20 years, read all 8 boos multiple times. The movie is not an adaptation, it's not the story of Ronald and the tower as told in the books. Maybe it's a later, or earlier cycle of Ronald's quest. (Ka is a wheel, remember?) This may account for the significant differences, e.g. Jake's backstory, the fact that Walter has the complete set of Wizard glass, etc. So maybe try to accept the fact that you are not going to see the story from the books come to life in a literal way, and then you can actually enjoy the movie. And especially enjoy the things you do recognize from the story you read. Is it worth 10 stars, probably not. But it's certainly worth much more than most reviewers gave, that's why I gave it 10.

PS. I saw it together with someone who didn't read the books, she really liked the movie and we are definitely going to check out the sequel!
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