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The Details
Drama, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Jacob Aaron Estes
Ray Liotta as Peter Mazzoni
James Kruk as Wine and Cheese Man
Gretchen Liebrum as Great Internet Boobs
Gary Schwartz as Plans Inspector
Rose Cano as Alma
Traci L. Crouch as Pregnant Traci (as Traci Crouch)
Kerry Washington as Rebecca Mazzoni
Tobey Maguire as Jeff Lang
Elizabeth Banks as Nealy Lang
Laura Linney as Lila
Dennis Haysbert as Lincoln
Storyline: When a family of raccoons discover worms living underneath the sod in Jeff and Nealy's backyard, this pest problem begins a darkly comic and wild chain reaction of domestic tension, infidelity and murder.
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An engaging drama
This film tells how the seemingly perfect middle class life of a doctor falls apart, after the emergence of raccoons in his garden.

After reading the plot summary, I still did not have a clue what "The Details" was about. After watching it, I can safely say that it is a engaging drama about the unfortunate decay of a suburban middle class family. The plot is very engaging, as we are confronted with a lot of moral dilemmas that are very real and close to viewers. I feel very sorry for Laura Linney's character, even though she is a bit eccentric. The only complain I have is the casting of Tobey McGuire, he is just too baby-face for me to believe he is an accomplished doctor.

It is a pity that "The Details" has a title, that is neither informative nor enticing.
Good premise, bad ending
Jeff Lang (Tobey Maguire) seems to have it all, a great career, beautiful family...and then it starts to fall apart: Raccoons tear up his new lawn. This drives him crazy and is just the first of many bad things that happen, all leading up to coldblooded murder.

This is a dark comedy with many funny and silly moments and just as many bizarre and absurd ones. Maguire is good as the Everyman character, but I thought Elizabeth Banks, who plays his wife, was too teenage-Barbie doll-ish. Dennis Haysbert is Jeff's loyal best friend and Laura Linney steals the show as his pathetic, loony neighbor.

There are lots of twists and turns and it was fun to watch until the end, which just stops, like the director ran out of time and told everyone to go home. The non-ending almost spoils a good movie and left me unsatisfied.
Painfully Funny...
Like the best film noir, "The Details" forces us to recognize and engage with our darker natures, the often cruel vagaries of fate, and the fact that happy endings are often neither happy, nor endings. It is also incredibly funny. Tobey Maguire is excellent as a philandering Doctor named Jeff Lange, led inexorably down a path of mayhem and bad behavior in his efforts to conceal his impropriety from his sexually aloof wife, played by an equally excellent Elizabeth Banks. The rest of the cast is also quite strong, particularly Dennis Haysbert, whose turn as Jeff's wizened friend/charity case, and seeming moral conscience, is played to brilliant effect. (The "seeming" is very important here, as writer-director Jacob Estes offers a surprising turn in Haysbert's character, that consists of a brilliant excoriation of the tired Hollywood character trope which Spike Lee terms "The Magical Negro.")

With large performances (including Laura Linney as a Blowsy seductress!), bold visuals, and masterfully satirical sound design, "The Details" is stupendously entertaining, a Brechtian meditation on questions moral, social and existential. Estes' film is by turns hilarious and horrifying, often in the same moment. Not to be missed!!!
Great Performances Can't Save The Details
The Details begins with a pleasant enough introduction and promises of a humorously dark spin on suburbia . With a stellar cast that offers up top notch performances the movie moves along with a theme-park roller-coaster like flow between comedy and tragedy. Certainly humorous and at times truthful, the movie has a Jekyll & Hyde flow that creates a whole lesser then its pieces.

A seemingly perfect couple, Jeff the Doctor (Tobey Maguire) and the beautiful Nealy (Elizabeth Banks) are in a rough patch in their stale marriage. Two ill advised home improvement ventures lead Jeff to a run in with some pesky raccoons and a even more pesky encounter with a crazy cat lady neighbor(Laura Linney). Doctor Jeff's life begins to unravel as he tries to navigate his way through bribery, blackmail and his urge to feel some sort of spark that is missing from his marriage. A woeful tale of infidelity gone bad unfolds that leads the Doc down a slippery slope. He tries to cure his woes with a few doses of philanthropy, but no good deed goes unpunished, its the details that always gets you in the end.

The performances by the cast are top notch, Toby Maguire as Dr. Jeff gives a complex performance that is humorous, emotional and sympathetic. Elizabeth Banks has flashes of brilliance, the last 10 minutes give glimpses of what more her character could have offered had the filmmakers seen the opportunity. Lauara Linney is comic genius in a turn that is right up there with her best. Dennis Haysbert and Ray Liotta give very pure performances. This movie couldn't have asked for better side players which only makes it more disappointing that the filmmakers didn't create a better landscape.

The Details has brilliant moments of humor, but its see-saw approach between gags and edge of darkness stuff keep it in a gray area which can only be successful in the most polished of hands (e.g. American Beauty). Ironically its in the details, where the Details fails. There are numerous moments in the film where just a few tweaks could have kept it from flying off the tracks. The lasting impression is an attempt at modern story telling that wastes excellent performances by not keeping a tighter grip on the story.

I expect some buzz about the film after its initial premiere. Tobey Maguire gives a fabulous performance and gives all that he could, however once this sort of film is removed from the gloomy shadows of the downer films that typically makes up most of Sundance it probably won't fair very well. Shame really, this could have been a more significant film.
Hardly Comedic
Perhaps I lack the misanthropy to find humor in this movie, but aside from everything seeming to have spun from a battle with raccoons I didn't see anything humorous about it. I have to wonder at the type of person that would find the events in this movie even darkly comedic. Maybe it was my present mindset, yet I cringed through the entire movie. Unless you find coerced adultery with a batsh-t crazy woman and murder funny I wouldn't go in to this movie expecting laughs. It lacked even the vengefully humorous relationships of ..say "War of the Roses" something that I would consider darkly comedic. This merely plunged you deeper and deeper into despair. I'm NOT saying it was a BAD movie....just terribly misrepresented.
Not bad
Hello I just finished watching this movie and I think it is time for a review. Luckely for me it was better then the last Dark Comedy I saw. Which was the Room. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I really like the Dark Comedy genre. And this is not the greatest of all time. But it is a pretty descent film. It got a few laughs along the way. And the acting isn't bad at all. The plot is enjoyable and not boring. It's a good movie to watch when you're in the mood for a light and easy movie. If you like Dark Comedy I would recommend watching it. I really liked it I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. Hope this was helpful. Have fun watching don't forget the popcorn and greetings.
I don't think there is a single thing funny about this film. As someone else said, "The War of the Roses" is a great dark comedy, this is just dark. The acting was terrible, especially Laura Linney, who is a great actress, which suggests that she was being directed to go over the top and to play it far too broadly. She seemed to be in a different film at times. No one comes out of this film well though, I don't know what any of them were thinking. It might have been different with James McAvoy in the lead, because that guy can out-act Tobey Maguire with his hands tied, but I think he was smarter to get out of it.


Aside from already loathing the film, but being in a position where I couldn't turn it off because other people were watching it too, except the friend who'd fallen asleep on my shoulder, the very worst part of this film was how it used animals within its pathetic storyline. The crazy neighbor, Laura Linney, loses her cat supposedly to the poison Tobey Maguire put out for the raccoons, and she shows it to him, taking its dead body out of the fridge where she's keeping it in an open, decorated box as if it were a cake, emphasizing her crazy cat lady looniness. Weak. Later Tobey Maguire deliberately runs his car at a raccoon on the road, hits it, and backs up to hit it again. The dead raccoon is then the backdrop to the couple arguing with each other. Anyone who finds this comic is just a sick jerk and anyone who ever deliberately tries to hit an animal when I'm around is not someone I would ever speak to again.
Dejavu... that's the word that comes to my mind when I finished this movie... this movie reminded me a great deal of 'American Beauty' due to its technique and dramatization... American Beauty has a way different story, but both of those movies get to you in a similar manner... how one event of least importance can turn your whole world up-side-down in time to comes, the details tells you about that very convincingly...

The acting has been tremendous... Other than the spiderman series I have known Tobey Mcguire from the cider house rules, in which his acting was commendable... but the details has a different character for him to tackle and he did it quite well... Laura Linney and Elizabeth Banks are veterans and I do not recall them throwing away their character every before... but the best thing about this movie is the screenplay... hats off to the writer who knows how to whirl the story through the time streams gently... every act was calculated and didn't feel like unnecessary or miscalculated at all...

My recommendations... do see it!
Mind set
Tobey Maguire going crazy, and why? Because of his Garden? Well not only, there are reasons too. Plus who can be mad at Raccoons, aren't they adorable? (No I'm the only one that thinks that?) Seriously though: The movie and the shenanigans from all involved are sort of over the top, but still decent enough to watch. The cast list reads really great (Mr. Baldwin giving a speech that is life changing or at least should be for the character involved).

The movie is uncertain where it wants to take the viewer (proof the alternate ending on display/disc), but the ride is still entertaining enough to take. Just don't expect anything to fancy and you'll be satisfied
The Racoons are merely juxtaposition in this dark comedy; a really good story.
When you read the official movie synopsis you will be thrown off course; it's not much of a comedy per say, so it's been labeled a dark comedy but it's more than that. As most labeled dark comedies don't fare all that well with the general public and indeed with some critics, the ratings tend to throw you off as well, but let's dig a little deeper and try to see what writer/director Jacob Aaron Estes has concocted here. The main protagonist in the movie, Jeff Lang, played by Tobey Maguire, is a OBGYN ten years into a marriage that is… well, on the fritz and his life turns to hell temporarily before the movie ends very surprisingly on a high note.

The movie opens with Jeff and Nealy Lang, played oh so well by the beautiful Elizabeth Banks, celebrating their ten year wedding anniversary with a toast from Peter and Rebecca Mazzoni, played respectively by Ray Liotta and Kerry Washington. But all is not well in the marriage as that evening Jeff can't even get lucky; we'll only discover later that this anomaly is simply due to the fact that his lovely wife has been having an affair (but we don't get to know with whom) for the past six months. Furthermore, Nealy is upset with Jeff as he chose the cheaper sodding over seeding of their backyard. Now the big deal with the racoons and that sodded lawn is really where the idea of "DETAILS", on which Estes based his title and perhaps found the key to juxtapose the story's main storyline, finds the mark.

There's a commonly known problem with racoons and sodded lawns; they will dig your lawn to no end and turn the sod over for grub. This leads to Jeff trying to poison the critters and in the process he kills the neighbor's cat. The neighbor Lila, played superbly by Laura Linney, is, to put it mildly, a cookoo person. Blaming Jeff for the death of her precious cat she manipulates him into a wild (that bit is really funny) session of impromptu sex. It was not Jeff's first transgression that week as he did have himself a good romp with earlier mentioned Rebecca Mazzoni, his long time friend from college; she was merely commiserating with him and I cannot think of a better person to feel for one's pain than Kerry Washington.

Jeff's basketball playing friend Lincoln, played wonderfully by Dennis Haysbert, has been dealt a bad hand by faith; they bonded over the years and Jeff's friend is blessed suddenly by his buddy doctor's beyond kind gestures, one of which has him donating a kidney to him. That gesture ingratiates Jeff to Nealy, but as Jeff confides in Lincoln his newest tribulation with crazy neighbor Lila, who he got pregnant, the grateful Lincoln misinterprets Jeff's rambling, and kills Lila to repay Jeff for what he did for him. The moment Jeff decides to share with his wife his transgressions and the awful turn of events is where the audience gets that this is not a comedy. The choices about what to do under the circumstances are not great, but going over the details of those choices, they find a way through it.

Estes lacked good material in the sub-plot dealing with Ray Liotta's revenge against Jeff for cheating with his wife, but other than that, I found the movie a nice piece of work. The cast had led me to believe I could expect nothing less than good performances and I was not disappointed. Tobey Maguire's character reminded me in some way of his role as Homer in The Cider House Rules, perhaps due to the OBGYN bit, while Laura Linney's play had somewhat of the same effect for me as that with a passage of her role as Eleanor in Man of the Year. In short, I liked it and I trust those who like this movie genre will get to see it before it is forgotten.
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