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The Pill
Drama, Romance, Comedy
IMDB rating:
J.C. Khoury
Rob Yang as Pharmacist
Anna Chlumsky as Nelly
Rachel Boston as Mindy
Noah Bean as Fred
Jean Brassard as Renault
Julia Royter as Yasmine
Storyline: Worried that he has gotten the free-spirited Mindy pregnant after an unprotected one-night stand, Fred feigns romantic interest and sticks by her side for twelve hours to make sure she takes both doses of the morning-after pill.
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not so easy
a romantic comedy. many clichés, a not complicated story, amusing, charming, nice and ...smart. without be extraordinary, it is special for the courage of director to use a delicate theme. to broke the common laws of genre and present image of deep vulnerability of ordinary people. to formulate few interesting questions. inspired spices are the French accent of Mindy family and the read books by Fred and his girl friend before the breakup. an interesting exercise and the chance for Noah Bean to do a character who remembers usual type of young man of today. the fear, the immaturity, the fragility, the impossibility of correct choice, the insecurity, all, each are a correct portrait in his good performance. Rachel Boston is perfect choice for translate the mixture between vulnerability and huge need of freedom and people. a beautiful film.
A senseless movie in which every character is an arsehole
******* contain some Spoilers *******

I normally don't write movie reviews, but this movie is so terrible that I just have to warn others.

There are three main characters in this movie: Fred (an extremely dishonest, manipulative and selfish cheater who want's to be seen as a ''good guy'') Mindy (a crazy, manipulative, selfish, borderline and hysterical woman) and Nelly (A cheater who counts condoms). In short: all three of them are ass-holes.

Now, Fred and Nelly are in a live-in relationship, and Fred thinks that Nelly treat him as his personal assistant because she keeps asking him for favors. And he, being an selfish ass-hole, dislikes doing favors for her. He also thinks that she is a control-freak, because she asks him not to walk around the apartment with his shoes on. But being the manipulative coward that he is, he doesn't got the guts to have an honest conversation with Nelly about it. Instead, he secretly 'rebels' against Nelly by cheating on her with a lunatic named Mindy. This lunatic tries to con him into a relationship with her by becoming pregnant - although they've just met and don't even know each other! And just as a side note - Mindy says she is a'catholic' and therefore believes in sleeping around with each and everybody without taking an after pill!!! Then she drags him around and introduce him to her crazy family as her 'boyfriend'. And Fred thinks that all this annoying insanity is 'the best day in his life' and he falls in love with this devious creature called Mindy. So, he leaves his 'controlling' girlfriend because the controlling, needy, crazy, devious, manipulative, hysterical, borderline, selfish, phony, hypocritical, shallow, promiscuous and bad- mannered MINDY is so much better!So basically, he left a 'control-freak who doesn't respect him' for another control-freak who doesn't respect him. This is really where this movie became so senseless and annoying that I stopped caring about what's going to happen to these scum-bags. To hell with Fred and Mindy, the two devious frauds who really do deserve each other. And the director Khoury who thinks that being a lunatic is the same as being a ''free-spirit''. Everyone in this movie, including the director, needs serious mental help.

In short, don't waste your time on this rotten movie. You would hate to meet devious frauds like Mindy and Fred in real life, so don't waste your time on watching them on a TV-Screen. This is seriously the worst movie ever.
Cute and fun
...I think people are doing just too much when it comes to criticizing this movie.

So what if the characters aren't likable? Well I wouldn't say "so what" because character development is important, but I think Fred and Mindy are meant to be "normal," with a quirky, indie twist. And "normally"...people do have one night stands and wind up pregnant, unfortunately. This film is a comedic perspective of real life. And it's kind of a chic, urban adventure.

I just love the roaming around New York City this film has, reminds me of...me. And I like seeing it on screen, what the hell. I also like that it's set in a summery time, so it's bright and fun and ironic to how dark this probably could be.

I mean I'd punch Fred in real life. He follows Mindy around pretending to like her just to make sure she takes both doses of a morning after pill. And why? Because he's married or in a long-term relationship. It shows two different types of New York lives: Fred is from the intellectual, upper classed part, with a self-centred, jet-setting girlfriend in a big fancy condo or studio apartment it looked like, and Mindy is on a working class budget with a black boyfriend in a small apartment in Brooklyn.

Now I have no idea why Mindy wanted to have Fred's child but based on my description it seems she wants his status through his child? I don't know. I think the director just wanted to portray girls who wind up pregnant after one night stands as bonkers and manipulative who try to pass it off as feminism. Maybe it's his version of modern city girls, as the New York backdrop was utilized a lot and very well so perhaps this setting was done intentionally, or convenient considering it's where the director lived... But it was done in a funny way, and it's a comedy! So it worked.

Anyway I hated Fred, LOVED the guy playing him. I'm not sure if it was improvising the script or what. But he was funny. Sometimes the script seemed like they were improvising with some direction on where the conversation should go, like very realistic dialogue (stuttering, petty back and forths, laughs, vulgar social commentary), so on that level to film snobs it could've looked amateur acting-wise but pretty good direction wise. But I enjoyed it because it was realistic.

The elements were great as I mentioned, the background scenery of New York City, being on the subway-train (a big must in big-city indie films for me), strutting and skipping through big crowds, going to small cafes, convenience stores and pharmacies, apartments with cute and artsy interior decoration (they used the director's apartment for Mindy's apartment), it was all so nice. Their stylish- casual wardrobe. The soundtrack was enjoyable, like atmospheric, bubbly indie music. All these things subtly but hugely make the film, for me. So it's an enjoyable watch. Albeit with flaws. I loved the last scene, I would've done the same thing as Mindy when she saw Fred if not worse.

Long story short: the only flaws, for me, was developing Mindy's character. I simply don't understand why she loved Fred so fast and intentionally had his kid but hey girls like this do exist. I also don't like Fred but I think focusing on him as a character too much is unnecessary to critiquing the film as a whole. The things I liked: the setting, Fred's script and the actor playing him, the theme (it's interesting). The pace was good. It's not a boring film at all. If you're into films just to fall in love with the characters/actors and ignore how well a film was put together or not, then this isn't for you. If you can understand the reality of character flaws but appreciate important film elements like plot, script, setting, angles, music, originality yet reality, then this is for you! :D
A hard pill to swallow !
Somebody should have taken a pill instead of giving birth to this movie. A romantic comedy needs certain ingredients to Work. 1) It needs to be romantic. 2) It needs to be funny once in a while. 3) It needs characters that that we can care about. Sadly it fails on all counts. The main character, (awful acting by the way), is to put it mildly not very likable and it remains a mystery why she fell for him in the first place. I mean the guy has 2 facial expressions. A nervous smile with lots of teeth and another that probably is supposed to look panicked. There's virtually no plot at all except his attempts to get her to take the pill. The woman does slightly better with her part. Actually showing a bit of character, but the script doesn't give her much to Work with. Waste of time !!
The Pill Review
The Pill(2011) Starring: Noah Bean, Rachel Boston, Anna Chlumsky, Jean Brassard, S. Lue McWilliams, Steve Routman, Julia Royter, Jack Tartaglia, Al Thompson, and Dreama Walker Directed By: J.C. Khoury Review Hello everyone your pal the cupid critic here to tell you about why you should use a condom, you won't make a shitty love story like this one. The film is about Fred being worried that he has gotten the free- spirited Mindy pregnant after an unprotected one-night stand, Fred feigns romantic interest and sticks by her side for twelve hours to make sure she takes both doses of the morning-after pill. If this film any intentional goals of being something good, it fails cause this is most uneventful and boring love story. It's not even that funny. Which makes it harder to sit through. The characters I don't remember and I just finished watching it this second. Only Fred the dumb-ass who is unsuccessful at putting on a condom and thus you have your very boring and uneventful love story. The story is not interesting if anything it feels forced upon. They do this for the sake of the plot, which contemplates to this and this. The movie convenience and plot device after another, this movie didn't need to happen, I mean it was so dang boring I need to listen to my love songs to stay awake. The direction is pretty okay, J.C Khoury does a fine job with shot but fails in getting good performances out of his actors. They all look like rejects for a soap opera. None of the elements in a good film are present, is J.C Khpoury's shots good? yes, but that doesn't make the film any less boring, tedious, stupid and uneventful. I'm giving THE PILL a half out of five.
Pretty Well for a Low-Budgeted Film
Im really surprised the IMDb rating for this movie is so low! Im so sure this movie would have been a big commercial success if the casts were all changed into some Hollywood big stars. I would say this movie is tied with "No Strings Attached" but has definitely beat "Friends with Benefits".

The storyline is pretty simple but I do like how the writer/director is capable of catching those small things and moments of a relationship and delivering them smoothly. But sadly the dynamic between both leading characters is not strong enough. For this part, in comparison, Aston Kutcher and Natale Portman in "No Strings" have way better gravity.

Both actresses, Rachel Boston and Anna Chlumsky, are hot enough and I must mention that the performance of Rachel Boston in this film is way better than how she does in Witches of East End. She deserves more than just acting in those lousy teenage drama shows.
Unfortunately I can't take a pill to forget this movie.
I should have gone with my gut instinct and avoided this movie but Netflix kept rubbing it in my face so here we are. I'm going to give you the short version and the long.

The short: it's really bad, don't watch it.

Now, for the long version: I'm going to break this up into categories because I'm a neat freak and that is what I do.

Characters: He's an arsehole. She's an arsehole. Everyone is an arsehole. The little brother might not be one, he didn't get enough screen time for my arseholery-ometer to give a reading. Oh, and Jim is alright. He's just hurt but I'd say he dodged a bullet! Mindy is presented as some crazy woman, whom you expect to change and with whom you might side in the end, but no, the very last frame and I still think she's unpleasant and rude (not to mention sexually and psychologically manipulative, and if truth be told a rapist but I'll get to that). Fred (terrible name for a character! A very non-name for a very non-person) is just too worried people might think he isn't the nice guy (which he in fact isn't). They're all bad.

Plot: Really? Like, really really? If someone started having sex with me whilst I was asleep I'd get the hell out of there and go to the police because that is rape! Sex without consent is rape! Also, ignoring the fact that he wanted to use a condom is unacceptable. This put me off the entire movie! Get it together writers!

Cinematography and staging: New York in the summer? Check. Nice but not too posh flats? Check. Montage of the couple laughing and touching? Always having a cab show up at the right time? Running in the middle of the street with complete disregard of personal safety? Check. Check. Check.

Really what I want to tell you all is: don't watch this movie. I watched it on Netflix during my free month trial so I didn't pay anything and I still want my money back. I refer you back to my short version: it's really bad, don't watch it.
This one is easy to hate
I guess, I could just write what I hate about the movie: the main characters are unbelievable in all the bad ways. The guy is a spineless worm of a person, who we are supposed to think has grown somehow during the movie and the girl is a crazy person with no social awareness at all and on top of that, has not the slightest knowledge about her own body. She is just a crazy stupid person. Of course, to somehow try to justify the guy's selfish manipulative, but spineless behaviour, the third person, his girlfriend, has to be a cold control freaky b****. What do we learn from this movie: if a person is neat and loves having a tidy place, he must be a cold hearted control freak and that person is bad. But if someone is behaving like a stupid pre- teen child and behaving against all common sense, that person must be a nice fun person. And if a guy is spineless and weak, that poor thing is just being manipulated by the bad witches, that are woman. He's just a confused little puppy, that needs a hug. I would like to see a movie, where these characters are tortured to death slowly and painful, just as the viewers of this movie are tortured by these unbelievably horrible characters and script.
A fun movie to watch with your friends
The title, along with the film cover are both pretty self explanatory. It may sound like a cliché type movie but once you give it a chance, you find it is not as bad as you would have thought. It provides many laughs but there are some heart touching moments as well. It's not so much like 'No Strings Attached' or 'Friends With Benefits' kind of deal. It's more of them wanting to prevent any problems in the aftermath of sex then just having sex and leaving it at that. I also liked how the stars were more of smaller known actors and not big Hollywood celebrities. It put more of a shine on them. Noah Bean and Rachel Boston are fantastic together. You can feel the chemistry between them from beginning to end. This may not be an award winning film, but hey not all of them have to be. It is a perfect fit if you're home with your friends and you just want to have a good laugh.
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