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Wind River
USA, UK, Canada
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Mystery
IMDB rating:
Taylor Sheridan
Althea Sam as Annie
Shayne J. Cullen as BIA Officer #1 (as Shayne Joel Cullen)
Tyler Laracca as Frank
Elizabeth Olsen as Jane Banner
Apesanahkwat as Dan Crowheart
Kelsey Chow as Natalie
Tantoo Cardinal as Alice Crowheart
Tokala Clifford as Sam Littlefeather (as Tokala Clifford)
Eric Lange as Dr. Whitehurst
Gil Birmingham as Martin
Julia Jones as Wilma
Jeremy Renner as Cory Lambert
Storyline: A veteran tracker with the Fish and Wildlife Service helps to investigate the murder of a young Native American woman, and uses the case as a means of seeking redemption for an earlier act of irresponsibility which ended in tragedy.
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Decent movie but very slowly paced and too long
Decent movie but very slowly paced and too long.

Some scenes felt like they dragged on forever with unnecessary and pointless dialog.

The pace was also very slow and had it been a little faster with about 20 mins condensed off the total run-time, it may have been more of a 'thriller'.

The acting although decent, also felt stale and slow at certain times. The only convincing parts were the few action scenes.

The directing and cinematography were the highlights of this film.

Would I watch this again? Nope. It's a 7/10 from me
An Engrossing Murder Mystery That Respects Its Subject _ and Audience
"Wind River" is a gripping murder mystery-thriller written and directed by Taylor Sheridan (Best Original Screenplay Oscar nominee for "Hell or High Water") starring Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Olsen and Graham Greene, featuring an unusually strong supporting cast that includes many fine Native American actors.

Renner and Olsen play a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service tracker and an FBI agent, respectively, attempting to solve the murder of a young woman whose body is discovered by Renner under mysterious circumstances as he patrols the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming.

The film scrupulously avoids clichés and is tightly edited with nary a wasted moment, yet never feels rushed or artificial in performance or plot. Everyone and everything is there for a reason, and best of all, the audience is given credit for being able to keep up and connect the dots.

The violence, which is absolutely necessary, is kept at a bare minimum as a narrative device, explaining and clarifying rather than assaulting the senses.

Every character, even the most heinous, is portrayed as a fully developed human being rather than as stereotype.

We learn how the Native American culture is victimized in a way that takes us inside their world and their souls, but the journey is skillfully handled and never heavy handed.

The photography is perfectly rendered, celebrating the icy Wyoming scenery in a muted style consistent with the mood of the story.

Renner, Olsen and Greene are excellent and believable, but in no small way this is an ensemble piece whose potency and effectiveness derive from the palpable passion and belief of everyone in front of and behind the camera.

This is an engrossing story well worth your time and money, and kudos to everyone involved for having faith that a discerning audience will find and appreciate it.
your basic whodunit
1) No character attachment. There's nothing to make us care what happens to these underdeveloped characters.

2) Plot/story line is a stretched-too-thin cliché.

3) Where's the river? ACTING--> 10 DIRECTION--> 10 CINEMATOGRAPHY--> 10 WRITING--> 3
Heavy picture, but worth every minute!
I knew it would be a strong title going in, since I loved Prisoners and Sicario as well, but honestly haven't expected it to be this good.

It was kind of like being punched in the stomach. A heavy topic and a depressing feeling to the whole movie, but I'm glad I've watched it.

It really shows that Denis Villeneuve and Taylor Sheridan have worked together for some time now. The whole movie gives you that same familiar feeling you get when watching Prisoners or Sicario, but I have to say, Wind River turned out to be a stronger picture than the latter,as strong as Prisoners with the direction of Villeneuve, and Jeremy Renner's acting was easily as convincing as Jackman's desperate father role, not to mention basically the whole cast. Great actors and performances.

No need to stretch it out any more, although it'd be easy to write a lot more about this one. This is a picture you should just watch. Be warned though, it's pretty thought provoking and may not let go of you for a while.

Congratulations to Mr. Sheridan for writing/direction and to all the cast for this film. Easily one of the best movies I've seen in the last few years!
A slow smolder with a great payoff at the end: good film
A well made thriller that starts slow and builds to a raging bonfire. Mom and I enjoyed this one very much. Great acting and direction made this a must see! The lead was good in Bourne and Avengers as was the female lead in Avengers. I wanted more closure for him at the end and was unimpressed with the physicality of the female FBI agent but overall well done. I like his line throughout the film, "I am a hunter, that's what I do." We enjoyed this one. Check it out!
"You are looking for clues, but you are missing all the signs"
"Wind River" (2017 release; 107 min.) brings the story of Wildlife Officer Cory Lambert. As the movie opens, reminding us "Inspired By Actual Events", we briefly see a woman running for her life in the snow. We then are introduced to Lambert, who is hunting down wolves. Lambert visits his ex, where he picks up his young son for the day. Lambert then visits the parents of his ex, as their life stock has been attacked, possibly by a lion. In the course of starting his investigation, Lambert finds the frozen body of the woman we saw running for her life. Because it looks like a possible homicide, an FBI agent is called. At this point we're 10 min. into the movie, but to tell you more of the plot would spoil your viewing experience, you'll just have to see for yourself how it all plays out.

Couple of comments: this movie marks the second directing stint of highly praised writer (and erstwhile actor) Taylor Sheridan, whose previous two movies, 2015's "Sicario" and last year's "Hell or High Water", were among the top movie of the year for me. "Wind River" is for me one of the most anticipated movies of the year, period. With "Wind River", Sheridan goes in a very different direction again as compared to "Sicario" and "Hell or High Water", digging into a murder mystery, set in an Indian reservation in snow-covered Wyoming. Jeremy Renner brings perhaps his finest performance of his career as the Wildlife hunter/tracer Cory Lambert, who himself carries a heavy secret. Elizabeth Olsen is Jane Banner, the wide-eyed inexperienced FBI agent who is in way over her head but is determined to do what is right. "You are looking for clues but you are missing all the signs", remarks Lambert early on, and she begs him to help her. And there are plenty of potential suspects--it's not a coincidence that this is set in a community that has more than its share of crime and misery. Sheridan leads with confidence as the tension in the movie rarely lets up. Bottom line: this is another nice movie from Tayalor Sheridan, who in just a matter of a few years has become one of Hollywood most accomplished writer-directors. Can't wait for his next movie, "Soldado", a sequel to "Sicario", to be released next year.

"Wind River" opened this weekend at my local art house theater here in Cincinnati on not one, but two screens, a rarity. The Saturday matinée screening where I saw this at was attended very nicely for a matinée. I imagine that "Wind River" will benefit from the strong word-of-mouth that this will surely generate. If you are in the mood for a top-notch mystery drama with some stellar performances, you cannot go wrong with "Wind River" be it in the theater, on VOD or eventually on DVD/Blu-ray. "Wind River" is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Excellent acting
So much better than Sicario. Renner plays a grieving father with much subtlety and the overall cast are outstanding. Particularly Gil Birmingham. A whodunit that unfolds in an understated way but is eventually gripping and moving. And has a sobering message re the absence of stats for missing Native American women. I highly recommend.
a standard vengeance thriller with solid storytelling, exciting visuals, and well-crafted acting
The vengeance thriller genre has always been popular because its core emotion is universal and forgiveness has human limits. There are many ways to translate this theme to film and most involve 'eye for an eye' violence which is the narrative heart of Wind River (2017). The stand out feature of this film lies in the way it deploys stunning cinematography to tell a reality-based story with rising tension and emotional depth.

While protecting livestock from wolves in the snow-covered Wyoming mountains, wildlife hunter Cory Lambert (Jeremy Renner) discovers the frozen body of a barefoot 18-year old girl. The crime scene is on Indian Reservation land and beyond local jurisdiction so rookie FBI agent Jane Banner (Elizabeth Olsen) is sent to investigate. Her inexperience is quickly obvious and she calls on Lambert's hunting skills and knowledge of the Mountain ranges. The investigation unfolds amidst deep distrust that locals have for outsiders and Lambert's grief over the recent loss of his own daughter. His connection with the Indian parents of the missing girl adds a culturally sensitive and emotional layer to what would otherwise be just an action-based thriller.

There is little in this story that would earn praise for originality. Its pace is unhurried and the central characters are stereotypes that we have seen before. But it is outstanding in the way the majestic mountain-scapes are integrated into the storytelling through breathtaking panoramic aerial photography. Treacherous weather and the effects of sub-zero temperatures on the human body add to the hidden dangers and the impoverishment of life on native American Reservations. Lambert and Olsen are well-cast as two conflicted loners, giving character performances that drive the film without grandstanding. Dialogue is minimalist as you might expect in an isolated mountain community and a female FBI agent is not going to change that. While shootouts are obligatory in this genre, the violence is swift and essential to the narrative. The film's suspense curve maintains audience engagement until justice and vengeance are served.

While this film comes with little fanfare, it has solid storytelling, exciting visuals, and well-crafted acting. It also has a subdued political theme not fully evident until the sobering on-screen message that, even today, no data is collected on the number of American Indian women reported missing. This disturbing insight into the status of today's native American population is balanced by the positive feminist message that is portrayed in a young female heroine using her wits without the hyper-violence seen in so many recent releases.
Taylor Sheridan depicts another dilapidated region of America
If you've seen any of Taylor Sheridan's previous work, you probably noted that he has a certain style. He tells stories about ways of life in dilapidated regions of the country. He blurs the lines between "good guys" and "bad guys," instead framing the status of the selected region as the truest villain. What's right and wrong, considering all the unique variables of each story, is not always clear. At least, that was case in Sicario and Hell or High Water.

In Wind River, the region is still presented with all the strain that is causes on the lives of its residents, but a much more obvious villain is revealed before the movie is over.

Hell of High Water frames the crumbling economy of a certain Texas region as the real source of evil, rather than any characters. Whereas in Wind River the source of evil is definitely the rapist. I mean, the rapist attempts to blame the cold and silence, but his actions were clearly much worse than bad weather.

Sheridan's previous films also left doubt about who were the heroes, who the audience should be rooting for. This time it was much less ambiguous—they were the people searching for the rapist.

An emerging theme in Sheridan's movies appears to be Tarantinoesque eruptions of violence, sometimes near the conclusion. They don't always reach the levels of the Django Unchained shootout, but Sheridan clearly isn't shy about showcasing the unforgiving damage that can be inflicted by firearms.

Complaints, I have a few. On more than one occasion, I legitimately could not understand what a character had said, so I was left wondering if I missed something important. I'm not sure if this manner of speaking was a choice made by the actors or if this was a decision made by Sheridan to establish a certain tone. Either way, I could have used less mumbling.

The other complaint that I have, and this is more serious, the middle third of the movie felt like it contained a lot of empty moments. This may or may not have been related to the times that I couldn't understand what a character said. Still, the movie could have used a bit of its fat trimmed. It wasn't as crisp and clean as Hell or High Water and Sicario. And I know I keep comparing this movie to Sheridan's others, but that's bound to happen when a writer sets the bar so high with two gems.

On the whole, I consider this a success for Sheridan in his directorial debut. I'd happily watch another story of his about justice and an overlooked culture.
Like an extended episode of Longmire
I saw the trailer for this movie and thought it might be interesting (and frankly there was nothing else at the movies to see). The plot was difficult to figure out and the characters less compelling than I had hoped. The acting, for what the material gave them, was good. Jeremy Rinner was okay as the sad hero figure, Graham Greene is always great and Elizabeth Olsen as the out of place FBI agent was probably the most well-drawn character in the movie. I just didn't think it was enough for high cinema and for the reviews I had seen. The scenery was nice if you like a lot of snow and people flying around on snow mobiles. I understood the larger point the movie was making but I think the series Longmire did it so much better.
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