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Violet & Daisy
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Action, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Geoffrey Fletcher
Alexis Bledel as Violet
Cody Horn as Barbie Sunday
Tuffy Questell as Kidnapped Man
Nick Choksi as Desk Officer
Danny Trejo as Russ
Danny Hoch as Man #4
Saoirse Ronan as Daisy
James Gandolfini as Michael
Lynda Gravatt as Dolores
Gary Hope as Hardware Store Cashier
Storyline: Two teenage assassins accept what they think will be a quick-and-easy job, until an unexpected target throws them off their plan.
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Violet & Daisy, or Violent and Daisy
Let me start out by saying I LOVE this movie! I know that the critics didn't care for it and it was a huge money loser, something I don't quite understand. The reviews here are mainly positive.

I loved the opening sequence, our protagonists disguised as pizza delivering nuns, delivering Righteous Pizza to a bunch of mobsters while rescuing their kidnap victim. Yes, Violet and Daisy actually serve up "righteous pizza" in the form of mass slaughter of all the bad guys.

I think this sets the tone for the rest of the movie. Violet and Daisy are professional assassins. But for all the killing there remains an innocence about them, Daisy more so than Violet. Maybe innocence isn't quite the right word, although it does fit Daisy, but childlike seems fitting. They play pat-a-cake with each other and with Danny Trejo, who plays their agent.

While Violet and Daisy does have its share of bloodshed the movie is really about relationship.

The acting was quite good, but Saoise Ronan is always good. I've only seen Alexis Bledel in Gilmore Girls, but she did a great job as Violet. James Gondolfini, need I say more? Danny Trejo is, well Danny Trejo at his most lovable.

But I am biased as I love this movie and have seen it like 34 times.
Don't trust my rating. I'm weird.
This is a really difficult movie to review, since it doesn't neatly fit into any category.

I like odd movies, and this one certainly qualifies. It starts out seeming to be a black comedy about teenage girl hired killers, but as it develops it eventually morphs into a poignant story. Everything about this movie is quite unrealistic, yet I personally didn't find it very hard to suspend disbelief and just go with it (although, admittedly, I was very tired and particularly susceptible when I watched it).

The two lead characters developed depth as they confronted the problem of killing someone that they really don't want to kill. I don't want to give anything away, so I'll just say that this movie is strange and unusual, well-filmed and well-scripted, and, at least to me when I happened to watch it, also quite moving.

My advice is that if this weird mix sounds like it might be interesting, the runtime is really short, so go ahead and give it a try, since the commitment isn't great.
A Hidden Gem
Sometimes we luck out when it comes to films we happen to cross paths with. This is one such film. If you are like me then the Indie film party is one that you are always extremely late for if ever invited. I could have continued my life having never thought twice about this film as I had never heard of it. But luckily it had been posted on the web and I figured why not take a look. The premise of the film sounded worthwhile enough.

To say that this film leaves you refreshed is an understatement. There is none of the pretense, cliché, and other "Hollywoodisms" that clutter most films (don't get me wrong I love most Hollywood blockbuster flicks...even the 'bad' ones). The characters are simple yet compelling, quirky yet likable. The duo of Ronan and Bledel may at first glance seem like a very odd pairing yet they work as two sides of the same coin. Having only ever seen Bledel in Gilmore Girls and annoyed by her character I was pleasantly surprised by her ability to create a character of such depth. Ronan does not cease to impress me. Having already seen her in City of Ember, The Lovely Bones, and Hanna she has already proved she has a wide range. But through all her caricatures she still remains very genuine and likable. James Gandolfini was stunning in the subtle way we projects his character. You feel for his character and nothing about him is contrived. It is only more disheartening by his real tragic end that perhaps adds to his performance.

Is the film perfect? No but then again perfection is such a subjective quality. I gave the film an 8 probably due to the fact that a film such as this deserves a few viewings to truly appreciate all the nuances that occur.

I may be totally off base but this film reminded me of a Wes Anderson creation (if he had a morbidly quirky twin that is). Though the female duo are technically murderous assassins for hire, there is nothing sinister about them. In fact the whole aspect of murder just lends itself to the quirky underpinning of the film as a whole. The film has its comedic moments which lighten the mood which could have been completely dark and depressing.

I am not sure how the film has been received but hopefully it will be recognized by the awards community.

Definitely worth watching (even if Indie/art-house films are not your thing...join the party)
First when the movie started, I was like...Okay well, it's not the kind of movie I'm used to watch but anyway, there was Saoirse Ronan in it and I've never seen a movie with her by the past so anyway just let's keep watching. I watch and when action starts, at the very beginning of the movie, I'm laughing, I think it's the weirdest thing I've seen since a long time but something catches me...Something tells me " just watch it ". And this part of me was right. The movie is excellent! More the story goes and more you love it. It's crazy but Violet and Daisy is the only movie of its kind. It surprises you because of many weird scenes and epic quotes (no spoilers here) and the ton of the film... I don't know - there is really something in that movie. I am serious when I say these words : it's a must watch. For me, it was the first time that I was watching a movie like that and well I don't regret it. I think that it's now in my top 10. So if you don't know what to think about this film or anything, don't mind, just watch it. You have to. It's a really great film. So I give it 10 stars because it's a pure surprise and seriously, I've never seen anything like that.

PS: just don't watch trailers for this movie (it's my advice) because I just found it here, without knowing what it was and I watched it - that way you really keep the surprise a surprise.
I really wanted to like this, but c'mon... when Alexis Biedel's character is breezily sauntering around looking for bullets, and runs into the other gang of assassins who were hired to do the same job, she doesn't think to warn her partner who is back at the apartment alone - with no bullets? The story line just made a big deal about her last partner being killed, but... "No, I'm a Gilmore girl -- it won't happen today.". Then it gets even more stupid, when after offing the other assassin crew in James Gandolfini's apartment, and someone knocks on the door, they're sitting there all freaked out because they again "have no bullets left" -- yet there's what, five dead assassins on the floor at their feet -- they've got lots of bullets -- and guns to put them in (in case they don't match the girl's weapons)! But, "Oh no, we only know how to shoot our own guns... we WILL only shoot our own guns, even if it means certain death!". Had to turn it off then, can only handle so much stupid in my lifetime.
An accidental masterpiece!!!
I had the chance to check out Geoffrey Fletcher's directorial debut on its premiere at the Toronto Film Festival and I was blown away. Geoffrey Fletcher is known as the Academy winning screenwriter of the film Precious, and his debut as a director took me by surprise because it did not at all offset any element from his writing work on Precious. He goes from social consciousness, inner-city story, black American social issues, etc.. and does a complete 180 degrees to create a world where two (white) teenage girls go on killing sprees for a living. but then again, Precious was adapted from a book, so he can kind of get away with this. Nevertheless, this really took me by surprise!

Alexis Bledel and Saoirse Ronan play the title characters, who seem like they spun out of a Tarantino movie. Violet and Daisy are hit girls in New York, casually amoral about assignments with their only real concern being what dresses to buy with the pay. The movie unfolds in 10 chapters with the first being the most Tarantino-esque, which actually establishes the wrong tone for what is to come. Saoirse Ronan will definitely be mentioned come award time! I must admit that the film was entertaining and filled with great comedic timing and actions scenes that came straight out of a Tarantino flick. In fact, If I didn't know who had directed this film, my first guess would be Quentin Tarantino. Violet and Daisy are given a new assignment — an easy one for an increase in pay,they are assured — takes the film into much trickier terrain. The target, played as a wry and rumpled sad sack by James Gandolfini (Tony Soprano) actually welcomes the girls' visit to his dumpy apartment. This bothers them: Shooting a willing victim seems unprofessional. The movie now devolves into a three-hander, with any number of incidents and other "guests" causing interruptions but the movie essentially becomes a play and delves into a poetic set of scenes filled with symbolic imagery to reveal each character's motives in life. The key confrontation in this life-or-death situation between killers and a eager victim forces self-examination on the parts of all three.

I applaud Fletcher's first effort, but can't really define him until I see more from him, which should be interesting to see what's next.
killing fate
Geoffrey S. Fletcher's oddball "Violet & Daisy" casts Alexis Bledel and Saoirse Ronan as a pair of assassins whose major target (James Gandolfini) proves to be a quandary. What makes the movie really interesting is the contrast between the title characters: Violet is the tough one, while Daisy is the impressionable one. But Gandolfini's Michael is another story.

This is not any sort of great movie. More than anything it's a quirky movie. I liked the side stories, such as what happens when the title characters go out to buy bullets. But the movie's main purpose is to show the evolution of the title characters' relationship with their target. It's an OK movie. Also starring Danny Trejo and Marianne Jean-Baptiste (of "Secrets & Lies").
A Great Stretch For Bledel
Two teenage assassins accept what they think will be a quick-and-easy job, until an unexpected target (James Gandolfini) throws them off their plan.

"Violet & Daisy" received mostly negative reviews; it received a rotten rating of 24% on Rotten Tomatoes. How this happened is unknown, because I think it is rather outstanding in its own way.

Alexis Bledel is probably best known for the quirky role of Rory Gilmore in the "Gilmore Girls". While she was excellent in that, she had a rather limited range. This takes her outside of that, with a darker tone and a different brand of comedy. I thought it was hilarious.

The use of flower names was clever and not at all annoying like it could be, even when the third girl (Rose) is added in. They also happen to share names with Daisy and Violet Hilton, well-known Siamese twins. Was this intentional? Probably not, but it seemed like an interesting take to me.

Matt Zoller Seitz sums the film up this way: "Gandolfini's quietly magnificent performance is the only reason to see 'Violet & Daisy,' a thriller that might as well have been released in 1996, when everybody and their brother and their sister and their cousin twice-removed was trying to be Quentin Tarantino, writing screenplays about loquacious hit men and gangsters and molls delivering cutesy monologues in wacky, not-quite-real universes." I see what he is getting at, but why must the best type of film from the 90s remain in the 90s? This is more than a rip off or homage to Tarantino, but a worthy spiritual successor.
This film may be an acquired taste
(Credit IMDb) Two teenage assassins accept what they think will be a quick-and-easy job, until an unexpected target throws them off their plan.

I'm not fully sure what I thought of this movie. It was artsy and thought provoking, but not a film I truly enjoyed. I really did appreciate the tenacity to pull what they did here off, but I was at a loss to what the point of it was. Granted, the acting is superb. Saoirse Ronan (Daisy) & Alexis Bledel (Violet) are scintillating in their roles, and really made this movie for me. Both are different from one another, but both are likable as well. Daisy is the reluctant assassin who loves her best friend, but isn't sure if it's what she wants to do. She's strong minded and a good soul. Violet is a bit more violent, and selfish. I thought the contrast of styles made for some riveting television at times. Some of the stuff is quite controversial and taboo. We get the girls impersonating nuns and killing people with the nun outfits on. I've seen a horror movie called Killer Nun, so it didn't offend me, but others may raise their eyebrows. I also loved how inquisitive and unique the girls were. They both kill people, but they are both afraid of harming a bird. I liked how director Geoffrey Fletcher made the girls have a heart. I'll also give credit to the sharp dialog in this movie. It's both honest and creative with it. James Gandolfini plays the father figure here of sorts. He's a bit of a lost soul himself, and does a wonderful job. I relished every scene he was in. I especially cracked up at him playing patty cake with the girls. The ending left me feeling a little bit cold, but I got why they did it.

Final Thoughts: It's well done, I'll certainly say that. It's not something I'll ever see again, and almost felt otiose at times, but the terrific performances and the engaging subject matter make this film worth seeing

Could've been much more
The movie starts with a great promise and packed with action. The idea of using innocence with cruelty is a great one. the cinematography is great too but once the story stays in one place for a long time than it gets a little bit boring. As soon as we learn why Gandolfini wants to die the movie is about good as over however it goes on for another 45 minutes or so.

I think Geoffrey Fletcher missed the point on this one. This could've been an action packed piece with a heart without being boring. It seems that he just didn't know how to achieve that sort of a formula.

However, this movie is not a total waste of time. It still has some interesting moments and good montage. Worth a watch.
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