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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2
USA, Germany
Thriller, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Francis Lawrence
Woody Harrelson as Haymitch Abernathy
Elden Henson as Pollux
Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen
Paula Malcomson as Katniss's Mother
Natalie Dormer as Cressida
Gwendoline Christie as Commander Lyme
Liam Hemsworth as Gale Hawthorne
Sam Claflin as Finnick Odair
Stanley Tucci as Caesar Flickerman
Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark
Jena Malone as Johanna Mason
Julianne Moore as President Alma Coin
Philip Seymour Hoffman as Plutarch Heavensbee
Jeffrey Wright as Beetee
Donald Sutherland as President Snow
Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket
Robert Knepper as Antonius
Storyline: After young Katniss Everdeen agrees to be the symbol of rebellion, the Mockingjay, she tries to return Peeta to his normal state, tries to get to the Capitol, and tries to deal with the battles coming her way...but all for her main goal: assassinating President Snow and returning peace to the Districts of Panem. As her squad starts to get smaller and smaller, will she make it to the Capitol? Will she get revenge on Snow or will her target change? Will she be with her "Star-Crossed Lover," Peeta, or her long-time friend, Gale? Deaths, bombs, bow and arrows, a love triangle, hope... What will happen?
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She should have gone with *spoilers* Gale
Just take a moment to look at Peeta. What do you see? You see a young, confused man who doesn't know how to keep his head straight. Now look at Gale. Sweet, sweet Gale. So cool. So selfless and heroic all the time. Just an all around great guy who has always been there for Katniss. A man who doesn't shy away from doing what is necessary just because "innocents" might loose their lives. Especially when those "innocents" are stupid people who risk other peoples lives in order to save a stupid cat. Prim had it coming.

So why in the world did she go with Peeta instead? It went against everything that the previous titles had established.

Katniss should have gone with Gale. I know I would. Totally immersion- breaking.
How to destroy a movie.....
When I first went to watch The Hunger Games, I invited my girlfriend to watch it with me. Her response was "I do not like that kind of movies". She had no idea. We went and watched it and she said this was one of the best that I have watched in a long time. we were waiting for the second Hunger games and it was a good film, but couldn't surpass the first. Now, this is fine with sequels, usually the second one does not reach the level of the first (excluding LoTR, Terminator etc.).

Now both mockingjay movie parts we completely off; Part 1 was a mediocre, to say the least, and actually it was watchable because there was part 2 to complete a half-burned pie. Watching part 2, I must say that they took a very very good story and destroyed it.

Snow was an excellent character (my favourite) since he was a bad guy, but he wasn't making the usual bad guy errors in strategic thinking. The "interim" president did not show her vicious side. And all the other characters were just wrong.

It is watchable but it did not cut it
It ain't over til it's over
But in this case, it's finally over! When the first one came out, I did go out of my way and read the first book, which was much more contained than the movie and only told from one perspective. I did not read the other ones, so I have no idea if they keep that up. What I do know, is that the movies seem to move along with the same pace. And I think most of us are glad that it's finally over (apart from cinema owners probably, they made good money with this).

And while it had it's moments (this one too), it does not really get a grip and the fascination it might be able to get. The potential is there, but apart from the teenage target audience (who get their triangle love story, two boys, one girl), there is something missing. Even if the ending tries to go out of its way and shed a bit of a different light on things. It kind of succeeds in that, but overall it has the thing fantasy movies these days struggle with: many endings.
The WORST ending
Where to begin with this pathetic excuse of a movie. One of the many things that bothered me from this movie is that it did not need to be cut into two parts, Mockingjay part 1 and part 2 are one movie. When they did this part 1 was stopped right at the climax leaving you disappointed with an incomplete movie. Part 2 began in the middle of the book which just left the falling action and the boring, disappointing conclusion. This short novel could have easily been made into one 3 hour movie.

That being said, let's mention why the ending was so disappointing (Spoiler). From the beginning of the franchise it consists of this Rebellion against the capitol. When the Rebellion finally wins and the capital has finally fallen. Nothing. Happens. Everyone literally just goes home. Katniss and Peeta return to I don't even know where because District 12 was completely destroyed, to have a family. WHAT!? Is that really the best ending you can come up with. I felt like I was watching a pro-life commercial.

"Yeah kids! Forget everything you just learned about being an independent, strong person and just go have kids. That will fix everything!"
Epic, intelligent and a satisfactory end
This is definitely an underrated movie and I feel the reason is because of the bittersweet end. Unfortunately many people don't recognize the undertones of the whole story: - This is a dystopian tragedy with a great degree of realism. - Katniss Everdeen is not a superhero. She is strong-willed but is also very vulnerable. She experiences fear, sorrow and the whole series does not portray her as an invincible hero, which is why I love her character. In fact, she is not given any special treatment by the rebellion forces but is well-respected for being a symbol of the resistance. - President Snow is not your typical all-bad one-dimensional villain. He is a dictator when it comes to his policies towards the districts, but at the same time he genuinely care about the well-being of his proximal subjects, i.e. the people of the Capitol. This is clearly seen when he provided shelter to all Capitol's refugees and despite knowing he lost the war, he stayed in his mansion amongst his people and did not flee. - President coin on the other hand is an antagonist who was introduced as a protagonist. She is smart, cunning and manipulative. She knows that media play a major role in winning the masses and her propaganda machine was the reason she won. - The war wasn't only about power and military might. Tactics and propaganda played a major role. This is why this movie is intelligent. The rebels weren't stronger, but were smarter. - The only thing that bothered me was that Katniss cried to Rue's death more than Prim's. However, I can understand that with everything going on in the aftermath of Capitol's fall, there wasn't much room for sentiments. We do eventually see her break into tears in a moment of silence and loneliness back in her house in district 12. This is one of those movies series that leaves you feeling emptiness after it concludes. You want more but you know there isn't any. It does conclude in an unpredictable yet very satisfactory way, and that is what I love about it. Overall, excellent acting, cinematography, soundtracks, storytelling and attention to details. I am not giving it 10/10 because of some minor flaws here and there.
not that much disappointed
may contain spoilers and English is not my first language .. any way , if you watched that movie this means you definitely watched the rest of the series what means that you oriented more on how it will be settled more than development of characters , quotes or even scenario .. in my opinion. the master scene was when president elma called her self (the revolution leader) and declared her self a transitional president for unknown period ..this was a great realism and a great reaction from the true (revolution leaders )

i only wonder how there was a civil war without any story line except with everdeen and her friends . even when there were confrontation in front of the presidential palace..the camera also followed katniss too , i think the events was unfair with the revolution ..i mean i just wanted the revolution to be the real hero by the end of the movie .
Grim and appropriate mood, what a shame this is only half a movie.
This movie surprised me with its non-pandering, unapologetically adult tone and its overall grimness. I'd willingly call it the best constructed of the franchise. Unfortunately, it is only half a movie and is therefore ineligible for anything higher than 2.5/5. The problem with Mockingjay 2 is that its been so long since anyone saw Mockingjay 1 and especially Catching Fire that its very easy to forget faces, names and events. Essential characters like Prim and Finnick barely have one scene before their deaths and as a result we have to fall back on hazy memory to feel any pain for their loss.

Francis Lawrence finally settles a grim, morose and appropriate tone for these movies, which are meant to be completely miserable. He borrows elements from The Hurt Locker and The Godfather and whilst no one should ever compare this film to those masterpieces, the elements transfer well. The incredibly tense moments aren't even undone by the PG-13 violence that has plagued the films in the past, due to great harsh sound editing and Lawrence's use of smoke, fire and water to conceal things without the need for shaky cam.

Donald Sutherland is the best thing about the entire film, continuing to drip with malice. His scene with Katniss in the greenhouse is a spectacular culmination of his character, as Sutherland's warm reasoning cuts deep into the girl desperate to blame him for her sister's death. Natalie Dormer is always good, even the half second glimpses we see of her wielding her assault rifle leaving me hungry to see more of her in action films.

The rest of the cast is either average or wasted. Julianne Moore seems not to be trying all that hard, and though by her standards that still equals an okay performance, she never really excels as a woman of her calibre should. We barely register the presences of Jeffrey Wright, Gwendoline Christie or Patina Miller (whose character ends up being President by the way), whilst Stanley Tucci, Jeffrey Wright Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks, Mahershala Ali and the late great Phillip Seymour Hoffman simply serve as background wallpaper to their much less talented co-stars. I don't care for Lawrence's performance as she seems to have a default facial expression when she should be expressing something - SOMETHING! Hutcherson is clearly out of his game acting alongside everyone else, and Hemsworth is nothing to write home about.

The screenplay manages to improve a lot of the stuff I found objectionable in the book. Many of the characters are given better deaths than in the book, especially Finnick. The plot turns and villains are less obscure, especially regarding Coin. If the two Mockingjay films had been a single cinematic experience, I'd have given it a positive review. Shame.
Biggest disappointment since Phantom Menace
I liked the first, I loved the second, I thought the extended trailer was silly (shoot down high-tech planes with a bow, also called Mockingjay Part 1), but then I was in for an ice cold shower. I haven't felt like this since listening to Jar Jar Binks.

The first two Hunger Games movies prepare you for an epic battle between the rebels of District 13 against the Capitol, which could just as well be the Empire of Star Wars, led by an equally cunning president/emperor.

However, instead of using all the lore that has been carefully built up, especially in Mockingjay Part 1, the producers/writer decided to keep the main cast as far away from action as possible. The heroes suddenly become actors instead of the warriors they had been in the previous movies. Everything is fake and nothing they do (or not do) is supposed to affect the story. On purpose! I have no idea what happened here. Did the writer die and someone else had to finish it? Did they outsource the production to a galaxy far, far away from the first two movies? I simply cannot believe that this was an accident. There has to be purpose to this letdown and I wish I knew what it is, but either way, Mockingjay Part 2 is the biggest disappointment since The Phantom Menace.
OK, let's get right to it. This is not good story telling. I need more lines so, the actors, director, and whatnot can only work with what they are given. And, in this case, they weren't given very much.

Almost everything in the movie has been done before except better. I was joking to my wife when I said there will probably be some zombies or similar types attack them when they were underground, and to my surprise (because I really was just joking) a horde of underground "zombie like" creatures appeared and of course started trying to kill them.

This is what you would call an expensive "chick Flick". The hero is a girl. The commanders are girls. The only real leader was Snow (Donald Sutherland), and by the way, I think he did a great job as a villain.

I guess my main complaint is that this is just a bunch of boring, clichéd, yawn-producing crud.

Also, I just asked my wife her opinion of the movie, which we just watched last night, and she said she doesn't remember what it was about, and she doesn't have Alzheimer's. So, I guess that about sums it up.
Wtf bre?
WTF BRE this ppl writing? There is some critic that say oh yea bad movie bla bla bla but than they give 4 or 5 stars? WTF BRE? And what is with this 10/10 bla bla bla crap? Did they got pay for this?

I believe so. This movie is waste of time and money. I can not say more than guy explain already "Yes,they managed to do it.Worse than part 1.

"Top comment but again he give 4? 4 for what? story line 1? scenario 2? video effect 3? Actors 4?. Good explanation but this movie is 0 for me and i would give that one but as 1 is the minimum 1 is what they will get. 1 seat down. Yea you can waste 2h watching this movie but do not pay or buy. It is waste of money. The hole movie was totally dump. I could not believe what my eyes watching. Is this was the same movie I was watching from beginning? The story in this movie goes like this:

"I am good* who serves to dump people, who help stupid ones to be intelligent so they can be more retarded than they are already so they can final beat the imbeciles. Help me BAD" The end. *meaning is good not god.
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