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The Matrix
USA, Australia
Thriller, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Andy Wachowski, Larry Wachowski
Keanu Reeves as Neo (segment "Kid's Story")
Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus
Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity (segments "Kid's Story" and "A Detective Story")
Hugo Weaving as Bane
Gloria Foster as The Oracle
Joe Pantoliano as Cypher
Marcus Chong as Tank
Matt Doran as Mouse
Belinda McClory as Switch
Paul Goddard as Agent Brown
Robert Taylor as Agent Jones
David Aston as Rhineheart
Storyline: Thomas A. Anderson is a man living two lives. By day he is an average computer programmer and by night a hacker known as Neo. Neo has always questioned his reality, but the truth is far beyond his imagination. Neo finds himself targeted by the police when he is contacted by Morpheus, a legendary computer hacker branded a terrorist by the government. Morpheus awakens Neo to the real world, a ravaged wasteland where most of humanity have been captured by a race of machines that live off of the humans' body heat and electrochemical energy and who imprison their minds within an artificial reality known as the Matrix. As a rebel against the machines, Neo must return to the Matrix and confront the agents: super-powerful computer programs devoted to snuffing out Neo and the entire human rebellion.
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Descartes Would Have Been Proud
Spoilers Ahead:

The brothers obviously have read a lot of Rene Descartes, his first meditation you hear Morpeus quote from: how could you tell a dream from the real world? This was the problem of answering empirical skepticism which he spent the whole work pursuing. The movie's writing, its philosophical depth, is often lost amidst the excellent action movie surrounding it. Why it works so well is even the first showing you never are sure who is right The Oracle or Morpheus? It plays with you all the way until the end with Neo apparently dying from Smith emptying a whole clip into him. I would like to point out to you the moments I loved as a philosopher. My favorite: when Neo sees the Matrix, notice this proceeds his invincibility: what an excellent existential metaphor for human existence. Yes, my friends, see the phenomenal matrix about you it is just as unreal. He stares at everything eyes filled with astonishment everything is an illusion. This is what Morpheus had been trying to get him to understand the entire movie. "You think that is real air you are breathing?" The philosophical power of the movie is why it resonates by the way. This epiphany of seeing the Matrix as the phenomenal construct of his mind has implications that are quite transposable to the 'real world' our minds construct for us.

The red or the blue pill? How many people do you know that are like Cypher? They want the blue pill oblivious to it being a world of deceit and illusion, again, what a metaphor for so many people, they prefer a happy lie to an unhappy truth. I love the movie for it conveys the struggle of Neo; we wish it for him as he fights and fails. This is the core of its success in contrast to the sequels. He fails the building jump, the fight with Morpeus and the subway showdown with Agent Smith. When I saw this there was an audible gasp when The Oracle says that Morpheus is mistaken and delusional. Even by this point, the audience is so wrapped up in rooting for Neo to be The One that it showed how well it had grabbed hold of the viewers. You never know until the very end when he resurrects and stands back up. Action movies' fate are predicated upon the strength or weakness of their villains: find me a better villain than Agent Smith,"Human beings are a disease; we are the cure." He looks upon us as loathsome, bad smelling, meat sacks which he destroys whenever he gets the chance.

The battle to be The One, his many failings and our doubts followed by his majestic rise up from the floor, this is why this became a masterpiece. The action is breathtaking with state of the art effects that still are great to see. This can be said for many bad modern films; what differentiates this is the Quest Motif of the Hero Archetype. Within the movie are profound questions of epistemology: What is Truth and would you prefer a pleasure filled illusion to a stark, cold and dangerous world of truth? How can I tell what is real from what is illusion? Also, how controllers use pleasureful lies to control their slaves. See if you can find another movie so deeply filled with the central questions of philosophy? Descartes' solution was that he had certain 'clear and distinct' ideas the negation of which was a contradiction. God would never have made his mind oppose itself like this, such as 2 plus 2 equals four, ergo, the phenomenal world must be real. I know, if you desire better answers read Immanuel Kant's Critique Of Pure Reason. This is a stand alone masterpiece with great philosophical depth. Almost twenty years old and it still resonates as well as it did when it was released. I never blame the brothers for the sequels, this film can never be part of a series; it is a one of a kind classic. Enjoy! Q.E.D.

"For Any Test We Can Devise We Could Also Dream Of Taking." Rene Descartes

"Interiority Exteriorizes Itself In Order To Interiorize Exteriority." Jean Paul Sartre
Mind blowing and without equal in the genre!
Have you ever felt, with every fiber of your being, that something was just not quite right? That something or more correctly someone(s) were manufacturing events, and you know what events I'm referring to, to make our reality a living hell and there is simply no logical reason or explanation for it? Well the Matrix is a possible explanation (doubtful but possible although I have a much more cogent explanation). Every aspect of this film was groundbreaking! The soundtrack was impeccable, opening with Rob Zombie's Dragula, followed by others like Manson's Rock is Dead, Clubbed to Death, Rage Against the Machine's Wake up, etc. it simply was a groundbreaking soundtrack with no equal. Has Laurence Fishburne ever been better in anything else? His performance, as well as his co-stars, was very, very good but his stood out for me! An amazing film that takes you on a mind blowing ride of possibilities!
Great film
You walk into this film not knowing what the Matrix is. You take your seat and watch the trailers. The green Warner Brothers (green? you ask) trademark comes up, and without warning you are thrust into the Wachowski brothers grand vision. 2 hours of excitement later, you stumble out of the cinema, knowing what the Matrix is.

This is one great movie. Keanu Reeves is cooler than cool as Neo. The Wachowski brothers skillful direction is brilliant. The special effects sequences will blow you away, did I mention the government lobby scene?

The film starts off with a 'what is real?' first half, and then the first kung-fu sequence makes way for an action- packed, John Woo-esque second half with slomo and style cranked up all the way to the top. Did I mention the government lobby scene?

Keanu becomes Cool Keanu, Carrie-Anne Moss is a real find and Hugo Weaving is perfect in his against typecasting role as the evil Agent Smith.

You may notice in this review that I have not revealed what the Matrix is. Like the trailer says, 'You have to see it for yourself.'

Excellent. Best film of '99. 9/10.
Best Movie of Science fiction genre.
The was the best and the most complicated movie of Science fiction genre I have ever watched, and still one of the best science fiction plot. I enjoyed every minute of the movie to the best and really worth it's rating. The was the movie introduced various visual effects for the fighting scenes and it's special color and ambiance. The visual effects looks much modern than the time it was made.

With awesome fighting scenes and unique appearance of characters inside Matrix with special suits and sunglasses gives amazing look to the movie. And the concept used for the movie is awesome and interesting. I believe it deserves much higher rating.
Great Movie
Beautifully executed movie that really makes you think about our reality and start to question yourself. The effects are what make the movie so engaging and have the audience glued to their screens in anticipation for what is gonna happen next. The acting by all of the cast is also very well done and make this movie one of the best of it's generation. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who is 18+
Hello Mr. Anderson may contain spoilers
Mr. Anderson (Keanu Reeves) day time programmer, night time hacker code named Neo. Finds himself falling down the rabbit hole. Trying to find the answer to what is the Matrix, he searches for Morpheus (Lawrence Fishburne) to find the answers. What he finds is beyond any. Neo finds out that the world he know is just a computer simulation. Morpheus frees Neo from the matrix and shows him that machines have taken over, and are using humans as an energy source. They keep us in line by keeping us in a virtual reality world known as the Matrix. Neo learns that he is the ONE and he can control the Matrix. It was prophesized the One would come and free the humans from the machines imprisonment. The movie show Neo progress from first being freed to learning he is the One. With lots of kung Fu style fighting Neo learns that he can be faster and better then what the computer sends to stop him.

The general theme is the world we know is an illusion. They use lighting to show the real world as a cold dark place, while the Matrix is bright and made to look like the world as of 1999. Similar movies are Alice in Wonderland, and the Thurman show. The Matrix is an adrenaline rush of action with a great story line to boot.
Sci-Fi done well. Try to watch "The Matrix" before seeing ANY reviews (including this one)
(Correction of a reference I made in my review of April 12,1999)

1. The feel of "The Matrix": This is a movie that envelops you, and is reminiscent of two works: a movie and an excerpt from a novel. The first is the 1-hour made-for-TV-film "The Lathe of Heaven," by Ursula K. Le Guin which was broadcast on Channel 13 / Educational TV back in 1980: after the film, I felt I was a character living in the film. "The Lathe of Heaven" was about a character whose dreams become reality; every time he wakes up, he is in a new future / futuristic setting where everything changes in accordance to his dream.

Kurt Vonnegut (in "Breakfast of Champions") had a small sci-fi concept in one of his books called (approximately) "A message from the creator." In this story, God writes a book to the only person in the world. God tells him that the entire world was created for him, all religions were invented so he could have a choice of religions, and other people were merely robots who had a specific purpose, such as fighting with him. Thus, whatever he does doesn't matter, since no one else is real but him. The character reads this book, and goes insane, thinking that it is true.

Similarly, when you leave "The Matrix," you wonder what is real and what is a simulation. After the movie, my friend walked across the street blindly ignoring cars, perhaps trapped in the illusion that this was not real. It took several minutes for him to escape this fantasy world. It affected me similarly.

2. Personal Reactions: a) Movie was great (tentatively on my list of "top 12 movies" for me). b)I did not like Fishburne's pockmarked face and grimaces. c)Some corniness in the awakening kiss given to Keanu/Neo, that in my mind, could be traced to reality: people in comas do hear and can respond after what appears to be death.

3. Plot Holes: How did the Operator recover from being killed/shot? How did the Oracle know what would happen?

4. Political Correctness: a) Two to four black heroes who could easily have been white; b) a possible lesbian; c)a Latino; d)a short person; e)bad white guys(and no bad ethnic types); f) a middle-aged kindly motherly type, g)even a few kids as potential heroes, with one being a guru.
One of me first movie on DVD
Certainly one of the three best Sci-fis know with a perfect script and directing. Breakthrough tricks and revolutionary multi-channel sound. The shooting scene in the hall between the columns is definitely one of those unforgettable. If you want to make neighbors happy, then volume right! :)
Life in reality
What made The Matrix special was the ground breaking visual effects such as 'Bullet Time' that have been often imitated in other films and video games. The Wachowski's simply knocked it out of the park.

Keanu Reeves is Mr Anderson an ordinary computer programmer by day and secret hacker called Neo at night who is suddenly pursued by government agents led by a sinister Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) after he is contacted by computer hacker Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne.)

Morpheus believes Neo is the 'One.' Humans lives in a false reality that controls humans and Neo will lead the harvested humans to rebel against the machines creating the false reality.

The film mixes cyberpunk science fiction with Hong Kong style martial arts and elements of Japanese manga type animation as inspiration.

Keanu Reeves is in his element is a world where he does not understand the world around him. He looks cool and does well in the martial arts sequences. I guess revisiting this genre made up for the failure of Johnny Mnemonic.

Laurence Fishburne is even more cooler as Morpheus guiding Neo in this hostile new reality and how to take down the system. Carrie-Ann Moss is kick ass sexy in black leather as Trinity who displays superhuman powers.

The film has philosophical underpinnings as the Wachowski's ask us to thing about the world around us and our existence within it.

The film is cool, it is hip but I felt slightly too long and little bit to po faced. However the Wachowski's did manage to catch lightning in a bottle which they did not manage to do with the sequels.
Great Sci-Fi effects can create a classic
The Matrix (1999) is basically the idea of The Matrix, an ultra- computerized sci-fi film by Andy and Larry Wachowski that has an excellent concept but squanders it by falling back on the same old tired action movie conventions. The Wachowski siblings have given us an hour's worth of excellent cinema, filled with fascinating ideas.

The film begins where We start with a woman named Trinity (Carrie- Anne Moss), who seems to be on the run from a gang of Men In Black- types led by Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving). Luckily, she can leap tall buildings in a single bound, run around on the walls, and so on. So she gets away, but not before contacting a computer hacker named Neo (Reeves) by sending him a cryptic message on his monitor. Following her directions, Neo meets up with Morpheus (Fishburne), who is in charge of a ragtag team of humans from the late 22nd century. And why did Morpheus seek out Neo and bring him up to speed? Because Neo is The One; he's the messiah. He's going to save us all.
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