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Without Name
Drama, Thriller, Mystery, Horror
IMDB rating:
Lorcan Finnegan
Alan Mckenna as Eric
Paul Ward as Garda
Helen Roche as Devoy's Sister
Alan McNally as Silhouette
Niamh Algar as Olivia
Morgan C. Jones as The Client
Donncha Crowley as Publican
Olga Wehrly as Margaret
Storyline: Follows a land surveyor on an assignment to measure an ancient forest for a developer but soon loses his reason in a supernatural environment that has its own plans.
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Reality and Dreams Merge
The natural world, with its serenity and stillness, brings comfort for many. For Eric, a land surveyor who heads to the woods solely to escape a shattered marriage, it brings something else. Summoned by a mysterious client to a cabin far from the concrete dullness of his suburban home, Eric eagerly awaits the arrival of Olivia who is both surveying partner and mistress. Olivia encourages Eric to live his dreams, yet he is a man who has none. Within the mist and moss covered forest, shadows intrude. The stillness combined with obtrusive locals, unsettle something in Eric's psyche.

Without Name immerses the audience in a surreal world filled with spectral auras and tones. The forest alternately glows and darkens, appearing like a dance floor where possibilities brighten in the flickering light, then dissipate into murkiness again. I love this film theme, where reality and dreams merge together and become indistinguishable from each other. I only wish the dialogue and action sequences were as deep as the film themes. Seen at the Miami International Film Festival.
Forest of mystery....
I hate to throw "water on the fires of praise" but have to give an honest opinion of this film as I see it.

The three previous reviews rave about the artistic nuances and beauty of nature melding with psychological mystery in "without name". I do agree the acting and sound track were good and suites the theme of this film. However, it is a far cry from being a thriller/Horror film and although unique I'm not sure what genre this film fits in to.

I found the film boating and purposeless. There were some nice lighting shots and shadowy artistic scenes but that does not a good film make.

Without Windows is a journey of a man (and woman) working to survey land for a mysterious man. Mush of the plot is never explained or resolved. I know this is offered up as an attempt at an artistic naturalistic mystery, but, IMO, falls short in being anything other then 70+ minutes of trees, trees and more trees. All of the additional story line and narrative seems to convolute any meaning and purpose.

Again, there are some merits to this film in way of the use of lighting and score, but, the movie moves at a snails pace and builds to a rather anti climactic ending. I was left wondering what message did this film have to convey.

To each his own. I felt the viewing of this movie was as interesting as watching grass grow.
An atmospheric horror film that draws you in!
This is a very good "Psychedelic Horror" film and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. All the different elements worked together really well to make an original and very atmospheric film. The players are all excellent in their roles, no bad acting at all just good solid and believable performances all round. The soundtrack is particularly good and suits this film perfectly, at times frightening and intense and at others gentle and eerie. The camera work is very artistic and it looks like a lot of consideration has been given to each scene, some scenes are genuinely unsettling especially with the trees and forest. The story is nicely paced and I was not bored for a single moment. I'm very interested to see what this director will do next. As above I would classify it as "Psychedelic Horror" with deeply atmospheric sound and vision.
A solid psychological horror for the directorial debut of Lorcan Finnegan
The Irish horror film "Without Name" is a great first effort for director Lorcan Finnegan. This low budget feature stars Alan McKenna as the middle-aged man Eric contracted to survey a dense woodland known by locals as gan ainm, translated from Irish as: without name. Leaving his apathetic wife and troubled son he sets out to escape his life in the city for a short while to engross himself in work and his love affair. Unfortunately for Eric the classic escapism of Irish folk tales which helped inspire the film are riddled with mischievous creatures, dark forests and malevolent forces. The shifting light of the mysterious forest and unsettling land begin to disturb his mind as he is haunted by a silhouette through the trees.

The direction and visual style of Without Name is great, drawing you into the paradoxical claustrophobia of a dense wood, where light can trick the eyes and the cold and decrepit bark of the trees form the bars of a cage. While more of a psychological thriller than the classic horror similar to films like Bergman's "Hour of the Wolf" Lorcan really shows a knack for the genre skillfully rendering a mans slow descent into madness. The film is not a scary one nor does it seem to try to be one. Lorcan never uses cheap tricks and seems to understand that the true fears of man lay in the shadows and in the recesses of the mind which in my opinion should be at the roots of all great horror films.

The acting at times was fantastic and at other times a bit stale however Alan McKenna managed to round out the film with a spectacular performance throughout. A standout for me was the incredible sound design. While not fully polished the score and sound effects beautifully draws you into the dizzying and chilling world in the woods. The special effects were simple which is expected for a film of this budget yet they along with the music were effective in portraying the impression of paranoia and mini-Spoiler: a mushroom trip. The film has many references to Irish fairy tales including a short description of the fairy circles which cause men to get lost in the woods forever walking in circles, which I loved even if for nothing more than nostalgia of my childhood. These elements on top of the beautiful fauna make this a uniquely Irish film.

While Without Name did touch on some ideas including a Terence McKenna like philosophy, which were visually told throughout the story through the diary of the enigmatic William Devoy, the film to me really did not seem to say anything particularly interesting or artistic. The story and writing was good. It was a slow burn but the build up and ending was fantastically crafted. The story and themes had this unique Irish tinge but overall it did not seem wholly original. The narrative and twists have been done before and it felt very familiar at times.

Without Name as a film was very solid and an haunting watch. It looked and sounded great at times but it failed to truly say or do anything original. It is a must see watch for fans of Irish film and those tired of the usual tropes of jump scares and gore of contemporary horror film. As a lover of psychological films I thoroughly enjoyed it and I have great expectations for the future projects of the director.
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