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Walk of Fame
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Jesse Thomas
Malcolm McDowell as Evan Polus
Clay Chamberlin as Chance
Sonia Rockwell as Madison
Eddie George as Rookie
Jack Guzman as Rubisio / Officer W.G.A.S.
Jane Le as Lulu / Lele
Chris Kattan as Alejandro
Sam Lerner as Rowe
Mikey Post as Teddy
Storyline: Drew (Scott Eastwood) signs up for an acting class at the famous Star Academy in Hollywood after falling for aspiring actress Nikki. He gets more than he bargained for when he encounters an eccentric and volatile acting coach (Malcolm McDowell) and the cast of crazy characters looking for their big break in Tinsel Town. Can Drew survive the insanity of the Star Academy and win Nikki's heart?
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Big Stars Shine Bright
Films like Walk of Fame continue a welcomed tradition of simple films telling simple stories, albeit with a big punch of humor that levels the story, elevating this film to beyond enjoyable entertainment. The film stars Scott Eastwood an aspiring lawyer, Drew, who failed the bar exam twice. Idling at dead end jobs to pass the time, his big inspiration comes in the form of Nikki, a wannabe actress who attends an intense drama class led by the incomparable Malcolm McDowell. Drew follows his animal instincts and joins the class to get close to Nikki, but along the way challenges in the form of committed, idealistic classmates and McDowell's teaching style change his perception of showbiz. This film's humor is raging and when it delivers it does it was posh and shameless delight, which come as a big payoff with its storytelling. Walk of Fame is a film made by dreamers for dreamers looking for great laughs. This is entertainment at a basic, enjoyable level that will invite its viewer to sit down, relax and enjoy the ride.
Raunchy and Satirical
In being a fan of raunchy and satirical comedy, I really enjoyed Walk of Fame. After Drew (Scott Eastwood) fails the bar exam again, he runs into Nikki (Laura Ashley Samuels) and follows her to "Star Maker Academy." This acting school is home to a group of unique struggling actors who all have something else to laugh and crack jokes about. Hansel, Drew's roommate, is played by writer and director Jesse Thomas and he was probably my favorite character. He was so over-the-top weird, it was hilarious. This was a different role for Eastwood, usually don't see him in comedies, but he did a great job. The jokes are raunchy and the humor is sarcastic, which is right up my alley so it had me laughing out loud. It's a quick and light watch, a great comedy for night at home relaxing with your friends.
Avoid at all cost
No eastwood,has ever been comedic funny Clint was good at biting sarcasm.But really roll on the floor funny.Never. Neither is his son.Scott I would never though someone with the name Eastwood, could do a movie so bad,that it should be removed it from the face of the earth. You keep wondering how they got anyone on board with this turkey. Malcolm McDowell,Scott Eastwood.I mean these are BIG names.Why would they wanna do a stinker like this. There was a few chuckles in the beginning,but after that,it was all down hill
Fun comedy that doesn't take itself too seriously
Walk of Fame is unlike any rom com I've seen before in the way that puts its own twist to the genre with the unique characters and storyline. First time Director Jesse Thomas does a great job making a fun film that keeps the laughs coming in thick from beginning to end. Giving a backstage look at the struggles that upcoming actors encounter with a humorous twist to it, the constant chemistry that the characters demonstrate keep you intrigued throughout and always wondering what crazy thing is going to happen next. The story takes you on a roller-coaster of emotion throughout the film keeping up with the constant battle Drew faces trying to win over Nikki and everything in between. I definitely recommend this movie to people who enjoy some explicit humor and know how to keep things light.
This film tells the story of a handsome young man, who joins an acting class in order to be close to a beautiful female stranger. He encounters any strange events, but makes a bunch of friends along the way.

The story of "Walk of Fame" is really horrendous. It contains a parade of incredibly clichéd characters. Every major ethnic group is represented, and it also includes people of shorter stature, gays and lesbians. It is good to have a diverse cast, but in this film the cast is so forcefully put together that it looks more like a circus show. The story is basically a constant stream of either people being really nasty to each other, or acting really strange. The jokes with endless sexual innuendos are funny the first time, but really tiring after the tenth time. I do wonder why Scott Eastwood is involved with this horrendous project. His character rolls his eyes many times in the film, when unbelievable things happen. I can say that Eastwood's facial expression is actually genuine, because I can't believe what a train wreck I am watching on the screen.
don't bother
I have to say there aren't too many movies out there that are so bad that you have to keep watching until the end. The plot was quite predictable, the acting was horrendous, and the cinematography was barely up to par. I was also quite disappointed that Scott Eastwood, a man of a higher caliber, would accept a role and movie so diminishing to his career.

I basically wasted an hour and a half watching this.
A good laugh!
The trials and tribulations that come with attempting to make a career out of acting are not often things we as moviegoers get to see, and especially get to see depicted or even talked about in movies. Walk of Fame tells an original quirky tale about a group of wannabe actors who are trying to find their roles in the spotlight of Hollywood. I thought that writer and director of the film, Jesse Thomas, did a great job at creating a world that focuses solely on that day-to-day process that goes into becoming a movie star. The irony Thomas uses to poke fun at that same process is not only what made the film worth smiling at, but also what helped the film yield an inspiring message: If you're looking to become an actor, don't give up despite how tough times may get; and if you're a struggling actor, you're not alone. Whether or not that message applies to you does not matter. This refreshing story is something I'd recommend to movie lovers, especially if you're in the mood for a good laugh!
Raunchy Comedy with a recognizable cast
Scott Eastwood stars as Drew, a melancholic dude that works at a call center and can't seem to pass the bar exam. After meeting Nikki, played by Laura Ashley Samuels, Drew decides to try acting and joins Star Maker Academy. Malcolm McDowell and Chris Kattan thrive as the acting coaches at the academy. This movie is one of a kind. It twists and turns through the plot and covers so many different situations. This gives the notable cast so many different angles to throw jokes. Oh they had locker room jokes to throw. They threw jabs, haymakers and a knockout punch. All of those big name actors and Jack Guzman as Rubisio Uchilieni steals the show. His character is absolutely electric from the minute he comes on camera. Another unknown actor that impressed was Jesse Thomas, this is his first movie and all he did was write, direct and act in it. The film was light hearted and entertaining. I would suggest it to anyone who's trying to relax and have a good laugh.
Jesse Thomas's Backstage Look at Hollywood Life Brings Lighthearted Fun & Laughs
Our society has an obsession with celebrity and we are often fixated on every aspect of our favorite stars. From this, we have become quite familiar with this glorified version of Hollywood. However, things are switched up in Walk of Fame, which takes a lively crack at depicting how the other half struggles to make it in Jesse Thomas's vision of the more heinous side to Tinseltown. An oddball group of eccentric actors is introduced when Drew (Scott Eastwood) winds up following a love interest to her acting school in order to impress her. Each of the actors Drew encounters each have some strange quality that sets them widely apart from the average joe, especially when compared to Drew's everyday normalness. As Drew tries to navigate this strange world, hilarity ensues. By employing farcical humor, Jesse Thomas touches on a variety of subjects and stereotypes that are executed in perfect lighthearted fashion. Where you expect to have to rely on Eastwood for landing zingy one-liners and supplying witty humor, many of the supporting actors step up to the plate to help carry the film. Drew's best friend, Nate, as well as Rowe, one of the members of the acting class, especially impressed me. Other big names like Malcolm McDowell and Kris Kattan must also be acknowledged for their compelling performances despite having smaller roles. This all comes together via backstage fashion to help attribute a loony reality to the Hollywood sphere. Through this, Walk of Fame saves itself from falling trap to running the course of another conventional yet forgettable rom-com. Instead it manages to deliver a product that is both different and low key hilarious as long as you don't take it, nor yourself, too seriously.
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