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The Snare
Thriller, Horror
IMDB rating:
C.A. Cooper
Roman Kemp as Jake
Mike Powell as Shopkeeper
Maria Popska as Lost Spirit
Rose Parker as Cherub
Stuart Nurse as David Clarke
Lily-Mae Hebbes as Forest Child
Renate Morley as The Spirit
Emma-Marie Cooper as The Ghoul (as Emma Cooper)
Dan Paton as Carl Weston
Nathan Brine as Forest Man
Eaoifa Forward as Alice Clarke
Rachel Warren as Lizzy Abel
Fin Banks as Forest Child
Storyline: Three friends head to the seafront for a drunken weekend, only to be imprisoned on the top floor of their holiday apartment by a malevolent paranormal force.
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SO DUMB! Please don't waste your time
Really not very good at all. It doesn't make sense, there's no continuity. Also pretty gross for no reason, the characters could have avoided the gross stuff easily but I guess that's part of trying to be scary. The only good thing were the actors performances, they looked really scared even though I wasn't. I feel like the makers of this movie were really trying to make a statement and do something artsy and it just really didn't work. This really was pretty awful, I definitely feel like I wasted my time and took away nothing from this movie.
I nearly turned it off, but I got through it
Three young people, two girls and a lad, go to stay in a hotel that belongs to one of the girl's father and which is closed down for the winter. After a couple of days things start to get a little strange. One of the girls starts having strange dreams and they start to turn on each other.

I can't say anything else without a spoiler alert, but if you're easily disgusted and get a bit queasy over people being ill, I would give this a wide birth. Although they go for realism, it's the kind of realism that most of us like to avoid in life. The acting was quite good and realistic, to a point, but, although I don't get queasy, or easily put off, the slowness and the lack of any interesting events (though there were some) made this a difficult movie to get through. In other words, I found this a little boring! I really wanted to turn it off at one point, but there was only twenty minutes left so I persevered. Am I glad I did? Well, let's just say I wasn't too disappointed at the end, but I wouldn't want to sit through this again.
A Bit Biased...
BUT I cannot with good faith give this film a high ranking based on the techniques that that filthy monster C.A Cooper did to the poor talent. It is all in the trivia section. He basically scared one of the actors half to death w/ spiders yet screamed louder than my 3 year old when someone said he had one on his back. The only stars given are for the good acting on behalf of the cast. But then again, when the director forces you to basically live like the captives that their roles call for, how can you really fake it?
Metaphorical Mess
First, it's nothing like the blurb. I'm thinking there was some demon or ghost that haunted this apartment that prevents these people from escaping.

However, I can only conclude these were three people with mental issues in the first place who became stuck in this apartment due to some technical malfunction of the building, or some nut doing the "Human Experiment Project". What happens is it caused the paranoia to kick in or it was some drug induced psychosis which brings out their inner fears and or psychotic disorders.

For instance if you were abuse as a child and pushed it out of your mind as an adult it manifest in flash backs and attacks of crippling terror. That's what a lot of this film felt like. It's like flashes of your worst personal nightmare. Such as...you are a heartless sexual sadist who hid behind a mask of wholesome goodness then you find yourself in a situation you can't hide your afflictions and you give in to your basic animal urges.

All I know about this film is I needed to be smoking whatever all those who left these raving reviews were smoking.

Honestly, peeps, this is another one of those films that is all about shock value and an attempt at avant-garde cinema. Good attempt; but this type of film has been done better and at the very least has left you thinking about it long afterwards. Not this puppy. You want to forget you stupidly sat there until the end, thinking if you keep watching it will make more sense at the end.

Okay, here goes my honest opinion, want it or not. This film would have been better off if it had been about vacationers fighting against a actual demon are ghost that wouldn't allow them to leave this apartment instead of this metaphorical mess. In my determination, they were only prisoners of their own minds.
Amazing Movie!...Bold! Divisive!...Haters gonna hate!
First off, let's get one thing clear. THE SNARE is nothing like THE EVIL DEAD. The comparison seems so far off the mark to me it's as if the guys on the marketing team who put out that press release comparing it to EVIL DEAD haven't even watched this movie.

Secondly! After all that said...Wow this is a great movie! It's utterlly relentless with what it throws at you....Starts slow at first but then it just hits you again and again and again.

Gripping, believable performances, a rich, foreboding atmosphere and extremely harrowing to watch all round.

DEFINITELY NOT FOR EVERYONE...I totally get why some people wouldn't enjoy this, especially if you're going in expecting something like the Evil Dead.

I'd say that as a movie its much closer to THE SHINING in style but is different enough to be it's own thing.

Like I said, some people really won't like this but if you fancy something different and a genuine scare then this one is certainly worth a watch, even if just for the experience!!!

But not when you're eating!
Genuinely creepy
As a horror movie that frankly spooked the socks off of me, I gotta say this movie deserves more love. It is not lame like some of the Ouija releases. It does not, in my opinion, try to be 'The Shining' or overreach its artistic capabilities. In fact, a close comparison would be 'The Hole' (2001), with more elements of the supernatural mixed in.

The characters are obnoxious but believably real. The film uses several slow shots to build suspense and tension, and this only adds to the general sense of creepiness and unease. I jumped at least three times during this film. Not a fan of jumpscares? Don't worry, there are at least two more mediums of horror used in this film (survival horror and mental illness) so there's something for everybody!

The story is not really original (like I said, The Hole did it before), but its not really predictable and its nice to see the writer make some bold choices. There are plenty of shocking scenes that already make this film stand out from contemporary 'safe' Hollywood horror.

A must see for a horror lover like myself, this will fix you up for a while! 7/10.
WOW!! Truly horrific!!....A well put together tense, taut, thriller.
So many layers, so much going on, difficult to take it all in on the first watch. Certainly requires a second viewing.

If I had to be really critical I would say that I feel like maybe they should have tried harder to find a way out of the apartment and should have tried to find alternate exit routes. It felt as if they gave up a little too easily....but then again, this is no ordinary scenario, since there is this evil demonic force manipulating things from below the surface.

My partner and I talked for ages afterwards trying to unravel what it is that actually dwells in the apartment and whether or not it was real or part of some strange fantasy concocted by the main character.

Don't watch whilst eating.....felt so sick watching parts of it but totally worth it.

Ain't gonna be able to put this one out my head or a while.
If you like slow boring confusing disgusting not scary horror movies this is for you
Uuummmmm... Yeah.i checked the may contain spoilers box cause I'm not quite sure if i will spoil it or not i had no clue what happened! Lol.. Didn't get it, don't understand all the raving reviews. Don't eat while watching this or if you have a queasy stomach OR if you actually want to watch a good horror flick! Stupid stupid movie 👎👎👎
Good movie. Weaker on narrative but that doesn't hurt it IMO
For starters, good movie, really enjoyed it.

Strong on atmosphere, great performances, a real sense of mystery throughout and nail biting suspense.

However, I would say that it is weaker overall in terms of story and character, although I don't feel this hurts it too much because of the type of film it is.

This film is more about an experience....an emotion driven, mood driven and tension driven piece and that is where and why I feel it excels.

It doesn't matter whether the characters are likable or not in this context. It's apparent from the get go that this film positions the audience as the cold spectator so that they can witness the horrific events that take place and then draw their own conclusions. It doesn't hold your hand, it's up to you which characters you like or not, feeling connected to them and empathizing with them is not important or essential when it comes to watching this.

Likewise, similarly to The Shining, which was obviously an influence, I get the impression you're not supposed to get all the answers, its not supposed to make complete sense, that's the very nature of what makes the paranormal frightening if you believe in that sort of thing.

It's what makes you think about it afterwards and keeps you talking about it.

Would recommend a watch.
VIEWS ON FILM review of The Snare
Three people consisting of a romantic couple and their friend, plan a getaway to an abandoned apartment building. While staying on the top floor, they become trapped and eventually lose all access to food and water. Oh and I almost forgot, the place is haunted too. That's the gist of 2017's The Snare, my latest write-up.

"Snare" is a British horror flick. Better yet, it's riotous psychological horror. The Snare doesn't have an MPAA rating but I'll happily give it an NC-17. Rookie director C.A. Cooper (his only other credits are two short films) doesn't want to delight you. He wants to upset you, to make you feel perturbed and disgusted all at the same time. "Snare's" opening shot consists of a dead animal nestled in a graveyard, covered with flies and maggots. As the movie prolongs, there are then progressions of gratuitous violence, rape, cannibalism, and you guessed it, more maggots. Yikes!

The Snare initially reminded me of stuff like The Shining, Cabin Fever (from 2002), and even this year's The Belko Experiment. I kept thinking, what if Eli Roth and the late Stanley Kubrick managed to be each other's long lost brainchild. Anyway, filmmaker Cooper relies heavily on close-ups, wide angles, numbing long shots, and differing kinds of ominous music. "Snare's" first half (the film's weakest section) has C.A. cutting away from scenes too early, giving the feeling of his plot threads having dangling, loose ends. He then finds his footing, letting The Snare go from happy holiday to truly repugnant nightmare.

The actors featured (Eaoifa Forward, Dan Paton, Rachel Warren) effectively convey a sense of fear and dread. And although "Snare's" ending can be confused and over interpreted, this is still something hardcore fright fans might want to check out. "Snare" starts out slow, with paint-by-numbers fortitude, fidgety editing, and stylistic indulgence. It then turns effectual, becoming its own, macabre entity. There are some uneasy dreamlike sequences involving the main character (Alice Clarke). Also, there's some other, jumpy and hallucinatory moments that The Snare likes to revel in. Be sure to avoid eating chicken while watching this movie. Also, bring an ironclad stomach and don't expect to be actually entertained by what you discern. My rating: 3 stars.
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