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Trumped: Inside the Greatest Political Upset of All Time
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Mary Robertson, Ted Bourne
Donald Trump as Himself (as Donald Trump)
Mark Halperin as Himself - Interviewer
Mark McKinnon as Himself - Interviewer
John Heilemann as Himself - Interviewer
Storyline: In a behind-the-scenes look at the biggest political upset in recent history, Mark Halperin, John Heilemann and Mark McKinnon offer unprecedented access and never-before-seen footage of candidate Trump, from the primaries through the debates to the dawning realization that the controversial businessman will become the 45th President of the United States.
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A not very accurate account of the 2016 campaign with blatant Democratic bias
The beginning of the movie when the focus was on the Republican primaries came across as relatively unbiased, but the coverage of the race after the conventions became completely unhinged. The blatant pro-Clinton bias of Halperin was bad enough but Heileman was absolutely insufferable.

Furthermore, most of the "news" clips were from CNN and MSNBC, two channels that don't practice responsible journalism. And like the MSM coverage during the campaign, little or no attention was paid to the many Clinton scandals or her poorly run campaign- just a brief mention of those leaked emails.

And the ending was pitiful - extensive coverage inside the Javits Center where Clinton was to have given a victory speech - the 3 "pundits" (especially Heileman) reacting with Snowflake-like disbelief at the outcome. I thought Heileman was going to start sobbing at any moment. Plus, attendees were filmed watching the developing election results on monitors tuned to the Clinton News Network. It's no wonder they were "stunned".

At the ending, we were supposed to feel sad and depressed (check out the melancholy ending theme music) about Trump's victory which is about what I expected from a channel like Showtime. It has some good moments, especially from early in the campaign, but after the conventions, the movie descends into blatant Democratic bias.

If you choose to watch this, you'll be thinking at the end, "Well, there's 2 hours of my life I'll never get back." Unless, of course, you are interested in learning more about how out of touch liberals are these days.
Show Confirms Allegations Made Against the Media
I watched this show...twice. I wanted to ensure that my first opinion was not correct; give them a second chance, if you will. Oh well, I've been wrong before in giving second chances. As this election progressed, it became more and more apparent that the media showed prejudice with their interpretations, rather than reporting. This show contained nothing more than opinions by an obviously prejudiced group of over-paid people. They over-embellished on almost everything they stated as "fact!" John Heilemann's abusive language was insulting to listen to...he had to use the "f" bomb at every available opportunity; which was not necessary. If he thought he was "being cool" in some way, he certainly was NOT. No one in my home speaks like that and I did not appreciate my 96-year-old mother having to listen to his disgusting language. Mark Halperin's comment, comparing Mr. Trump's winning the election equal to The Civil War, WWII, and 9/11 was one of the most idiotic remarks I have ever heard; it just proves the fact that the media is not what it used to be. REAL media personnel, like Walter Cronkite, told the truth the way it was; why do these reporters feel they have the right to give us nothing more than their poor interpretations. This entire election has shown us all that the media has gone to hell on a handcart and is most certainly not a trustworthy source of information of any kind. This is pathetic because, as always, WE, the citizens, are missing hearing the truth. WE, the citizens, continue to lose because Congress will not do their jobs and assist the man that the majority voted into office. He is the President of the United States and deserves the respect and assistance required to do a good job for ALL of us, but he cannot do that with his hands tied behind his back by Congress! After watching this show, I thought of the American saying, "Land of the free, home of the brave." Thanks to the debacle during this entire election, they may as well change that line to "Land where NOTHING is free; home of the homeless," because of the media and Congress. They are destroying us all. Thanks a lot for doing your part in making the United States of America a bigger laughing stock of the world than it already is. You cannot blame Mr. Trump for THAT. Wow, maybe there WAS more truth to this airing; just not the truth we were all hoping for.
Trump breaks rubber ceiling!!
Despite the fragile butt-hurt feelings of interviewers Halperin and Heilemann, Trump is obviously the right man for the times. Sometimes one needs to break a few heads, and conventional wisdoms to make an omelet. A HUGE, beautiful, winning bigly omelet. And, as Halperin, Heilemann and McKinnon indicate, while nobody expected a moose-turd omelet for breakfast, that IS what was ordered. Shut-up and eat it.

Obama broke the 'white ceiling'. HRC broke the 'glass ceiling' (by being the first woman to win the presidential nomination of a major US political party). Now the tremendous Donald J. Trump has broken the 'rubber ceiling'.

He has given inspiration to mental defectives everywhere to live their dreams of world domination. No more play-acting out your jerk-water fantasies in a padded room with action figures. Shed your straight jackets and fully realize your wildest alternative realities! The election of this fabulous Reality TV star has shown the low I.Q. populace that if you pool your resources with other intellectually challenged sociopaths, there's no limit to what you can't imagine to have accomplished. The future is as bright as your tinfoil hat!
This movie explains why the democrats lost...
Democrats have been losing elections for several years, other than Obama's 2 terms.

The movie itself is another example of why the democrats lost. Every writer and pundit lost sight of their objectivity and job. They forgot the facts and were guided by their own emotions. And their emotions are now showing as a mental disorder.

The country for decades has been going from party to party and back again seeking truth in leaders to no avail. Obama said what he thought people needed to hear, but then the people found he consistently lied and did just the opposite! His socialist ideology was dragging down the country.

Any pundit should have known the people have been, and would have a tendency to switch to the republicans. There had been no major increase in the economy or any other reason to continue with the democrats.

Especially since they had a severely flawed candidate in Clinton.

The leaders and MSM had shown they were lairs and could not be trusted!

To sum it up. Every thing in this film was slanted from the very beginning for Clinton. The end shows this in great detail when the people in the film are all disappointed at the end. Not one of the characters in the film showed any joy when Trump won.

At the end the male TV pundit summed up why they missed what had happened. He said Trump had a plane and a hat. Missing entirely what Trump had been saying and giving promises to the people!
Important documentary
This movie recaps the 2016 election. It shows how both the left wing and the right wing reacted so emotionally to Trump that they lost touch with reality and made bad choices and were easy to defeat. It also shows that the current elite in politics and media are detached from how much of the rest of the world views them...and mistrusts and dislikes them.

There was true rage against the elite in the United States. Much like in the trial of OJ Simpson, the jury was so disgusted with the LAPD that they saw their verdict as justice to let a guilty man to walk free to make up for all of the crimes committed against the black community. Trump winning was Americans reacting with disgust to our current system.

To either go twenty more years in the same direction, or to change direction dramatically.

The founding fathers intended for the American people to be able to use reason to elect our leaders. It seemed that reason was lost to this election, but perhaps there is a poetic justice to the results of the 2016 election and perhaps...like OJ Simpson...there will be more chapters to come where the pendulum swings the other way.
Very informative interesting look at the 2016 election
Trumped is an inside look at how Donald J. Trump became the 45th president of the United States. Or as I personally like to call it: how our country elected a clown lol. Whether you supported Clinton or Trump in the November election doesn't really matter when watching this documentary. Yes the men doing it have a pretty clear liberal lean to them, but hey everyone has opinions. With me having supported Clinton in the election, it was interesting to see exactly how it all happened. Because believe me, I was beyond shocked at the result that night, I fully expected to see a Hillary Clinton win, but the pollsters were all wrong, that's not what we got. The documentary is well filmed, with real live footage of rallies, interviews with both campaign managers, Mook and Conway, and talks with other media people about what they expected the result to be. I liked the pacing and the very thorough explaining of everything as the film covered it. If you want to find out more about exactly how this shocking, very unconventional past election cycle happened, then I suggest this movie. Or maybe you have very young children right now and one day when they're older they want to learn more about the 2016 election, I'd say this movie is a good way to educate them.
The establishment asks the establishment why the establishment lost....
...and can't seem to come up with an answer, in the end comparing Trump's victory to Pearl Harbor and the Civil War! I read some of the reviews of this documentary before writing my own, something I tend not to do, and I was genuinely puzzled at the claims of bias as I watched the first half, the part about Trump's rise to victory in the GOP presidential primaries to become the presidential nominee of that party. It does a very good job of compressing that 15 month period from Trump's announcement of his campaign to the convention and the mystified nature of the moneyed and anointed insider candidates who could not believe that this man who had never held any elected office in his life was pulling their base out from underneath them. Only Bernie Sanders, an anti-establishment candidate from the other side of the aisle, seemed to have any wisdom on the subject.

And THEN comes the general election campaign. And somehow all objectivity is lost. Every scandal and misstep of the Trump campaign is examined in minute detail. Meanwhile Hillary Clinton is portrayed as the 30 year public servant with common sense who is unfairly struck down by FBI director James Comey who decides to try her sins in public and by the hacking of private American emails by Russia, a country whose head, Vladimir Putin, had said he preferred that Trump win. Never is it mentioned that the leaked emails showed a clear conspiracy of the media and the DNC with the Clinton campaign to deep six Bernie Sanders' candidacy and crown Hillary the nominee. Never are the security clearance infractions that Clinton committed that made it possible for Comey to impugn her integrity in the first place ever discussed. And not one word about how Debbie Wasserman Schultz, head of the DNC at the time of the sabotage of the Sanders campaign, was basically met by eggs and tomatoes by Sanders supporters at the DNC convention and had to resign her post.

The cherry on top is the alleged "unbiased interviewer", Mark Halperin, following the campaigns around, showing up on Colbert's election night special - this was NOT a Trump love fest, I watched it - and agreeing with Colbert and his other guests that Trump's victory is a national calamity. Unbiased indeed.

At least in the end one of the interviewers - I don't remember who - may not have "gotten it" but at least uttered words that indicated he did. He said that 2016 was a year of unbridled anger for voters from both parties. The Democrats messed up when they served up the same old boring solutions that all of the insiders had been serving up for the past 20 years with falling wages and rising costs for the voters, and windfalls for the bankers and insiders that took their jobs all the while saying let them eat cake. The voters looked at the establishment candidate and they looked at Trump and thought they could either repeat what had been giving their personal finances a downward spiral or blow up Washington DC and let the chips fall where they may. They chose the second option. Maybe Bernie Sanders can explain this to them sometime.

Forgive me for pontificating in the last paragraph, but since the documentary did quite a bit of it I really don't see the problem.
Some good, some bad
It's an insult to Fox, CBS, CNN, etc., to call the material in "Trumped" unprecedented. And the slant is clearly anti-Trump. Virulently so.

Still, there's a lot of good news footage and some excellent interview material here. Nice piece of history, once we reach the point where the 2016 election isn't a just-gone-by current event.

Too bad no effort was put into the reason the election came out the way it did. The obvious bias of the hosts/moderators is another drawback. There didn't seem to be even an attempt to explain the why of the outcome, just the disbelief of the non-winners.
Hubris and Pretentiousness
If you are watching this thinking this may as the title claims, an analysis of why Donald Trump pulled off an incredible electoral upset, be prepared for a major disappointment. It's more about how these 3 arrogant, snide and condescending left wing "journalists" (Heilemann, Halperin & McKinnon) stroll through the media tents with access to behind the scenes areas of both campaign headquarters with an astonishing air of self-importance. I never watched the SHO series, "The Circus" and from watching this documentary, I didn't miss much. This is very heavily edited and slanted to make Trump supporters all look a bunch of reactionary escapees from a looney bin, plus glossing over the many, many faults of Hillary Clinton who may be as bad of a candidate that any party has ever nominated. Never voted for Bill or Obama, but I will admit that they were both excellent campaigners, especially WJC who was a very charismatic politician.

If you are a Trump supporter, DVR it and fast forward to the final 15 minutes of election night. It's fun again to see the so-called expert pundits with excrement all over their faces. Plus their analysis of what occurred was spot wrong. They still didn't get what happened, ignoring the huge losses suffered by the Dems in all other elections across the country, except for the left coast and northeast. I guess from the left's POV the closing music, some sort of funeral dirge, was completely appropriate.
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