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Thriller, Horror, Comedy
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Daniel Robbins
Alex Emanuel as Uncle Mike
Michelle Cameron as Crystal
Benjamin Beretz as Young Jack
Angela Atwood as Jenny
Adam Werth as Teacher's Assistant
Ben Rapaport as Frat Bro #2
Michael Gelfand as Frat Bro #1
Paulina Singer as Rose Gonzalo
Gene Jones as Wade
Michele Ammon as News Reporter
Mark Rapaport as Crackhead
Zack Weiner as Brandon
Ben Getz as Jack Luskey
Storyline: A sleepwalking teen straps a camera to himself and discovers a sinister family secret.
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More Bite than Bark
There is a lot to like about this movie; it uses its limited budget well, the dialogue is great, the acting is solid and it has a unique story. All of these things add up to a decent horror comedy that fans of low budget horror will enjoy.

That being said it is also important to know not to expect some crazy, blood-soaked monster mash as things don't really get going in that department until near the end and are pretty tame, most likely due to budget restrictions. Instead the film is a more personal story, and a good one, it's just that with the title and the poster you might get the wrong idea and be expecting something you aren't going to get (a bit like Gareth Edwards' Monsters). It also has a few problems with pacing and logic, i.e. events occurring without any build up and then forgotten about until convenient, but nothing too off-putting.

This movie demands a lot of attention and has a lot packed into the first hour for the final act to pay off properly, but overall it has enough going for it to give it a shot. It works well as both a comedy and a horror, just know going in that it is a story-heavy movie rather than a mindless gore-fest and you won't be disappointed.
A Howling Good Indie Werewolf Movie
I bought the DVD on the day of it's release and this is definitely one of the more better werewolf films i've seen as of late. There's a bit of everything suspense, horror, comedy, gore and action.

It's refreshing to see that this particular film doesn't just rely on the beast itself to carry out everything. This is also a story driven film which makes it all the more interesting to watch as everything plays out.

The special effects of the werewolf transformation may not be top notch Hollywood style but as a werewolf movie fan I applaud them for going with practical effects and animatronics it brings out more creativity and get's the actor involved instead of just having CGI do everything.

Definitely a talented cast everyone seemed invested and brought the goods to the table.

Ben Getz (Grotto, Multi-Player) does a wonderful job carrying his first full length film and if you buy the DVD (which I recommend because it comes with a funny blooper reel and audio commentary with the cast and crew) you'll find that not only is he talented but very dedicated to his character as well especially during certain outside scenes. That's something that will definitely work in his favor as an actor and I look forward to seeing more of him in future roles.

Kyle Kirkpatrick, Zack Weiner (was hilarious throughout) and Paulina Singer were strong standouts as well.

You'll find the title of this film is very fitting metaphorically because the beast in Jack himself is "Uncaged" once he reaches a certain age and literally because while Jack gets a cage with the exception of one time he tends to transform before he's securely inside which leads to some interesting things.

All in all i'd give this movie a solid 4 out of 5 stars. It's a decent indie werewolf flick that's not like some of those thriller/horror movies you watch one time then forget about a few weeks later. This one has nice rewatch value that you'll enjoy for many full moons to come.
A Modern Day Take on the Werewolf Genre
Uncaged is the story of a college boy, forced to lock himself in a cage to protect the world from the beast within. The story follows three friends as they plunge into one wild weekend in the country. It has the classic supernatural metamorphosis element. The protagonist figures out how to use his dark power for good: to rescue a battered wife. The cast gave memorable performances as oddballs characters. It has high production value. The special effects are good. The plot moves with funny jokes. The comic book style animation was a nice touch. It's Teen Wolf meets an R. Kelly video. If you like werewolf pictures, you will like Uncaged.
I wish these movie producers would stop throwing homosexuality down our throats. I think I'm watching a good horror movie and the horror is the homosexual scenes, I mean really? I feel when writers have to start off their movie with useless, tasteless scenes, they are brainless writers just looking for fillers that have no place in the movie itself.
Stupid film
I made an account just for the reason to say how stupidly dumb this film is, the only good thing about it is the guy in glasses, spoiler it makes no sense at all to how the mother had not killed her son or the father previously and when both friends enter the barn before the main char changes the guy in glasses goes to lock the cage and the other stops him, although the other guy is terrified of the main char for being a killed, why not just lock him in the cage anyways also he killed someone himself I turned it off after that point as the film is utterly retarded and makes no sense, don't waste your time watching this crap
Erratically messy and ambitiously quick, one might find only sliver of decency in the piles of inconsistent narrative
"Uncaged" is not normal by any stretch, from the first act alone it shows hectic cinematography and plot. It stumbles on found footage direction, turns into odd mix of thriller and comedy, then falls straight into corny nudity. The various subplots further hinder the execution with random occurrences. However, there are few surprises like the comic style presentation and better moments on the second half, although it would require patience on audience's part to get that far.

The story starts off confusingly, it's a series of camcorder records of a child then it jumps to three friends taking a trip into the woods, not forgetting the mandatory smooching events. As though that's not jumbled enough it veers with comic book slideshow and down to crime drama shtick. People would appear randomly, bringing needless subplots with them the entire way.

This is encumbered plot to say the least, but the movie has a good direction as it goes on and audience eventually familiarize themselves with the assortment of dubious people. Acting is pretty solid, especially the three friends, they have some awfully strange comedic moments which serendipitously work. The antagonist drug dealer is also ominous in abusive kind of way, if one can tolerate his awkward subplot shoehorned in.

Visual is a true mixed bag, on some occasions it looks bad and jittery as though it wants to replicate mockumentary, but towards the end the graphic is more polished. This is nothing short of big budget and it clearly shows with the editing, still there's a decent effort here and there when the story is properly engaging once it slaps all the fragmented narrative together.

The movie has unexpected shining moments from comedy and horror, but it's chained by incessant oddities which audience, rightfully, might not willing to endure.
The movie sucked
So the movie was a low movie budget with new actors and bad visual effects.At first i was searching for a movie and i went through the categories section to search and found this movie.I was not sure what to think of it because you see a werewolf type of creature on the main picture of the film and it's also marked as a comedy.But the developers of the program i am using were right that they placed the movie in the comedy section because the way the actors were acting was laughable and they weren't acting they seemed that they were like forced to play in the movie, like someone was forcing them with a gun on the head to play on the movie and they were like OK lets do it so we can go home .That gangster Gonzo was bad a.f. and he tried to prove to the protagonist that he is strong by placing his hand a meter above the lighter like you could tell that his hand was too far away but man he was a tough guy that most of the people were afraid of him...Well i am not gonna say anything else and end this review right here.To anyone reading this you should know that this is my opinion.
Not worth the time
Are American teenagers really hooked on sex? So bored with films depicting teenagers so hungry for sex. Around 15 minutes or so of teens talking about it which I found to be a waste of time and footage.

Annoying characters which made you cringe though the main protagonist was the best of all actors. He played his character well.

Certain scenes were just laughable and I am not talking about it being comedic. It was just plain stupidity and no thought into what the scenes were trying to represent.

Don't expect anything 1st rate as the whole film was done on a budget. As for originality, well, there were a few scenes which I thought were well done but it wasn't enough to justify the film as being good, scary or entertaining.
Not a good B-movie
First of all this is a B-movie. Nothing wrong with that because there are tons of good B-movies. Sometimes it's not necessarily a big budget that makes a great movie. There are plenty of examples of good movies made with a tight budget. Uncaged starts promising but the more you get into the story the clearly it gets that this is going to be a waste of your time. Well at least it was for me. The acting isn't great at all, not the worst but not good enough. The storyline gets worse the more the movie progresses. The special effects are close to non-existent, but that I could live with since it is a low budget movie. It's just the bad script that brings this movie down. Don't waste your time on this one.
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