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The Dark Tower
Action, Adventure, Western, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror
IMDB rating:
Nikolaj Arcel
Dennis Haysbert as Steven
Claudia Kim as Arra
Ben Gavin as Soldier
Inge Beckmann as Teacher
Nicholas Hamilton as Lucas Hanson
Abbey Lee as Tirana
Fran Kranz as Pimli
José Zúñiga as Dr. Hotchkiss
Idris Elba as Roland
Storyline: The last Gunslinger, Roland Deschain, has been locked in an eternal battle with Walter O'Dim, also known as the Man in Black, determined to prevent him from toppling the Dark Tower, which holds the universe together. With the fate of the worlds at stake, good and evil will collide in the ultimate battle as only Roland can defend the Tower from the Man in Black.
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In the Spirit of the Books
Read these reviews carefully. Note the objections people give to the film. I see the negative reviews are predominately people who expected a direct adaptation of the books, whereas this is more a continuation of the story. This is the next time Roland journeys to the tower, not the same journey we all read about and love.

Also note the five star reviews are King fan boys who would give five stars to any Stephen King movie just to see more of them made, and because in their eyes, Stephen King can do no wrong. Neither of these groups help here.

I sit somewhere in between. I've read the series many times, more than is probably healthy. I know these stories inside and out. And I loved the movie. It has it's flaws, as every movie does, but it is faithful to the spirit of the books. It was very clear from all the hype and communications we got from Stephen King and others leading up to this release, that this movie would not follow the books exactly, so I did not enter the theater with false expectations. That is key. When you go to see this movie, expect it to follow its own path. Remember, their are other worlds than these.

I was worried about how Idris Elba would work as Roland. Let me tell you, he owns that role. He became the gunslinger. His performance was spot on.

And Matthew Mcconaughey absolutely nailed the Man in Black role. He is so evil, it permeated from the screen. Some of the dialogue was terrible, but that is the writers fault, and he delivered what he was given beautifully.

Tom Taylor was the unknown. He did a decent job. He is no Haley Joel Osment or Jacob Tremblay, but he is a capable young actor who plays Jake Chambers well enough.

My biggest complaint about the movie is it's run time. It felt rushed, and certain things needed explained better. So much of the imagery was only meaningful if you've read all of the books. But having said all that, it was a good movie. It held my attention the entire time, and I literally got goose bumps several times through the film. The fish out of water humor with Roland in our world's New York was amazing, and I cannot wait to watch this again.

Go watch the movie with an open mind. Don't expect it to be the same as the books, but expect it to be in the spirit of the books. You will be entertained.
It is what it is but they made some key mistakes
The Dark Tower is not a bad film. Standing on it's own it's a decent sci-fi/fantasy flick that comes up a little shallow in certain ways. I am a massive Stephen King fan but I went in to this with mediocre expectations due to reviews and honestly due to the trailers and also word of the reshoots and issues on set. However, as a King fan, I feel like I could have helped them make this or scrapped the whole thing because they missed the mark entirely adapting the book. I thought one of the biggest issues was casting but it turns out the casting wasn't so bad. The issue here is the adaptation itself and also the approach they took on it. The Dark Tower focuses on Jake and Earth and his interaction with the mid-world to save his own. The Dark Tower book series is about Roland and his life and his adventures and his determination to destroy the Man In Black. Roland and the Man In Black were practically supporting characters to the boy Jake and that doesn't work for this story. Roland's back story is weak at best in the film and they don't scratch the surface of Walter or Jake for that matter and the world they live in. If they were hoping to start a franchise they missed the key things they needed here but perhaps most importantly resting the film on Roland. There is a reason the first film was called "The Gunslinger."

I think Idris Elba is a great actor but I definitely was not sure he would be right for Roland. I was convinced in fact. I was wrong. He could have really done some amazing things with Roland and for what he's given, he does! His darkness and his broodiness fit perfectly and the choreography for his fight scenes are fantastic. He even looks the part very well. Tom Taylor does a great job as Jake, the powerful boy from Earth who can bring down the tower. Taylor and Elba have very good chemistry and I would have loved to have seen them play their roles more to the book. One of the biggest concerns I had was Matthew McConaughey as the Man In Black. Once again, I was wrong. The single only issue is that he is not given enough time or depth to make this an incredible villain. I think he and a good director and writer could have made Walter/Man In Black one of the cinematic great villains. Matthew McConaughey and Idris Elba were good together and played off each other wonderfully but the script didn't give them enough. Supporting cast was okay but the main cast was so under-used that the rest had very little chance of being built up.

The Dark Tower could and should have been 2017's beginning to a new Lord of The Rings epic world. They could have built one of the most vast connected Universes ever seen. Could anyone bring this to the big screen/small screen properly given the scope and depth of the books? Yes I think so. Much like Peter Jackson did with Lord of The Rings/The Hobbit someone with true vision and talent could have pulled this off. Why on earth this got handed to someone like Nikolaj Arcel is beyond me. He is a good screenwriter but to leave this in his hands for direction seems careless. Then again perhaps the studio cut it to shreds. A 93 minute run time is insane for a film of this magnitude. The Dark Tower will hopefully be redeemed. The characters are in place, the special effects were good, the world is loosely established but someone needs to step in. 7.5/10
Critics can't figure out what to make of this one
This film spent a decade in production hell and anyone who has read the series knows that to call it unfilmable is an understatement. It is a genre bending sci-fi western fantasy supernatural horror time travel tale that takes place in an interdimensional multi-verse that includes our own Keystone Earth with visits all over those other worlds. Even knowing where to start filming this could take 6 months to debate. This isn't a perfect movie and it is going to mystify a lot of people that need everything explained to them or a box to put it in. A lot of people will dismiss that as bad filmmaking. I thought they captured the essence of the story and laid down some good groundwork. It is a brisk 95 minutes but it felt over 2 hours, and it is a rare film where that is a compliment. I had LOW expectations. I've followed the making of this thing since the start and there have been some decisions that were... questionable. I walked away mildly impressed. And in this case that is probably high praise. I won't be recommending it to anyone that isn't familiar with the books. In short: I liked it, but I was willing to give it a chance. I hope it gets a sequel and they can start filling in the worlds without all the exposition that was necessary to get this one moving.
Fantastic chapter
I absolutely loved it. I've waited so many years to see Roland the Gunslinger on the movie screen, and he didn't disappoint.

This movie was marketed incorrectly; it is not The Dark Tower, it is The Dark Tower Chapter 8 (an optional chapter). You can watch this chapter of the story without reading the others as it stands alone outside of the saga detailed in the books.

You should watch it even just for the fact that it is the only movie so far set in the universe outside of ours that links all of Stephen King's works together. My brother and father have never read any of the books, and we just got back from the cinema - we all enjoyed it.

Good fun. I'm not surprised to see this film has suffered from harsh criticism, mainly revolving around the fact it is not faithful to the original story, but the creators of this film are very clear in their intentions and deliberately presented a message to the existing readers and fans within the trailers of what to expect. Anyone who read all of the books in order will understand why this film is different, and how it fits in to the saga.

I thoroughly enjoyed this slightly absurd and visually awesome Stephen King horror/adventure movie, it was great.
The only movie I've seen twice in a row, this summer. And it ain't bad!
There's been a lot of publicity stating how the Stephen King novel series was inspired partly by an old poem (called "Childe Roland To The Dark Tower Came") and partly by the spaghetti-Westerns of Sergio Leone back in the 1960's. Me? I would've called the resulting movie adaptation a cross between MAD MAX and the original STAR WARS (aka "Episode 4: A New Hope").

But, no matter how you describe the inherent similarities, the fact remains that this is a great action-adventure flick with fantasy swashbuckler elements that just manage to rise above the stereotypical. For starters, there's the poignancy of Jake Chambers' dysfunctional home life (biological dad died a hero; mom remarried a self-centered jerk). Which, of course, is nicely balanced by the comedy relief of Roland's culture shock at the so-called "civilization" still extant on Keystone Earth. Case in point?

Roland: "Are bullets as rare on your world as they are here?"

Jake: "You're going to like Earth. A lot!"

My one and only complaint with this film, however, is that its trailers use outtakes for previews (a practice aggravatingly all too common in Hollywood)! I refer specifically to the scene where Jake tries to gauge the depths of Walter the MIB's inherent evil through a comparison to Christianity's greatest enemy.

And Roland replies "He's worse."

Why was that bit of dialogue edited out? Time and money constraints? Or too much potential controversy from religious fundamentalist groups? Well, whatever the reason, it still should have been left in. So, I am leaving one point out of my final score.
Poor writing and directing. Missed opportunity.
I have not read any of the novels, but I think I would be even more upset about the amateurism of this movie, and about the murdering of those (probably) awesome novels.

First of all I would like to mention the aspects of the movie which were pretty good: -The scenery: The wastelands of Roland's world were beautiful. -The special effects/fight scenes: I was actually surprised how good the action scenes in this movie were. The special effect guys did a very good job. The fight scenes with Roland shooting bullets in slow-motion and Walter O'Dim's scenes were extremely fun to watch. -The actors: In my opinion the actors did a pretty good job. They did their best with the horrible script the writers handed to them.

And now the negative aspects: -Awful writing: I have no idea how can four (!!!) writers create a stupid dialog and story like this. It's not even the book's fault, because as I know the story is completely different than the one of the books'. -The constant switching between the two worlds, the involvement of the "asian medium lady" and her village, the repetitive usage of the Warriors' praying were so unimportant that it makes me mad. Not to mention the ending...as if it was made for 6 years olds. -Sloppy directing: The director was nominated for BAFTA Award, so I am pretty sure he just did not give a damn about making the movie at least mediocre with the absence of a proper script. The cuts in this movie (when there's no fight) are very annoying, and I am pretty sure I could have cut it to be more watchable than Nikolaj Arcel did (and I have not directed anything yet).

Summary: The books had a perfect material to create an excellent movie series, but someone decided to create an upset, a ruined cinematography from it. I am pretty sure it is the fault of the negligence of the people behind this movie (writers;director). If a Sergio Leone directed this movie with the given universe, it would have become a classic. Now it's a movie nobody will remember after a couple of months (if yes, then it would be due to their hatred for the production crew).
Interesting concept
I've heard the nay Sayers, but once again I'm glad I did not listen to critics. It was true enough to the book but fresh enough to make it even more interesting. Amazing cast. Yes, I have read all the books and all the spin-off books and short stories as well. The acting was excellent. The only thing is this is the last book in the Gunslinger series of eight books So it is like Stars Wars in a way. It now will have to back track so that people who haven't read the book have already seen how the series panned out. It will make all the back sequels better. Idris Elba fit the role of gunslinger Roland very well and served as both a mentor and bad-ass. I whistled and applauded at the end of this movie, something I never do. It gets a ten Star Rating from me.
Surprisingly good old fashioned entertainment
Reading the best reviews, there are many viewers saying this film is bad or worse. This is one of those times that I disagree vigorously with their ratings.

I found the story most enjoyable, keeping one hooked to the screen and spellbound for an hour and a half. One must realize that this film is an adventure in fantasy world and it did succeed admirably in this genre. On top of it totally devoid of sex (hooray!), which nowadays is found in all movies for young and old, making its absence an excellent family movie.

If you are looking for a solid entertaining movie with an original story (with some influence of Stephen King's writings) you can't go wrong watching this film. I rate this a sound 8 out of 10, much higher than the 5.9 presently computed from 32,299 submissions. The true value is probably closer to 7 plus!
Worst movie of the year.
Worst film of the year in my personal opinion. You have MM and Elba, you have 8 - EIGHT - books of material, and you do a movie that is hour and a half long, you butcher the material, and after all, you don't make the Gunslinger the central character in the movie.

This project should've been straightforward: Chronologically you start with the genesis of the conflict between Ronald and the Man in Black, you build your characters toward the conflict aka Last Stand, and you end the movie in the dark, just before the start of the first book. Movie of 2, 2.5 hours, dark, with R-rating. You exploit the potential of the brilliant actors at your disposal.

You just don't do this. Rubbish. I gave it three stars just because of McConaughey and his obviously good performance as the Man in Black.
Weird Stephen King movie!
As far as i see, most people didn't like and hated the movie, but i don't think like them. It is not a bad movie but there are some funny and silly visual effects for making us laugh. I say that the director directed this movie in very quick way, which i didn't like it. But the rest of the movie is OK. I didn't read the books but i got the story well. This is a classic Stephen King logic. I realized something in the movie: you know that Stephen King obsessed the 1408 number, also he has a movie named 1408. I assumed you know the 1408 numbers combination. I don't wanna make spoiler. We saw many movies like that but for me this movie is related to alternate or parallel universe. İt is not like a Dark Tower story, it is like a guardian story.
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