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Tyler Perry's Boo 2! A Madea Halloween
Horror, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Tyler Perry
Akende Munalula as Calvin
Inanna Sarkis as Gabriella
Jc Caylen as Mikey (as J.C. Caylen)
Andre Hall as Quinton
Diamond White as Tiffany
Brock O'Hurn as Horse
Yousef Erakat as Jonathan
Patrice Lovely as Hattie
Tito Ortiz as Victor
Cassi Davis as Aunt Bam
Tyler Perry as Madea / Joe / Brian
Storyline: Madea, Bam, and Hattie venture to a haunted campground and the group must run for their lives when monsters, goblins, and the boogeyman are unleashed.
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Tyler Perry's Boo 2! A Madea Halloween is way less good than its predecessor
Just watched this-a sequel to Tyler Perry's previous Boo! movie-with my movie theatre-working friend. He laughed at plenty of lines and scenes, I, not so much. In fact, I once again fought sleep part of the time as I do for many movies I find boring. Besides Perry, many of the other cast members of the previous one has returned, none of whom made much of an impression to me. Really, compared to the previous one, Tyler Perry's Boo 2! A Madea Halloween was very underwhelming to me.
The Least Funny Madea Comedy
Compared to the nine other movies about Mabel Simmons, "Tyler Perry's Boo 2! A Madea Halloween!" qualifies as surprisingly lame and lightweight. I've laughed myself silly at all of Madea's madcap misadventures, but this sequel to last year's box office sensation "Boo! A Madea Halloween" is the least maniacal Madea movie in the franchise. Naturally, not only does the multi-talented Tyler Perry play Madea, but he also chews the scenery as Joe as well as the straight-laced Brian. The problem with "Boo 2" is Madea winds up blending into the background. Indeed, dope-smoking, promiscuous Joe with his profane lips lands all the best lines. Meanwhile, Madea ends up doing little if anything until this parody of "Friday the 13th" slasher movies enters its second half-hour. The best Madea movies are those where Madea looms front and center as well as loud and proud. She dominates everything and divides her enemies and relatives like Moses did the Red Sea. Unfortunately, writer & director Tyler Perry has hobbled the world's looniest lady. She doesn't engineer the outcome of his middling comedy of errors about a dysfunctional African-American clan. Furthermore, Aunt Bam (Cassi Davis) and Hattie (Patrice Lovely) get more laughs than Madea.

If you skipped "Boo" last year, you probably won't understand why the situation has changed. Bryant's oldest daughter has finally turned 18, and she believes that this solidifies her status as an adult, particularly the things she sought to do before she was 18. Brian and she initiate everything in "Boo 2" with their contentious father & daughter relationship, while Madea appears on the fringe like a guest star and exerts little, direct impact on these events in general. In other words, she doesn't save the day. Nevertheless, Madea fans will find enough to laugh and smile at even when they aren't laughing and smiling at Madea. Produced at a cost of $21 million, "Boo 2" has lots of polish, atmospheric locations, and set-design, and the acting is tolerable. Those goofy fraternity brothers—Vin Diesel lookalike Yousef Erakat and his pal Mike Tornabene—return for more mischief. However, Joe, Bam, and Hattie steal "Tyler Perry's Boo 2! A Madea Halloween" from the monstrous matron.

"Tyler Perry's Boo 2! A Madea Halloween" opens as Brian (Tyler Perry) waits at his teenage daughter's prep school, wearing a cone-shaped party cap, and with a gift in a decorative sack. Tiffany (Diamond White of "The Lion Guard") isn't pleased to see her father. Usually, Brian takes her home where the family assembles to eat cake and celebrate the occasion. Tiffany thinks the tradition stinks and wants nothing to do with it. Brian presents Tiffany with a pair of headphones as her birthday gift, so he won't have to contend with her music when she is in his car. Tiffany labored under the delusion that Brian was going to give her a shiny, new car for her birthday, since she is an adult with plans to attend college. Brian tells Tiffany that she is too irresponsible to have a vehicle. No sooner has he asserted himself on the subject than his ex-wife, Debra (Taja V. Simpson of "The Preacher's Son"), parks at the school and hands Tiffany the keys to a new red Mini-Cooper.

Naturally, Brian is disturbed because Debra has given Tiffany something that his daughter hasn't earned. Brian reminds Debra that Tiffany is hopelessly irresponsible and will probably get a ticket for reckless driving. As soon as she gets behind the wheel, Tiffany careens off to the Upsilon Theta Fraternity house where she crashed their Halloween party last year with her friend Gabriella (Inanna Sarkis of "A Killer Walks Amongst Us") in the first "Boo." Initially, Tiffany learns that the Upsilon Thetas are throwing another party, but her interference in last year's party has forced them to hold it somewhere else than their frat house. The fraternity leader, Jonathan (Yousef Erakat of "Natural Born Pranksters"), is relieved to hear that Tiffany is now old enough to drink. As it turns out, they are holding the party at the dilapidated, off-limits Derrick Lake campground where two savage killers attacked amorous couples necking in cars years ago. Worse, the authorities never caught those homicidal maniacs!

Back at Brian's house, the unfortunate father must endure no end of ridicule from his relatives, including Madea (Tyler Perry), Joe (Tyler Perry), Aunt Bam (Cassi Davis of "Daddy's Little Girls") and Hattie (newcomer Patrice Lovely), for letting his ex-wife one-up him with her birthday gift. So certain is Tiffany that Brian will not let her attend the Upsilon Theta party that she persuades Debra to let her sleep over at her mother's house. Furthermore, she convinces her mom to let her attend the Upsilon party. As luck would have it, Madea eavesdrops on their conversation and warns Brian about Tiffany's scheme. None of this prevents Tiffany from attending the party, and the party goes into full swing with lots of drinking and drugs, until two boogeymen in gas masks wielding chainsaws attack an Upsilon Theta pledge. A creepy girl who resembles the demons in those Japanese "Ring" horror movies watches them. At this point, Madea cruises into the haunted campground with Joe, Aunt Bam, and Hattie, collides with another demonic girl, and then confronts the Grim Reaper. Meantime, Jonathan, Tiffany, Dino, and Gabriella flee from Derrick Lake and take refuge in an abandoned house. Eventually, Brian and Gabriella's father, Victor (UFC fighter Tito Ortiz of "Cradle 2 the Grave"), ride to the rescue.

"Tyler Perry's Boo 2! A Madea Halloween" is harmless, half-baked hokum bristling with low-brow slapstick comedy. Basically, the tenth Madea movie works on the level of an animated "Scooby-Doo" movie. Of course, everything works out well for everybody, but Madea doesn't dominate the shenanigans. Instead, Brian has a large hand in what happens at Derrick Lake. Far from qualifying as a treat, "Tyler Perry's Boo 2! A Madea Halloween" amounts to little more than a trick.
Lazy and Repetitive (Spoiler Alert)
Let me just say that for the record, I'm not a Madea fan, I am just a casual moviegoer. But that doesn't mean I can't get enjoyment out of these movies.

Last year, I saw Boo! A Madea Halloween. I thought it was okay. Sure, some of the comedy scenes dragged on and on and there were some stupid moments, but I overall thought it was an alright movie. I thought it was way better than the other comedy I saw that year, Why Him.

But one year later, we get this movie. Hoo boy.

Now, when I heard that they were making ANOTHER Madea Halloween movie one year after they already did one, I thought to myself, "Why? Didn't they just do one?" But then, I was like, "Whatever. Maybe something new is in store."

When I heard the plot of this movie, I thought it sounded like the laziest sequel ever.

When I saw the movie, I was right.

I did not enjoy this film. The plot was the SAME EXACT THING as the last film. (Spoiler alert) That teenage girl goes to yet ANOTHER party with those frat guys, somehow not learning her lesson from last time, and surprise surprise, something supernatural happens. How lazy and uninspired can you get? Oh, and if you weren't there for the first Halloween movie, don't worry. The characters will be happy to mention it constantly. And just like the last film, some scenes with Madea and her friends talking drag. But it's shorter this time around. That's good. Some parts of this movie were stale, like a lot of scenes featured the same thing happening: Madea and the gang are in their car and something jumps out at them and scares them. Rinse and repeat. A lot of the characters got really annoying, especially Madea's brother, Joe, who I swear, always had something to say whenever a sentence was uttered. Further contributing to the film's laziness, the moral (if you will) from Boo 1 was the same, but it was with the mom instead of the dad. It wasn't really built up like last time, it was just rushed. And speaking of the parents, you'd think that after the father learned his lesson in the predecessor, that he'd be getting back together with his ex wife or something. But nope. He's still divorced, and his ex wife hooked up with another bald dude. Oh, and do you wanna know the twist in this movie? Well, get this... The father was behind all the ghosts and demons scaring away the kids. Yep. Just like last time where the father had involvement with the fake arrest thing. Pitiful. Absolutely pitiful. And oh yeah, the film ends on somewhat of a cliffhanger, where (spoiler alert) it turns out that one of the creatures that haunted the kids was actually real. Oh, please don't do a Boo 3. I hope this was only a joke.

But through all the bad things this film had to offer, there were some things that I liked. A diamond in the rough, if you will. But it's more like a diamond in the litter box. I liked the return of Yousef Ereka. He was funny in the last one and was quite funny in this one. Also, that scene where Madea is in the police station and sees herself on a "Wanted" poster was pretty funny. (How the cops don't recognize her is beyond me.) But that scene seemed to drag, as well. But those things could not save the movie.

Overall, this was a disappointment. It had little effort thrown into it and was basically a retread of the first Madea Halloween movie. I do not recommend it... Unless you're a hardcore Madea fan and need to see everything that this character is in.
It was disappointing
I would have loved it if the prank was for real. How Madea would real act when scared for real.

What i didn't like : 1. Joe is too much and is no longer funny.

The teenager with her friend, were very boring.

The whole movie was disappointing.

The turn around of the ex wife was very not genuine. I would have loved to have seen more drama on that and also when Perry heard that his ex allowed the daughter to go for a party, i have loved Tyler not to be part of the prank and also Tyler not to let the daughter go easy. Bottom line drama was not there and the bit that was there was not interesting.
A very typical sequel, but enjoyable laughs.
So as far as sequels go, this is a very typical one. I went to see Boo 2 because though Tyler Perry movies are not really my thing, I actually enjoined the first Boo, so I took the chance that I would enjoy the second one.

I totally did, too. It's not as good as the original. As much as I found the original funny, it also had an attempt to show family values in it that was not lost on me. This time around their attempt (If there was one cause I did not see it) was literally taken out to make more room for laughs. In a lot of ways it made the film like the second episode of one of Perry's shows (Which I like more than his movies), as it seems nobody learned the lesson from the first Madea Halloween.

Case in point, like the original, Boo 2 is about Joe trying to discipline his entitled daughter, Tiffany. Once again she defies her overbearing father's wishes in order to go to a party at midnight in the woods at a camp where a bunch of people got murdered. Now I understand the natural urge for a teenager not to want to listen to her dad, but when your aunt is someone like Madea, you would think you would think twice about this woman coming to track you down, especially after what happen in the last movie.

Like the last film, Boo 2 focuses on Madea and her friends running into terror and danger while trying to get to Tiffany. The film likes to Parody current themes in horror like with influences of Korean horror and it also pokes a nod to old school Horror with the film taking place at a camp and the underage teens being hunted by a man with a mask and a chainsaw.

Overall, I much prefer the more light hearted Tyler Perry movies. Sometimes his stuff can be too over dramatic for me, but I seem to like it when he goes for straight up Sitcom style on us and that's Boo 2!

It's crazy and filled with laughs and no matter where it fails compare to the first one, we are there to laugh and that's what makes this sequel enjoyable.

Big Letdown; BooHoo for Boo2...
Concur with other reviewers! Definitely not worth paying full price for. If it wasn't Tyler Perry, I would believe it was just a money grab?? Oddly, my family and many of the audience laughed a lot but not his best work and not half as funny as original. Even Hattie couldn't save this one, sniff sniff
I've seen commercials better than this garbage
This has to be the worst movie Tyler Perry has made so far. I wasn't that crazy about his first Halloween movie, but this was garbage. I fast forwarded it the first 38 minutes because it was so boring. Tiffany is nothing but a bit--. There was no horror, I was hoping something scary was going to happen when the supposed murderer came out of the water, when Hattie's in the outhouse, but nothing happened. Even all of them being stranded in the house was boring. If there's going to be a Boo 3, PLEASE hire someone who has experience with horror so at least we can let out a real scream. The Dad's did prank all the kids and that wasn't the least bit funny or scary either. It was a lousy movie, no excuse's. Ho Hum
No, Pedophilia Isn't Funny
Welcome to the most lazy and offensive $25 million production in recent memory. Where else can you find a rejoiced elderly pedophile with a sewer drain for a mouth, and a monolithic 10 plus minute static blocked shot-reserve-shot improv session in every scene.

This film is truly at odds with its audience. Flaunting its privilege with needlessly racy innuendos and genuinely vomit-worthy rape praise. The central conflict revolves around a recently of-age daughter trying to attend a frat party on a secluded lake.

Tiffany has just turned 18, and she's hungry for wasted college guys. Her plans last year were foiled by her pesky little ID, but today she scuttles to a stop in front of the frat house in her brand new Mini. Flaunting her driver's license and school uniform, she immediately has caricature males contorting their horny faces.

With separated parents, Tiffany has diverse avenues to get what she wants. Her father still thinks petting zoos are applicable birthday fanfare, whereas her mother does not even bat an eye at twilight tent hookups. Both are irresponsibly dense, and impossibly unbelievable. The comedy sketch mentality never stops, but it is also never funny.

The narrative only exists to shovel cheap twists into your expressionless face. Every decision has been made contrary to logic, and the result is a film that is brutally contrived and anti- humorous. Any surviving laughs are instantaneously slaughtered by some form of crude and medieval sexual deviance. A truly poisonous direction for the family-centric series, a deceptive turn that deserves no forgiveness.
Tyler Perry Does Not Respect His Audience
Ten films in, it's pretty much assumed by now that the Madea series has shaken off any audiences who don't already want to be on its coattails. Those in the theater with me wanted to be there and damn all those who, like myself, would snap-judge Madea and her posse of octogenarian clowns. Screw those who poo-poo the series for being painfully unfunny, offensively trashy, unendingly annoying, obnoxiously time consuming, woefully amateurish and elementally lacking in the basic necessities of competent storytelling. For even if you think all these things, you still must admit, if nothing else, Tyler Perry's wildly successful, cheaply made, broadly drawn comedy series has legs that just won't quit.

So for a change, I'll dispense with the usual five minute set. I won't complain about how unfunny this particular film is as claiming so can be waived off by someone else managing a slight chuckle. I won't complain about the disjointed, obvious and boooooring narrative which chugs along like Madea's Cadillac on a flat tire. Heck, I won't even talk about how every time a Madea flick comes out, seeing the crowd makes me question human behavior to the extent that I feel like the proverbial next door neighbor saying, "He was so very nice – no idea what could have gone wrong." Instead I'd like to focus all my attention (and vitriol) on Tyler Perry's apparent lack of respect for his audience; a lack of respect that, more than ever feels gross and mean-spirited. Before watching Boo 2, I ascribed to the same school of thought as Demetria Lucas D'Oyley when she wrote for The Root, "He has a lane. He drives in it." The appeal of his characters and his outsized media persona is one of broad stroke buffoonery and simple-world proselytizing but at least he's found his fans and they've found him. Marriage made in heaven with the same level of intensity as Insane Clown Posse and their Juggolos.

Yet by the time the film drops its first plot point, it becomes clear the love is all one-sided. Nearly everything of substance from the first film has been erased; the lessons, the character dynamics, the film's very continuity all heavily favoring a hard reboot where nothing about Boo 1! (2016) actually mattered. The movie then strips out all of the forced religiosity save for a few God d**ns which, for better or worse, made Madea part of a certain audiences' normal media diet.

Lacking a plot at all capable of filling in the one and a half hour run time and all that's left to pad this largely melted s**t sundae is Perry mugging for the camera as one of three insufferable characters. This wouldn't be such a problem for fans accustomed to the constant barrage of b***hing and nagging. But most of what is said are quite literally rewrites of the same tired jokes we've heard in Witness Protection (2012), Big Happy Family (2011) and for that matter, the first Boo! There's even the reoccurring "she's really a dude" gag that's repeated not once, not twice but three bloody times! I'd say it's lazy but given how absurdly repetitive this all is, I was half expecting Sacha Baron Cohen to come popping out of that dress saying, "gotcha!" All this and add to it Perry's obviously censored d**ns, f**ks and s**ts and you got yourself a movie that is daring longtime fans to abandon Perry's media empire built on lazy, terrible stereotypes. And what's left when all that bilious smoke has cleared? A quickie cash grab haphazardly assembled with no interest in delivering the minimum, let alone a worthwhile product. Comparatively this thing is somewhere between Madea Goes to Jail (2009) and one of Tyler Perry's bowel movements after one too many Arby's Beef 'N Cheddars. And that my friends, is about as objectively critical as one can be without screaming at the box office numbers and questioning whether there is a God.
Neither The Best Nor The Worst
Tyler Perry is something of an American phenomenon—a one-man motion picture industry. As a director, writer, or producer—and frequently all three—Perry since 2005 has been responsible for some twenty remarkably successful motion pictures. And that's in addition to the pictures of other filmmakers in which Perry has appeared only as an actor—popular films such as "Star Trek," "Alex Cross," and "Gone Girl."

To date, nine of Tyler Perry's twenty pictures as a producer, writer, or director have featured the character Madea, a plain-spoken and tough- loving elderly woman with a nurturing heart, a highly-acute antenna for the difference between right and wrong, and a penchant for involving herself in the troubles of other people.

Madea, who's played in elaborate makeup and costuming by Perry himself, is based in equal measures upon the filmmaker's mother and aunt, and is partially inspired by the characterizations and performances by comic Eddie Murphy in the 2000 comedy "The Nutty Professor II."

Tyler Perry's comedies are remarkably accessible to filmgoing audiences. While the motion pictures of other filmmaking multi-taskers often appeal to an especially exclusive and rarefied demographic—Woody Allen springs to mind—Perry's movies are popular entertainment for anyone who loves to laugh.

Unfortunately, "Boo 2!" is not among Perry's best pictures…or even among his best Madea pictures. While the laughs are there, especially for Perry's legions of fans and Madea aficionados, they're more sparse than usual, and less frequent. Both the filmmaker and the character he created seem to be going through the motions by rote, and without heart.

"Boo 2!" is enjoyable enough. But audiences unfamiliar with Tyler Perry or Madea might find themselves wondering what all the fuss is about.
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