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The Hunt
Sweden, Denmark
IMDB rating:
Thomas Vinterberg
Storyline: Lucas is a Kindergarten teacher who takes great care of his students. Unfortunately for him, young Klara has a run-away imagination and concocts a lie about her teacher. Before Lucas is even able to understand the consequences, he has become the outcast of the town. The hunt is on to prove his innocence before it's taken from him for good.
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All men should watch 'The Hunt'
The Hunt - Brilliant script, powerful performances and a well directed movie. We hear, read lots of news about sexual harassment's nowadays. Do we really care how many were true at the end. It may be a small percent but what is happening to the accused who were actually innocent and acquitted by law. Climax of the movie says it all, he will be hunted for life time. Its so sad that we are living in a world where we can't openly express our love, emotions even to a child! Rather have to think consequences it may create. Most times people are judgmental and you may not even get a chance to explain. On the other hand its true that child harassment is drastically increasing. My advise to all men out there is to watch this movie and decide yourself.
A Danish Art House surprised me
The film is thin like a blade. The protagonist is a believer who hunting deer. He deprives of life of innocent animals. The analogy is that the crowd in this film the hunted on the innocent protagonist. The protagonist says about deer, which he did not kill "They would come back". Similarly he like a deer returns to the people who hunted him. Ostracism by the people still possible to survive, but the treachery of friends can break a man forever. But the protagonist with dignity passed all the tests. I especially liked the scene at the climax of the film, when on the event all these sneaky people smiled at him and he looked at them with a smirk and in his eyes were the words "Meanness incorrigible". A stunning game of actors. Great script and a brilliant director's work
Compelling, But Not Entirely Plausible
Jagten's story has much to offer in terms of controversy - a well-loved kindergarten teacher, recently divorced, but with many good friends in the small community. But things go horribly wrong for Lucas when an accusation is made against him by a child, and the situation escalates out of control.

What happens after that, as a result of a child's innocent imagination, is ugly. The acting performances of Mads Mikkelsen and the supporting cast were commendable given that it was a great challenge to make the ensueing events believable and comfortable for the viewers.

Personally for me, there are some parts in this movie that were less plausible, for instance how easily long-forged friendships were torn down easily by some event w/o physical evidence, how easily violence takes over rationale and reasonable judgement, and one year is not a convincing enough timeframe to display on the 'surface' that things return to normal.

Jagten is a work well done, but it pales in comparison to "A Separation", also a movie that deals with very controversial subjects but manages to carry it well with full, plausible scenarios.
This movie is a must-see. Especially for people who haven't seen many films outside the western film industry. The concept is highly relevant to the way we suspect people, and how much suspicion can completely destroy someone's life. All the characters are acted and behave in an extremely believable way. The film is directed perfectly. It's a smart move to make extremely minimal use of music in a film like this because it allows the tension to arise simply from the events taking place in the film and the way the characters are reacting to them.

The main actor gives a heart-wrenching performance that manages to not only properly develop his growth as the events of the film slowly become more chaotic and tragic, but also resonates with the person watching (in this case me) because he behaves in the way we (normal timid citizens) would likely react to being accused of sexual abuse unjustly.

The brilliance in this film is that it manages to avoid vilifying anyone in this movie. Despite characters accusing Lucas (main character) of things he didn't do, they are portrayed as normal, good people who are trying to protect themselves and their families, rather than bullying the main character out of sadism which would make the plot cheesy.

It is extremely hard to separate fact and fiction with situations like this, so it is understandable that they would behave this way. This leaves us conflicted because while we sympathize with Lucas's character, there are no antagonists to shift blame on. More things need to be written this way, instead of drama movies constantly turning everything into a struggle between good and evil.

The movie is realistic, emotional, and beautifully made and I would recommend this to anyone who has an open mind and loves cinema.
I'm sorry but this was story was full of holes
I hate to give this a bad review as I am a big fan of Mads BUT there are so many ridiculous parts to this story I can not believe how people have rated it. As a teacher, firstly the whole premise of this film is that 'kids never lie' well I'm sorry but any teacher who's been in the job more than a day knows that kids lie all the time. Secondly the other kids would not just make stories up about being abused - and collaborate on a story; especially at a nursery.

Why did he never mention the fact she had tried to kiss him?! I found it so frustrating I almost switched it off.

They would never send a male to interview a female student and they do not use such direct questioning. A teacher would not get sacked without even asking where the abuse is said to have taken place.

Finally, although the film is beautifully shot and Mads plays the role brilliantly his 'best friend' had the most ridiculous fake beard I've seen since the Life of Brian.
One of The Scariest Movies You Will Ever See
This movie is absolutely brilliant. acting is amazing, soundtrack is superb, cinematography is breathtaking, direction is absolutely amazing. I can't stop praising this film.

Movie is about a kindergarten teacher that is wrongly accused of sexually abusing a child. First of all this movie is incredibly disturbing and scar also film touches on some serious topics.

If you want to see an incredible movie that will leave you felling scared this is a movie for you.
The Hunt - An intriguing look into the human condition
The first thing I thought when I saw Mads Mikkelson on the poster for The Hunt was "Hey, isn't that the bad guy from Casino Royale!" Better known by many for the aforementioned role as well as the titular role in the hit show Hannibal, it would be an understatement to say that Mikkelson bypassed his usual typecast, villainous demeanour with this one. Portraying the life of a divorced father and caring nursery teacher, he elicits the kind of positivity and warmness I felt when watching characters such as C.C. 'Bud' Baxter, played by Jack Lemmon, in The Apartment. He is passive and quirky but ultimately lonely, and this separation sharply contrasts his day to day life, where he is surrounded by playful kids, responsible teachers and the warm environment of nursery school that we as kids can all remember.

The Hunt surprised me with the level of engagement I found myself in throughout the movie. Nominated for Best Foreign Language film at the 86th Academy awards, this film explores the damaging and sometimes, as evidenced, irreparable, consequences that an 'innocent' lie can have on someone. I say 'innocent' because Klara, the main juvenile girl, initially makes up lie about Lucas (Mikkelson) that he sexually abused her at the nursery. She appears fully cognizant of her wrongdoing at first. She had a crush on Lucas. She made this quite clear (she goes to hold Lucas's hand at the beginning, gives him a kiss during playtime etc.). He told her that her actions are "only for your mom and dad", an appropriate response to a child in the midst of an adult crush. She would then proceed to make up a fib out of sheer anger and heartache. Until this point, the tone of the movie is lighthearted and almost like a bit of a rom-com; Lucas's life is slowly on the upswing with his family and love life. With this accusation, the movie then depicts the magnitude that the wrong words can have on a person. It also shows what can happen when such an accusation is handled by the wrong people.

This movie is excellent in many ways. The dialogue, the acting, the pacing, the story. Thomas Vinterberg is a director who I was unaware of prior to watch The Hunt. In this film, he delivers a powerful take on the human condition, subtly and yet masterfully transitioning the tone from hopeful to hopeless with finesse. The subject of child abuse is a sensitive one and Vinterberg's many techniques help us deeply understand and feel for the characters, even when there is a lack of dialogue. For characters like Klara and Mikkelson, their eyes often say more than their mouths do; their silence is a proverbial onion which help us to peel back their many layers. This is very powerful when executed properly.

There are two things that fascinated me about The Hunt. Firstly, Mikkelson's performance as an isolated, powerless man was one of the best I've experienced in a long time. In arguably his best role to date, Mikkelson gives an extremely moving and poignant performance as a lonely man with a heart of gold. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body. When you remember that this is a man who we has become known for playing inherently bad guys in other movies, it makes this enactment all the more impressive.

This movie also featured many scenes that were seemingly unimportant or random to the overall plot, which would become instrumental in shaping the story. One scene in particular, that I had originally not given much thought to, was in the beginning when Lucas is speaking with Theo (played by Thomas Bo Larsen) about his son and ex-wife. Theo asks how Lucas is handling all of it, to which Lucas claims he is fine. Theo responds by saying "I can tell when you're lying. You're eye twitches". Later on in the movie, when Lucas is telling the truth about his innocence, Theo cannot distinguish what is a lie from the truth. Like his daughter, Theo's perception becomes distorted by outside events.

The Hunt is one of the best foreign films I have seen in a long time, as it is carried out in a very realistic manner. Evil exists everywhere in our world; like an ubiquitous cancer that can never be fully eradicated. It becomes all the more complicated when children's imagination prevail over the truth.

Most of all this movie makes you consider and stress over the perils of such a circumstance. This film made me question many things. Children are very candid and therefore will speak their mind. But what happens when, like Klara in The Hunt, their imagination prevails over their logic? This movie will make many people think, if this happened to any of them, "How would I respond to it all?"
Great story, characters and picture. An excellent European movie.
I've heard of "The Hunt" ("Jagten") for some time now, and after a few attempts of watching it, I finally did it. After I have seen the movie, I have a big regret: that I've waited so long to do it.

"The Hunt" has a wonderful story, which feels very real and plausible. The events are happening in a small town near the mountains, where the community is very close to each other. The pictures are beautiful: mountains, rivers, lakes, wild animals and great buildings. Even the food looks very good.

But what I liked the best were the people, and the relationship between them. I mean I felt like I was their friend: I laughed with them, I cried with them and felt numerous types of feelings while watching the film. It transmits powerful feelings through the screen. You never have enough information to form a complete idea or opinion, and that makes the movie even more interesting and teasing. You have many types of relationships: between friends, father and child, ex-husband and ex- wife, new lovers, and others. During the scenes, I have felt different types of feelings and emotions: joy, trust, anticipation, anger, sadness, disgust, surprise.

I have learned a few things from this film, about people and the way they interact. First of all, people can be easily influenced and manipulated, when you have all the factors needed to create a necessary scenario. Second, a real friendship can't be broken, even if certain events tell you so: "I think this is the ending of a beautiful friendship" (opposite of the famous quote from Casablanca).

Finally, I recommend "The Hunt" to all of you who love people and the connections that are made between them. I will wait for your comments in the Message Board, because at the end of the movie you will surely have many questions.

P.S. This is my first review, so don't be to harsh on me.
A Truly Scandinavian Movie: talking about the real thing; humans and their inevitably faulty nature.
This one was a real treat. --- Beforhand: I am not a movie expert. Neither am I a native speaker of English. I may fail to keep it simple for keeping it simple demands a native speaker's skills and command, I believe. ---

Trivial stuff first: Great cinematography at times. Great choice of moments to zoom in or out, such that the directing alone tells more about characters than it could in less skillful hands. This makes the characters feel more real.

Nice little pieces of music. Always in tune with the movie's momentary mood, imo.


As for the performances, I found it to be convincing enough to stay focused. Never did I feel the movie was forcing itself on me.


Scenario: Great script, overall. I seldomly felt that certain scenes required a more detailed content so as to clarify the protagonist's intent in taking a certain course of action: How, for instance, was he so quick to choose to continue to be a part of this crowd who previously had been so quick to pass judgments so critical that it could destroy a human being's life for good? How could someone possibly hope to be a part of something that became irreparably tainted, something nowhere near "whole" the way it was used to be, something that was shattered so badly that nothing good could come out of it any longer? Maybe, it is my personal concern that I have sought an answer to this. It is just as likely my concern that the only answer I could find is that a sincere hope to uncook a cooked egg is not so rare a psychological response of the common human mind as we hope it to be even when followed by an experience that frequently leads to a common appreciation of a negative relation between rationale and disappointment. Said another way, no matter how useless we know it is, we cannot help hoping for the impossible to happen.


Oh - great symbolism by the way. Not a unique one, but great all the same and what underlies its success is its ability to showcase a table-turning experience only to make a general statement rather than a case-specific one. Let me clarify a bit: The tables can turn for anyone, at any time and not necessarily in accordance with what some choose to call karma: because, yes, life is not fair, the world is not a fair place, it has never been one and we can acknowledge this fact yet still abhor it. Refraining from being part of any game will not absolve you off this universal rule, there is only one way from there on, and that is downhill.

If I am to let you in on what this movie is about, without giving away any spoilers as to the plot specifics, then I would say this movie has to do with an inclination to frame people (uninformedly) based on false accusations, sharing the guilt of these false accusations and becoming aware of it and the different ways in which people choose to cope with the shame that accompanies said awareness, thereby sealing the fate of the falsely accused: doubt "you rather than me", even if it means you will never be the same again because of my failure to be willing to pay the price - simply, my reluctance to atone.

The way the flick dwells on human nature and its tendencies as determined by its inadequacies wherein lies the inevitability of it all... is both depressing and relieving; the way confessions often are to a human being. It just cuts to the chase and makes us face up one of the main causes of insecurity: how we see things totally depends on where we stand, and where we stand might change in the blink of an eye, against our will. We are small, the world is large and, yes, although we like to pretend otherwise, the fact remains that we attribute too much of our content feelings to our free will and little to mere chance -those things we cannot control- but it is, indeed, the other way around.
Strong drama with very strong actors
This rather likely story is set in a small Danish township and follows a male teacher who becomes the target of alienation and violence after being wrongly accused of indecent exposure to a small girl. The topic is painful and severe, but, from the start, the audience is able to realise that Lucas is innocent, thus one can follow the progress of events, not to ponder and hesitate on what could have (not) occurred. The title has multiple meanings, and the events - in the Thomas Vinterberg style, with some expected and many unexpected solutions - flow towards the sudden ending. The latter is decent, but I would still have preferred a more sophisticated one.

The cast is brilliant, beginning with Mads Mikkelsen, who is definitely the most versatile contemporary Danish actor - all films with his presence are worth watching, his interpretation of different characters is always non-trivial. The other distinct performer is Annika Wedderkopp as Klara, the 5-years-old girl, who is the centre of both warmhearted and grievous moments throughout the film... The character played by Thomas Bo Larsen - one of the customary Vinterberg's actors - spends rather limited time on screen, but the result is still catchy.

A must-see to them fond of gossiping or having superficial knowledge based on tabloid materials. However, the film is not for everyone and it is hard to imagine to be watched as a family film - despite the fact that children of different ages have important roles there.
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