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The Peacemaker
Thriller, Action
IMDB rating:
Mimi Leder
George Clooney as Lt. Col. Thomas Devoe
Nicole Kidman as Dr. Julia Kelly
Marcel Iures as Dusan Gavrich
Aleksandr Baluyev as General Aleksandr Kodoroff (as Alexander Baluev)
Rene Medvesek as Vlado Mirich
Gary Werntz as Terry Hamilton
Jim Haynie as General Garnett
Alexander Strobele as Dietrich Schuhmacher
Holt McCallany as Mark Appleton
Michael Boatman as CPN Beach
Joan Copeland as Senator Helen Bevens
Carlos Gรณmez as Santiago
Armin Mueller-Stahl as Dimitri Vertikoff
Storyline: Two trains crash somewhere in Russia, one carrying a nuclear payload. A nuclear explosion follows the crash and the world is on alert... However, White House nuclear expert Dr. Julia Kelly doesn't think it was an accident... Special Operations Intelligence Officer Colonel Thomas Devoe doesn't think so either... Together they must unravel a conspiracy that goes from Europe to New York, to stop a terrorist who has no demands...
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The Cheesemaker
Infuriatingly predictable and wholly uninvolving, "The Peacemaker" finds George Clooney in classic head-waggling mode (as Army Intelligence Officer Devoe – hey! I bought that record of his, "Whip It!") and Nicole Kidman in severe-skirted secretary mode (as White House Liaison, Julia Kelly), saving White America from nuke-thieving Russkies who intend to blow up Manhattan.

In movies of this ilk, the American Military is omniscient, portrayed as so technologically advanced they can pinpoint license plate numbers half a world away; relishing showing off their spy-satellite capabilities and infiltration devices - yet never putting that technology to use in deterring the theft of nuclear weapons in the first place. They seemingly only use these gadgets to sell your confidential details to lowlife corporate bidders, to conveniently lose your records when you report an identity fraud and to send you garbage-loads of junk mail whenever you purchase a new electronic appliance with your credit card – instead of doing something important like CAPTURING OSAMA BIN LADEN. As Devoe says, "Toil Is Stupid."

Kidman is the token "sexy woman in power", incessantly battling to be taken seriously in a Man's World – until man-toy Clooney turns up and cows her with his head-waggling and tacit indications that she might soon be allowed to touch People's Sexiest Man Alive 1997.

But they get too busy to get busy, barking orders at everyone within modeling distance, as is the manner of Nuclear Threat movies: walking through office hallways hastily (glass doors and staircases, add extra points), handing off reports, getting reports handed to them, hectoring underlings to get "the President" or "the head of That Department" on the phone, reeling off statistics and information to each other, extras with one line updating them on the crisis situation (oh joy! – one step closer to a SAG card!) – doesn't anyone in the star's walking trajectory ever have something that they should actually be doing at the time they're lining the star's route being barked at?

Meanwhile, something of world-shaking import is happening – but in Nuclear Threat movies I can never quite scare up the interest to find out what. Ultimately, the Russian plot to blow up the United States grinds to a standstill through the efforts of the poreless Kelly (whose bra is always tantalizingly translucently apparent through her secretariat blouse) and the head-waggling of Devoe (who is air-lifted onto a truck which hangs off a bridge in classic Vehicle-Hanging-Off-Bridge position, leaving him just the right amount of time to get off before it falls).

Flowerpot hats off to Devoe, as all the stolen nukes are accounted for – but one! So begins the final idiot act of the movie – congruent with the final idiot act of a desperate terrorist (played by a non-threatening, apathetic Marcel Iures), who has the opportunity to detonate the nuclear device in his backpack at any time – keeping in mind that a bomb that powerful would do the same amount of damage no matter where it blows – yet opts to mill aimlessly through New York streets, presenting himself as a target for military rooftop snipers. Despite Devoe's imprecations of "Are We Not Men?!", the snipers refuse to take out the Russian, due to curly-haired American kids getting in the way (– strange, that's never stopped them in real life...).

When the movie has degenerated to the final chase sequence, Devoe gets to perform the action hero staple of Running Over Car Roofs and sliding over car hoods like a TV cop – he even gets to knock over a bum with a shopping cart! This movie has everything!

Finally we meet the star of our show – The Bomb - replete with easy-to-read big red digital numbers ticking down (Sesame Street was so proud they dedicated a sock puppet to Devoe), which Julia must defuse. And the big red numbers only give us two minutes to think about how predictable this whole scenario is – as if the film-makers would risk mussing Nicole Kidman's makeup by having a bomb explode in her face. But wait! – there's more malarkey to digest: we are told – via Julia's harried and wholly specious dialog – that this contraption is a "bomb within a bomb"; that there is a small "normal" bomb that they can detonate which will actually negate the detonation of the "nuclear" bomb – I'd like to slap someone now, please - so we can still have our "happy ending" (the big convenient explosion) and yet save civilization!

Diving through a stained-glass window with an explosion at your heels apparently only sustains a few minor scratches to the forehead, no worse than falling off your bike on some soft grass. "It's a beautiful, beautiful world!"

Let us not forget the pat Hollywood epilogue: Julia does laps in a pool while Devoe appears to make energy-dome innuendo about "whipping it good!" after she emerges. Not that she has any choice in her future bed-partner. As Devoe once sang, "Freedom of choice is what you want / Freedom from choice is what you got." He is, after all, a New Traditionalist, and one of the Ten Commandments states, "Thou shalt not end a Major American Studio Movie without the heterosexual couple spanking it, to please the slack-jawed masses."

Fade to hack.

(Movie Maniacs, visit: www.poffysmoviemania.com)
Terrific Action Movie with slight miscasting
I was unprepared for how gripping this movie would be. The many action sequences are truly edge of the seat, the scenery alone wonderful (and all over the globe), the acting first rate. Mimi Leder should really be congratulated for her direction. The scenes in Vienna alone are worth the price of rental.

I have two slight criticisms of a really wonderful movie. One is that as well as Nicole Kidman does her American accent (and as delicious as she looks), she was simply too young for the role. I had already thought of Sigourney Weaver when I read the comment below with which I totally agree. Linda Fiorentino would have been another excellent choice. In fact, it would have been very interesting to see Clooney with an older actress such as Anne Bancroft - after all, there is no real love story in the movie. Kidman looks so very young in this movie that it seems as if the White House is represented by a high school senior.

The second is that there are no real twists in the movie. We know who the villains are instantly - it might have been more interesting to have some others surprisingly implicated (e.g., Clooney himself?). The movie is on a relatively simple plain - no ambiguous motives, no world-weariness - simply good and bad (though they do a nice job of giving some sympathy to the Serb villains).

To the Russian critic, the movie doesn't say that Turkey borders Russia - it simply has a Russian complaining that the Americans should return to Turkey - the closest NATO ally.
Great first film from Dreamworks
This films plot feels like it could be from a rejected Bond script; corrupt Russian general steals nuclear weapons in a spectacular train robbery and our heroes travel around the world trying to stop him delivering them with little or no help from anybody outside their own agency apart from one Russian who dies fairly early on. Don't let that put you off though as the story, while somewhat cliché is exciting.

The opening sequence where a train full of commandos pulls along side a train carrying nuclear warheads on their way for disposal and transfer most of them from one train to the other was exciting. When they detonate one of the bombs to hide their crime from the Russian authorities the detonation gets the attention of the US. At first it is thought that it is a terrorist attack but soon they realise it was just cover for a robbery. In charge of the US investigation is newly promoted Dr. Julia Kelly assisted by Lt. Col. Devoe, played ably by Nicole Kidman and George Clooney.

What follows is a thrilling adventure as they first go to Vienna to meet up with an old friend of Devoe's and follow up a lead about a Russian general who officially died on the train but had apparently phoned his girl friend afterwards. When Devoe's friend is gunned down they flee in his car and what follows is a fairly spectacular sequence where the assailants pursue Devoe and Kelly but end up dead in a Vienna square.

Now our heroes know where the bad guys are going and what vehicle they are in the move to intercept it, the only problem is the bad guys are still in Russia and Devoe and his choppers don't have permission from the Russians to cross the border. Of course he crosses anyway and is able to retrieve all but one of the weapons. This weapon eludes them and finds its way to the hands of a Bosnian who intends to detonate it in New York.

Like all such thrillers it lacks believability if one thinks too much about it but that doesn't matter as it is such an exciting story with good heroes and villains. Talking of villains it was nice to see that the main villain wasn't really a bad man, but a good man broken by the effects of war. It was also nice to see a film where there is no romantic involvement between the leading lady and the leading man. I'd definitely recommend this to fans of spy thrillers in the Bond mould.
A dashing start from Dreamworks
This film was released in 1997, just ten years from now, i.e. 2007. For long time I have been searching a long list of serious action thriller, and fortunately found this title in various movie reviews sites. So I bought the DVD and watched with my best friends. I must admit that this is the first title I watched of George Clooney. Clooney starring as an US Army Intelligence Officer Colonel Thomas Devoe, really makes the film a tasty meal. Also it has a recipe of Kidman, a nuclear expert of the White House who undertakes the serious railway incident case. Though the film is in the same direction with the 007 James Bond series, it must be realized that without Broccoli production also Hollywood can provide this type of serious suspense-thriller. Most impressive fact of the film is that it was the first production from Dreamworks with a huge success after its release. The Peacemaker is usually made for them those who are crazy of watching 'suspense/thriller/action' types of movies (just like me!!!). Those respective audiences who do not watch this types of movies should avoid this movie and stay away from any blind negative comments. Thumbs Up! The Peacemaker.
Solid first effort from DreamWorks
Let's be honest first of all. Did anybody think the first movie out of the gate from a studio owned by David Geffen, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and Steven Spielberg be an artsy-fartsy film? For what it is, this is pretty good. Director Mimi Leder does a good job keeping everything going (she was less successful with her follow-up, DEEP IMPACT), and I was involved the whole way through. I like George Clooney and Nicole Kidman, but I will admit they don't get a whole lot to do here. Like the similar MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, there's not a whole lot of character development for the heroes, so the film depends on whether or not you like the stars, and fortunately, I do.

The one distinguishing factor of the movie is the villain, played by Marcel Iures. While the one who steals the missiles is your standard action villain, there's a gravity and sadness Iures brings that's unexpected in a film like this. This is no sneering DIE HARD rip-off, but a guy who takes an action because he feels it's the only choice he has, and the film at least brings forth the notion that if that's how he feels, we the Western powers are somewhat culpable.
Mimi Leder's perfect direction, Michael Schiffer's clever screenplay, Clooney's great performance and.........Nicole Kidman
Maybe the subject here is old, another terrorist nuke flick but "The Peacemaker" makes you forget all that and see that this is much more than that cat and rat chase. This is one of the best action movies of all time and deserved more attention and another eyes.

Dream Works believed in this film to be their first one and they end up doing a really classic. Mimi Leder delivers scenes that makes you remember sometimes Spilberg. It was first Michael Schiffer film after "Crimson Tide" and he did it better. George Clooney gives his best performances (if not the best) in his career. And the movie still has Nicole Kidman in a not that bad performance, but come on she is Nicole Kidman. The support cast is great too with all the Russians and stuff.

Make yourself a favor and go watch this movie again. Probably you didn't got all the details.
Thumbs down!
This awful movie is the fair of stereotypes: all the goods are smart, cool and heroic (like Clooney in the role of an American official), all the Russians are idiots, the bad is a Jugoslavian that, poor him, has suffered too much that now instead of understand the value of peace wants to make all people suffer like him.... transporting an atomic bomb in New York(with timer! in the backpack!!! you understand!?). And the nice thing is that he was visible by satellites by means of radiation emitted by the bomb, but he survives happy only because in that manner he can be killed by the overmentioned hero........ too bad!

A real eye punch...
DreamWorks blasts on to the scene with its first theatrical release, The Peacemaker, starring George Clooney and Nicole Kidman.
A Russian General has stolen 10 nuclear weapons, and as a show of force has detonated one. But did he steal the weapons for his own use, or is he just the middle-man? It's up to Clooney and Kidman to get the nukes back and save the world.

Kidman plays Dr. Julia Kelly, a nuclear scientist and the acting head of the White House Nuclear Smuggling Group. Clooney is Lt. Colonel Thomas Devoe, an intelligence officer with the U.S. Army's Special Forces, who seems to have an amazing knowledge of Russians. They join forces to track down not only the weapons, but also why they were stolen. The story is very complicated and with all the foreign names, you really need to pay attention to figure out who is who. The story travels from the U.S. to Bosnia to Russia to Austria and back to the final climax in New York City.

The story, while confusing at times, is actually quite good. I think it's the first one to deal at all with the situation in Bosnia, and it also takes advantage of the usual bad guys in American film, the Russians. The thing I liked best about the movie was that it was non-stop action. First time film director Mimi Leder, is a converted T.V. director, known mostly for her work on E.R. She takes that non-stop E.R. style to the movies, and it works quite well, the movie doesn't let up for a second. And George Clooney proves to me once again that he is a movie star. He has a presence about him that the top actors in the field have. Like Tom Cruise or Mel Gibson, he has an easy-going nature about him, but whenever he is on screen he commands attention, but doesn't overpower the screen like a Stallone would.

Kidman manages not only to hold her own in the movie, but at times (especially the end) she takes control of the film, which is rare for a woman to do in an action-adventure. And most importantly, in most movies when you put two good looking people like Kidman and Clooney together, there is usually a stupid attraction sub-plot running along throughout, but thankfully this time, there isn't. The Peacemaker is a good, edge of your seat thriller that grabs you from the start and never lets go. Check it out.
The reason I rented this movie was because I wanted to see something which wonft require the work of my gray matter something just for the eyes. So I thought an action movie will do. When I saw "The Peacemaker" in the rental shop I remembered that one of the causes for Cruise and Kidman to split was this movie, actually Clooney to be more specific, which gave me one more reason to choose it for my evening entertainment.

BIG MISTAKE. I won't waste my time explaining the flaws of this movie-not to forget that IMDb has limit on how long our reviews should be. I will just say that there wasnft a single believable moment in it-totally contrived. OK I canft help it-I will just comment one scene: the train chase scene at the outset. One train chasing another, and pay attention, not behind but on the opposite (for the incoming traffic) rail track. Hilarious.

Everything is so stupid and contrived that tires you out. Makes you wonder: should I laugh or should I cry. Total waste of time and money. Avoid this movie. Overrated: 4 stars out of 10.
A great action film that respects your intelligence, too!
What struck me about this film after seeing it in the theatres was how the overall situation seemed familiar, but the performances by Clooney and Kidman, the rousing Hanz Zimmer score, a great script, and smooth directing by Leder give this old territory new twists, a brisk, exciting pace, and a deeply rooted sense of reality and truth. Since then I have seen it six or seven times and recently bought the DVD, and I still feel the same, just more so.

I highly recommend this film. While the opening lacks a bit, it quickly builds and moves at an ever-increasing tempo to a very satisfying and well-executed climax.

As far as I am concerned, this is a 10.

Many may feel let down by the fact that this movie never becomes an over-the-top, 'Michael Bay' style explosion and one-liner-fest, but I found that very refreshing.
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