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The Evangelist
Thriller, Horror
IMDB rating:
Joseph Pepitone
Jeremy Parsons as Radio Host
Steve Mack as Don Murray
Lindsay Anastasia as Crime scene victim
Nick Jobes as Bill Horton Age 8
Aj Ciccotelli as Captain Robert Burns
Johnny Hurler as Detective Wojciehowicz
Gervase Peterson as Troy Dallas
Samantha Artese as Dr. Laura Cooper
Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal as Jack Hayes
Billy Sample as D.A. Martin
Amanda Anastasia as Crime scene victim
Doug Bollinger as Detective John Vance
Michael Billy as Detective Edward Legros
Storyline: At seven years old, Bill Horton watched in horror as a serial killer murdered his mother. Known as The Evangelist, he places a bible next to her body and quotes scripture as he leaves Bill alone and destroyed. Thirty years later, Bill has grown up and appears to be a model citizen, spending his days cleaning his house and baking. He has, however, picked up the mantle of The Evangelist, killing those who he finds wicked and evil and leaving a bible by their bodies. Bill only opens up to Dr. Laura Cooper, a psychiatrist, who discovers Bill's dark secret. She contacts young Detective Edward Legros who is working on the case with his cynical, veteran partner, Detective John Vance. But what Vance knows about the original Evangelist will lead to a bloody showdown.
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I'm not a sinner
This is one of those films which was like watching a train wreak, horrible, but I couldn't turn away.

The film opens with a killing and jumps about 25 years later with Bill Horton (Keith Collins) as our Bible quoting, doing God's work, cookie baking killer in Barefoot Beach (Point Pleasant Beach) , New Jersey. Old school Detective John Vance (Doug Bollinger) is teamed up with rookie Detective Edward Legros (Michael Billy) to solve the case while our killer goes to a psychologist (Samantha Artese). His visits supply us with his background.

We have seen self righteous killers before, and they are rarely done good since Kevin Spacey in "Seven." Doug Bollinger had all the best lines with references to the over abundant 70's TV cop shows. However, he and none of the actors for that matter, were convincing in their roles, some of which may be due to the script.

The ending had a twist I really wasn't expecting because I didn't care enough to look for it.

Winner of the Atlantic City Cinefest 2015 best horror feature and Doug Bollinger as best actor in a horror feature, so what do I know.

Guide: F-word. Nudity (Serena Pallottini)
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