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Voice from the Stone
USA, Italy
Drama, Thriller, Mystery
IMDB rating:
Eric D. Howell
Marton Csokas as Klaus
Lisa Gastoni as Lilia
Edward Dring as Jakob
Antonella Britti as Carlotta's Mother
Nicole Cadeddu as Carlotta
Remo Girone as Alessio
Emilia Clarke as Verena
Kate Linder as LaVecchia
Caterina Murino as Malvina
Giampiero Judica as Carlotta's Father
Storyline: In the '50s, in Tuscany, the nurse Verena is hired by the sculptor Klaus to help his son Jakob who has not spoken since his mother Malvina passed away. Verena befriends the old housekeeper Lilia and tries to connect to Jokob, but the boy can hear his mother's voice from the walls of the old family house. Throughout the days, Verena grows attached to Jakob and falls in love with Klaus, but she finds that Malvina is trapped in the house by Jakob.
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Not what I expected, at all
Before watching, I thought it would be an interesting horror or ghost movie. The whole time I was waiting for something "spooky" to happen but in vain. The film is calm, slow and maybe for some - boring. Nothing valuable happens. Of course, the atmosphere, the house they live in is very nice to watch, but still, I wouldn't have watched if I had known what to expect. the only thing that I liked was the feeling of misunderstanding that the movie left in me at the end. I didn't really get what happened. I am still in a doubt, I have two versions and I think I'll be looking for more reviews to help me solve the idea of the ending
Very Entertaining!
It's a wonder why up and coming stars like Emilia Clark even risk doing movies in the horror genre, its viewers are the most difficult to please. Not only will people have high expectations because of her Game of Thrones Fan base, but psychological horror movies without blood and gore nearly are almost always labeled boring, or they're accused of doing the same old tricks that have been used before in several movies before it. It's almost impossible with a win as an actor or actress.

I thought this movie was suspenseful,it kept me guessing throughout the entire film, and I thought Ms. Clark did an excellent job portraying her role.I'd certainly recommend this film!
Ghosts, madness or both?
"The dead don't speak....as hard as we may wish them to."

This is an achingly beautiful and haunting story about a young governess hired to help a boy who has been traumatized since his mother's death. Her efforts continue unsuccessfully while her attachment to him grows. She feels the only way to help him is to try to experience what he is experiencing. It begins to work, much to the tortured father's displeasure. He cannot understand why everyone can hear his dead wife but him. She also converses with Lilia, an old caretaker whom she later learns has been dead the whole time. The ending is very clear as to what transpires. There is no confusion if you have been paying attention. This reminded me a great deal of Daphne DuMaurier's Rebecca, in it's grief combined with classic Gothic horror elements. I really enjoyed this, and found it different than anything I have seen in quite some time. It does move slowly.
Not what I expected, but definitely worth watching
If you expect a horror movie, this is not the case. Rather than a regular movie, I would say that some of the clips contained here are performed with horror parts.

The movie follows a story line but you won't be able to discover the most interesting part until the end, which kept me watching it, otherwise I would have stopped the movie in the middle.

Worth watching if you don't have any other titles to see.
Don't listen
As another reviewer stated, this is reminiscent of The Others, but without the atmosphere, mystery or characters that defined that film. I love Emilia Clarke, but even she can't create something out of nothing.

Maybe with a different director who could tell a story and create a world this movie may have worked, but overall it's just boring and uneventful, and the film is so completely detached from the characters that their actions and situations come out of nowhere and go back there again with no explanation. Is it a happy ending or a sad ending? Who knows and ultimately, who cares?
gorgeous Gothic
Not a thriller/horror/mystery as it is billed, but a beautiful, luscious Gothic.

Emilia is gorgeous and talented as always and the supporting cast does a very good job with their roles.

Moody, atmospheric, lush period Gothic.

If you engage and make it to the end, it will leave you thoughtful - as all the best gothics do.

Daphne DuMaurier and the Bronte sisters would gobble it up!
A Haunting Thriller with Romantic Undertones
Go see this movie for Emilia Clarke's wonderful performance and the haunting atmosphere. Clarke proves that beyond her Game of Thrones fame, she has the acting chops to continue with a great acting career after GOT ends. I loved the atmosphere in this film. However, had the script been stronger, and the direction tighter, the film would have been outstanding. It seems this film will either please or disappoint; it's that kind of film. The moody cinematography sets the tone under mostly overcast Tuscan skies as the young, British nurse Verena (Clarke) comes to the ancestral castle of the recently-widowed sculptor Klaus (played by the excellent but underrated actor Marton Csokas), and his troubled son Jakob, who "hears" his mother's voice in the stones of the house. As this was Eric Howell's directorial debut, I think more credit should be given to what he has achieved; however, where this film falters is the script writing and pacing - perhaps due to the director's lack of experience. That being said, this movie will not be everyone's cup of tea. The slow pacing is deliberate and is an important part of the story, creating mystery and suspense. The history of the house and its somewhat bizarre traditions on which it was built adds a lugubrious tone to the film. As the film builds to a dramatic crescendo, the clever play between reality and fantasy, the sensuality of stone and candlelight, unexpressed desires and dreams, leaves the viewer wondering where reality ends and fantasy begins. I found the last third of the movie very suspenseful. However, the script and direction falter when the movie takes on a more romantic and sensual tone between Verena and Klaus. It could have been more believable had that relationship been better developed in the script as well as reducing one or two scenes between Verena and Jakob. I really thought the love scene was beautifully, sensuously filmed using ab interplay between flesh and the sculptor making stone into flesh. Verena struggles to help Jakob speak after many months of silence and the viewer starts to question whether the story is only about Jakob's struggle, or Verena's, or Klaus' pain - or all three of these elements: is she meant to "cure" Jakob or is she meant to be cured? Too many films nowadays leave you with more answers than questions. I liked that this film does not provide clear answers, which adds to the mystery and moody, romantic feeling that are its hallmarks. Is the ending a figment of Verena's imagination? Will she succumb to the "voice in the stone" ? - or is the ending real ? The viewer is left to make that decision for themselves. As a final note, it is nice to see Marton Csokas play a different role than the usual villain/killer types he seems to be often typecast as: He is an untapped talent, in my opinion and I hope bigger and better roles await him. Csokas makes the most of his lean dialogue and is very believable as the somewhat remote but bitter, grief-stricken Klaus - struggling to understand his silent, traumatized son. I give this somewhat uneven film debut two thumbs up for the acting and atmosphere alone.
I am very picky, but I liked this one good enough
Personally, this movie had my interest through out. I think this film attracted people not accustomed to period drama's and hence the poor rating on IMDb. I love period dramas and this one was as decent as any other. Was it a perfect film? No, but it still entertained me. Bonus is I could not guess the ending, it had a good twist. Still not sure if she was entirely taken over or had to share her body with the soul of the boy's mother. Did leave me with a bit of a sinister feel, if that mother took entirely over the woman.
A poor excuse for a director to get Emilia Clarke naked
I caught this movie because my GF wanted to see it. I went in without knowing what it was about, but was pleased to see Emilia Clarke was in it. The original premise seemed intriguing, and the setting and cinematography sets the mood for what could have been a very capable ghost story /haunted house movie. The characters are introduced and the scene is set, and then.... nothing. Unfortunately, the pace of the movie slowly plods along, with nary a bit of suspense or fright. No spooky scary things go bump in the night, the characters just bore the audience to tears. If it weren't for the fact that Emilia Clarke is beautiful, I can't see how anyone would spend more than 20 minutes watching this. To make matters worse, her supporting actor is a child who has not a single line of dialog the entire movie (until the very very very end). Most of the movie the two of them just go around listening to holes in walls, to which there are no strange voices, or eerie whispers, just silence... There is also a groundskeeper who doesn't talk very much at all, and the boy's father- one character that does have some lines to deliver. He actually seduces the lovely Emilia Clarke to model nude for him while he sculpts a life-size rock into a statue of her (with a hammer and chisel, from scratch, without any clay mock-ups) while she just lays naked for the audience to feast their eyes on. Then he has a sex scene with her - after all, her clothes are already off, how much more in the mood could she be? And that I suppose is the purpose of and only reason to watch this movie: for the director to have an excuse to disrobe an actress for a gratuitous nude/sex scene, and to see Emilia Clarke naked, which without it would make this movie a 1 star.
Waste of time for you who seek logic in a movie.
Spoiler alert. Everything about this movie would be great but there is one huge thing what makes it not worth it. There is no logic. Did she make sex with him or she didn't? Did he start falling for her or not? There is a long list of confusing stuff, even the ending is unclear. I was disappointed and angry when it was over. I wish I'd never seen it.
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