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The Honor Farm
IMDB rating:
Karen Skloss
Jonny Mars as Roosevelt
Samuel Davis as Sheldon
Madison Burge as Laila (as Dora Madison Burge)
Liam Aiken as Sinclair
Storyline: On prom night, a group of kids wander deep into the woods and come back changed forever.
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So to be fair I'm not the target market for a film like this, it seems to be marketed to teens but it's not a "kid" movie by any means. Stop reading here because it will be immediate spoilers because any mention of the plot is a spoiler.

Basically a group of teens go into the woods on prom night and do shrooms. They trip out, see some stuff, there's a bit of teen angst mixed in and tired teen cliché characters but the problem is nothing all that important actually happens. There's no self discovery, there's no mystery, no action, they just kind of meander through the woods for awhile tripping and making quips. Then there's a cheap scare in a scene that makes no sense, a baby goat is introduced, they run and now it's morning and the movie is over. Every one is fine, very little learned, and...that's it. Overall just a very empty and pointless film. Maybe I missed something being in my 30's but I don't think so.
The only thing worse than watching it, well, I can't think of something off hand, I was gonna say being blind but if I were blind I never would have watched this film and in that case blindness would have become a positive. So goes it for all my senses in regard to this film. I am sorry to you and your friends and family if you have watched it in a group setting.
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