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The Whisperer in Darkness
Thriller, Mystery, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Sean Branney
Stephen Blackehart as Charlie Tower
Conor Timmis as Porter (scenes deleted)
Matt Foyer as Albert Wilmarth
P.J. King as Workman
Adrianne Grady as Wife / Student
Autumn Wendel as Hannah Masterson
Portia Backus as Train patron
Barry Lynch as Henry Akeley
Zack Gold as Astronomy Colleague
Casey Kramer as Fort Admirer
Matt Lagan as Nathaniel Ward
John Jabaley as Superintendent
Annie Abrams as Starlet
Storyline: In 1931 H.P. Lovecraft wrote his classic tale of alien horror, "The Whisperer in Darkness". Lovecraft is now considered one of America's foremost writers of horror fiction, standing alongside the likes of Stephen King and Edgar Allan Poe.
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An Excellent Adaptation of "Unfilmable" Lovecraft
In 1928, Miskatonic University folklore professor Albert Wilmarth enjoys debunking theories of the occult, even though he is roundly trounced – on radio, no less – by Charles Fort when they have a debate on whether certain stories in Vermont that have come to light following a flood are based in fact. He has also been carrying on correspondence with an intelligent, yet fearful, farmer in Vermont, who insists that the strange beings seen in the floodwaters are real, and are all around his farm. Wilmarth is curious, especially after he finds the original manuscript of a very rare book of folklore collected in Vermont back in the 1800s, containing stories which seem to correspond to what his farmer correspondent, Henry Akeley, has described in his letters. So when he receives a strange letter from Akeley that completely up-ends the farmer's previous fears about alien creatures and that invites Wilmarth to come to the farm to discuss the wondrous things that he has learned, well, Wilmarth can't possibly turn the invitation down. But when he arrives in the hills of Vermont, the local folk he meets all seem downright hostile, and when he arrives at the farm, he finds that Akeley himself is not well. And that is just the beginning of the discoveries that await him....

This film, created by a collective called the HP Lovecraft Historical Society, is clearly lovingly made – done in black and white and in the style of the early 1930s, it tells one of Lovecraft's more evocative tales and then expands upon it. (Lovecraft's story ends at about the one-hour mark of the film, which continues for another 40 minutes or so.) The atmosphere is terrific, and the style of the story-telling really permits the audience to feel themselves back in the early 1930s, even up to the various mad-scientist gadgets that evoke such classics as the lab in the original "Frankenstein" film. The monsters are more or less what one might expect to see in an early 1930s film based on an HP Lovecraft story, but that doesn't make them any less menacing or eerie. You don't need to be a Lovecraft fan to love this movie, though it wouldn't hurt; you probably don't even need to be a fan of old movies. You just have to love movies, especially ones with great atmosphere and straight-up acting and a storyline that keeps you involved every step of the way. Highly recommended!
Faithful to the text, and then some ...
Hats off to the HP Lovecraft Historical Society for creating yet another gem of a movie.

Film makers are in a difficult position: If you make a movie 100% faithful to a text written 80 years ago, you will alienate the non-fan viewers. If you drift too far from the original text (or slap an "inspired by" sticker on it and then do something completely unrelated) then the fans will crucify you.

The HPHLS have managed to walk the fine line - they remain true to the original story, and accurately cover 95% of the story with only minor embellishment to make it flow on screen. But remember also that the book itself was only a novella, so if they had stopped the movie at the end of the book, it would have been a short movie indeed.

But after the "book" story ends, the movie continues with a logical extension of the story that remains faithful to the Lovecraft style and vision.

Purists may not like this extension, but a movie that intends to articulate the Lovecraft vision and capture a new audience at the same time needs to appeal to an audience broader than just the fans.

The acting is solid and consistent throughout, and consistency is an important word here, because the movie intends to recreate both a story, a style of writing, and a style of movie making. Consequently the special effects also reflect the 1930s - of course it's not Avatar-grade because it would look stupid if it was.

I give it 10/10 not because it is the best horror movie ever made, but because it deserves to be recognised as the best recreation of HP Lovecraft's "Whisperer in the Darkness" story ever made.

Highly recommended to every Lovecraft fan, and to every non-Lovecraft fan who is happy to accept it on its own merit.
Best HP Lovecraft adaptation to date!
First you need to know that they made this film to look like it was made in the 30's or so... even credits, music, etc. Also, if you put budget in perspective the Effects and the Acting is very good. Some complain of over-acting... but in the 30's they all over-acted... if you seen one, or just a little bit of an old movie you will know...

OK, now the story: I thought it would be impossible to make an adaptation to Whisperer in Darkess, one of my favorite HPL... I was wrong... This movie gets very good the intention, but lacks something I don't know what... Maybe the dialog by letters was better and kept me on the edge of my seat... but the movie don't have it, it is like the movie starts after they exchanged letters and all...

Also, I think in the HPL story they don't tell much what the aliens are doing or purpose... in this movie it is very well explained. The ending run away too far from original, could be a car instead of a plane... would be more realistic. But I liked, in a way this ending is more "lovecraft" than the original story...

The only way it could be better was if they could get the "mood", the creepy atmosphere from description in the letters of the places, situations and all... (the only way I know to do it is by flashbacks, that would get too boring after the second letter and would have the fate of "The Resurrected" movie has.)

In the end I give it 9, can't get any better for the budget and I dislike the little girl part...
A movie true to the spirit of Lovecraft
It is so hard to find a good Lovecraft movie. But this one is excellent. It does not rely on cheap jump scares or the like. It builds up a creepy atmosphere that scares you by suggesting the unimaginable otherworldly. Just like Lovecraft, it presents a vision of superior forces beyond the control of humanity. The acting is great and the screenplay is very fluid. The set design is amazing as well. Sadly, the digital effects are rather noticeable and cheap. Especially on the creatures. I would have really liked to see some good old stop motion, especially on a film that looks so eerily like an old 30s or 40s horror movie.
That's how Lovecraftian movie should be done
I saw almost everything whats's been done in term of so called "Lovecraft Cinema". From '63 The Haun­ted Palace , through '85 Re-Animator and 2005 Call Of Cthulhu. This is by far one of the best Lovcraftian adaptations. It really holds the right spirit of both his books and early 50-ties sci-fi cinema. If you're looking for speedy CGI action - forget about this one. If you're into Edgar Allan Poe books, '31 Frankenstein or '56 Forbidden Planet and know at least who Lovecraft is you should definitely see this. Decent acting, good script filmed with the right pace and an old-school production. A perfect alternative for these days cinema. Highly recommended!
Twilight meets HP Lovecraft
First off, this is my first review I have ever bothered to write on IMDb. And the reason is simply this...This is a pretty damn good movie. I loved "Dagon" the movie, my first exposer to HP Lovecraft freshman year of college and then started reading his stuff. 8 years later, I keep all his work proudly displayed on my book shelf so my daughter does not have to wait till freshmen year to hear about HP Lovecraft. As people who have read his work already know, the stories are impossible to translate into a movie, hence, terrible movies. I kept coming across weird horror movies that advertised themselves as "From the mind of HP Lovecraft" (one that is just called Lovecraft) and found them to be entirely lame, cheesy and an insult to the awesomeness that is Lovecraft. This movie however was a lot of fun. So fun in fact that around 20 min in, i decided to pause it and get myself a drink and change of cloths and turned my phone to vibrate which is kind of my ritual for movies that I get into and a nod that the movie truly has caught my attention and no more distractions will be tolerated. The acting is pretty good and the whole black and white deal gives it more of a "Twilight Zone special written by HP Lovecraft" feel. The creatures aren't Avatar standard CGI but honestly, Lovecraft monsters live in your head and to manifest them and visualize them only ends up diminishing the true horror of it all. All is all, I highly recommend this movie...HP Lovecraft fan or not.

p.s. "From Beyond" isn't too bad either.
Nothing like the source material, my expectations
What got me to buy tickets to this film, other than my love of HPL, was the fact that I believed it would be true to the source material and be a gripping, creepy scary film. I don't mind if things are changed, but just stay true to what HPL was actually about — horror. This film is not horror by any means — it seems the writers/director took a bunch of great pieces of Lovecraft stories, smashed them together, and then tried to throw in jokes. If you don't know who H.P. Lovecraft is and like black and white campy movies, then go see this by all means, you might like it if you don't mind sitting through about 75 minutes of straight dialog. If you like HPL and are interested in seeing a faithful adaptation of his work or are trying to go see something scary, absolutely don't see this. I only gave it 2 stars — one because it had H.P. Lovecraft's name in the title and the other because they added an extended sequence featuring Charles Fort, which I thought was a great touch even though it was literally completely unnecessary.
Fairly Good Adaptation
This adaptation of the classic H.P. Lovecraft story had a lot of potential, however weak acting limited the enjoyment factor to me. A lot of the players were just plain poor actors or were guilty of blatant over acting to include the narration. The supporting players were much better actors than the main players which was a bit frustrating. The cinematography and sound was great. The music was effectively used in creating the right feel for the film. Presenting the film in black and white was very effective in adding to the noir and 1930s feel. I don't want to go into any further details as I don't want to give any of the story away to those who may be unfamiliar.
This is for the fans...
I am an avid fan of the writings of Lovecraft, well, and anything Lovecraftian in general, and happened to come across "The Whisperer in Darkness" by sheer luck. I didn't have my hopes up, because most previous movies based on Lovecraft stories had been off key or had too much focus on special effects and putting the ominous dread of the core of the story in the background.

However, as with the 2005 version of "The Call of Cthulhu", I was more than genuinely surprised in a good way with the 2011 film version of "The Whisperer in Darkness". This was right on the spot in every aspect; focusing on the storytelling, the build up of the cosmic dread and the despair of the protagonist.

The actors in the movie were doing good jobs bringing the story to life through their characters. And director Sean Branney really capture the essence of the timeless writing of Lovecraft.

However, personally, I am not overly keen on movies in black and white, as colors add so much more flavor to the movie experience. But keeping it in black and white works well enough for the movie, given the thematic setting of H.P. Lovecraft's mythos and universe.

"The Whisperer in Darkness" is a MUST watch for any fan of Lovecraft. And I rate it a solid seven out of ten stars. If the movie had been in color, the rating would have been eight. Visuals are important in the movie media.
Well worth the time
I'm partly cheating here, as i'm writing the first part of my review before seeing the film - but bare with me;

One of the reviewers of this film is Sandy Petersen, one of my idols and creator of, amongst other things, the famous Call of Cthulhu RPG, and he gave the film 10*. I would be most severely disappointed if this were a bogus rating, and to my defence i can say i have watched just about every Lovecraft-inspired film and short film out there and sadly, i have to say they are all mostly rubbish, except for the classic "From Beyond", and the rather good Cthulhu (2007), if you ignore the ratings.

Anyway, i'm off to see the film, will let you know how it works out.


I'm back from the film and i was pleasantly surprised.

The Whispered in Darkness is a *very* faithful adaptation of Lovecraft's novel of the same name - perhaps too faithful, even.

The film itself is apparently a low-budget, amateur's production, but the results are much better than the (pretty bad) 2005 Call of Cthulhu silent film, made by what i assume is the same bunch of guys - the Lovecraft Historical Society; it's shot in black and white, of course, but the acting is much better and easily on par with Hollywood's less- than-stellar performances, sure they don't have Seymour Phillip Hoffman, but it's not Cop Out either.

As for the production values, more would have been better (especially the flight sequence, but hey), but one can hardly complain since it seems that Hollywood wouldn't touch a Lovecraft story with a ten foot pole.

Now, for the script; it's good, it is - after all, it's a great Howard P. Lovecraft story - but this might be its undoing; while i really liked 2007's Cthulhu, as it was more "loosely" based on and it was really just profoundly inspired by HPL's story, tWiD is too close to the story which we have all read before. And of course nobody but a HPL fan is going to watch this, nor i believe will it get any airplay.

Don't get me wrong, i enjoyed this film, but i think that "inspired by" is more appropriate than "straight out copied from" since the target audience already knows everything HPL has ever written, by hearth. Also, on a final note, i like to say that i'v always felt HPL stories just don't translate well into film, or for that matter into any social setting; they are great books, but to be enjoyed alone. Even Sandy Petersen's great CoC RPG was a great read, but when played with friends, it hardly ever gave the same spine-chilling thrills. Sorry to break it to the folks at the HPLHS.

Maybe perhaps, it's time to bring to the screen some of Derleth's stories.

Anyway, my final vote : 6/10 - you'd be really dumb to miss this. (add up to 2 points if you like HPL)
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