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Walking Out
Drama, Thriller, Adventure, Mystery
IMDB rating:
Alex Smith, Andrew J. Smith
Bill Pullman as Clyde
Ken White as Richard
Josh Wiggins as David
Alex Neustaedter as Young Cal
Storyline: Based on the masterpiece, American short story, Walking Out, David (Josh Wiggins), an urban teenager's journey to rural Montana to go hunt big game with his estranged, 'off the grid' father, Cal (Matt Bomer). As they ascend deep into the wilderness, father and son struggle to connect on any level. A brutal encountering leaves them both with serious injuries in order to survive. survive.
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Here son, let's spoon...gonna make a man outta you!
Just because some dude knows a lot about hunting and seemingly has only that singular specialty to pass along to sonny-boy, I struggle to understand why the young newbie with buck fever gives absentee daddy three ticks off the clock. From the moment the dad all but threatens the boy with physical violence if he didn't put away his iPhone tells me he is quite possibly less mature than his teenage son. It seems that everything has to be on the father's terms even though the grandfather (now deceased) was a far more accommodating individual. As another reviewer complained, the story was shallow, vapid, and lacked any depth of character development and sympathy. I didn't really care if they both died of frostbite on the mountain. The dad was one of those aging Abercrombie & Fitch underwear models with the perfect teeth, perfect 4 day macho stubble, and just enough hair product to pull off that Cabela catalog wardrobe. He almost had me believing he stepped right out of the pages of The Von Hoffman Brother's BIG DAMN BOOK OF SHEER MANLINESS. Excuse me for being suspicious that Dad's relationship with mom ended because she found out ol' Cal was fishing for trouser trout through a glory hole in the Bass Outlet's dressing rooms.
Terrific journey of bravery and perseverance
I was not sure what to expect when I first saw the trailer for this film. I will say I am very glad I watched it.

Avoiding spoilers, I will say right off....the the story was original in a theme and setting often used. Cinematography and score were beautiful. Acting was terrific and narrative told with heart and realism.

This is the story of a boy and his father who go hunting for "Big Game" together for the first time. During their search for game a terrible accident occurs. From this point on, the film is a study in human endurance and love. Also a strong element of a boy becoming a man.

I felt the story was told perfectly without overdoing it and keeping it as real as possible. You actually feel like you Are there with them and feel their pain. This pain, however, it suppressed by the human spirit. It's a simple story, yet, original and wonderfully shot IMO.

There are parallels between Father and son and the Sons Grandfather. The flashbacks are relevant and illustrate the dynamic between the three generations.

A very well done and aesthetically beautiful film.
A slowly spun yarn lacking emotional depth or excitement.
I'm a simple moviegoer with pretty average expectations.

I saw this film the first weekend of Sundance 2017 without knowing too much about it. I was excited about it because I'm a fan of Matt Bomer and I had seen Josh Wiggins in another Sundance movie, Hellion, in 2014. I don't often write film reviews but I've been wanting to share my thoughts on this movie since seeing it.

While the majority of this review is focused on the parts of the film I disliked, please understand that I did not find this film to be a disgrace and I'm not vehemently opposed to it. There's a lot that I thought simply didn't hit the mark or simply didn't appeal to me. Before starting my tirade, though, I want to commend the film for its beautiful location and cinematography.

And here's my tirade: I disliked the score as it felt out of place or ineffective at conveying the mood of the scene in most places.

I disliked the world building and character development. I cared very little about either protagonist because I didn't really know anything about them. One is just a pretty normal kid from a broken family and the other is a guy who presumably spent his entire life hunting while taking a brief hiatus to father a child and then get a divorce.

On a similar note, the entire first hour of the movie (or the chance to learn more about the characters) was mostly just redundancy...and walking...lots of walking. Perhaps this was an artistic decision in order to help us empathize with David's (the son) boredom or to articulate to the audience the patience of hunting and/or the depth to which the two are in the wild. In any case, as a film-goer, it was wearisome.

The climax of the movie happens a little over halfway through but the sense of danger is quickly diminished. I'm not some high octane junkie looking for action at every turn but I thought the movie lacked urgency or purpose. I was sorely disappointed to find that after a very slow crawl to a single moment of excitement, we return back to another very slow crawl until the end of the movie. There seemed to be a lot more potential for telling the story in a way that incited a heightened sense of fear. Instead, we got melancholy until the end.

For a film that is clearly meant to establish an emotional connection to its audience, it lacked a strong narrative and relatable characters.
Touching father son winter thriller
Directors Andrew J. Smith and Alex Smith (both of "The Slaughter Rule" and "Winter in the Blood") have a sleeper of a thriller on their hands that could gain Oscar momentum for them, stars Matt Bomer "Cal" (Magic Mike XXL), relative new comer Josh Wiggins "David" (Lost in the Sun - 2016), and the Visual Effects team. While the story starts off extremely slow, painting a picture of an estranged father son relationship, the momentum changes when the reclusive dad and reluctant city boy take off for a winter hunt in the snowy mountains of Montana. It's at this point that Bomer's good looks and memorizing blue eyes, and Wiggins "silent treatment" against his estranged parental figure, fad away to reveal two individuals who must now bond together for survival. Tied into this story is Cal's dad Clyde (quietly played by the living Bill Pulman), who's story (told in grainy flashbacks) helps provide the discussion that keeps Cal and David focused. Cinematography by Todd McMullen ("The Leftovers" TV series) captures the beauty and danger of their surrounds, while Visual Effects (by a number of contributors) brings natures four legged creatures up close and personal. Don't let the slow start of this film make you bored. "Walking Out" is a quality thriller with a touching conclusion.
IndiMovie at its best
Location: the best of nature Characters: credible Actors: high class; extraordinary, sensitive, convincingly, touching, outstanding. They gave all what they can. Directors: they took a very important theme of these days and made a very sensitive story. Music: There is no one better who fits to the movie.

I recommend that this film should be shown everywhere - from big cities to small villages because it is a very important theme for young people and their relationship to there parents. Fathers and sons go and watch it! 10 points out of 10.
The simplicity of storytelling on screen!
This simply yet profound movie hit me deep in the heart. This is movie is the reason I love indies. No CGI, no loud moments. I haven't seen a survival drama told with such subtlety. Yes there are some really heart-stopping moments but I immensely appreciated the director's restraint in letting the audience tune in to what the characters were truly feeling rather than manipulate us with loud music & jumps. Most of the movie rests on Matt Bomer's Cal & Josh Wiggins' David with lots of close shots of their faces. Matt Bomer has proved his mettle as an actor but I think this is his most subtle performance ever. The emotions on his face are so subtle yet so profound that he invites the audience to not want to blink. Josh Wiggins plays David's arc from a grumpy teen to a man so beautifully. Bill Pullman is a delight in a small but powerful role.

I felt like I just traveled to Montana & spent time with Cal & David. What a ride. Don't miss it!
Incredible. Filled with heart and soul. About a boy and his father and their painful journey.
I'm not a big movie person. Shoot me. I went to see this movie at the Sundance film festival and I was blown away. I've never felt so connected and heartbroken by a movie. This is an incredible film with so much depth and meaning. I want to take everyone I know to this movie. I want to watch it a billion times. Again, I don't like movies. I highly recommend. (the one issue that I have found is that I can't seem to find this film anywhere online to purchase it so that is quite frustrating.)
A slow build up for a powerful final moment
This film tells the story of an estranged father and his son, who goes onto a hunting trip in a desolate place in the middle of a harsh winter. An accident bonds them together, and they have to fight for survival.

The story is built very very slowly, and you can skip pretty much the first hour and still can follow the story. Then, as danger kicks in, the father and son go through a series of emotions that is beautifully displayed. the final moment of the film is very powerful, and I think saves me from disliking the film. I don't understand why the film is called "Walking Out" though, as I see no relationship between the story and the title.
Classic drama between father and son but great twists and beautiful setting
I can't think of a reason NOT to give this film a 10 but I resist giving them out so it's a 9. Great story, strong characters AND relationships. Incredible tension and drama. I was on the edge of my seat for most of this film. The locations were stunning and the music really unusual (and that's a good thing). And Bill Pullman is just the right touch in his small but important moments. A good story, well told. What more can you ask of a movie?
Male Bonding
I liked the film. There was just enough male bonding that didn't go into the sappy world. Do you know why there are no women in this film? OK... there was 1 woman but she filled a minor role. The guys would have fed her to the bears when she asked for the 1000th time 'why don't you stop and ask for directions?'
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