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USA, Canada
IMDB rating:
Roxanne Benjamin, Karyn Kusama
Melanie Lynskey as Mary (segment "The Birthday Party")
Brooklyn Hatrak as Party Goer (segment "The Birthday Party")
Seth Duhame as David (segment "The Birthday Party")
Sanai Victoria as Lucy (segment "The Birthday Party")
Michael Dyson as The Man (segment "The Box")
Valeria Chavez as Party Goer (segment "The Birthday Party")
Jay Chirinos as Party Goer (segment "The Birthday Party")
Sheila Vand as Carla (segment "The Birthday Party")
Peyton Kennedy as Jenny Jacobs (segment "The Box")
Lindsay Burdge as Madeleine (segment "The Birthday Party")
Peter DaCunha as Danny Jacobs (segment "The Box")
Natalie Brown as Susan Jacobs (segment "The Box")
Jonathan Watton as Robert Jacobs (segment "The Box")
Ron Lea as Dr. Weller (segment "The Box")
Storyline: XX is a new horror anthology with a gender twist - all segments will be helmed by female directors and will star female leads. The directors have been given free creative rein within budget and time constraints, but all of the segments themselves will involve the horror genre.
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BIG Disappointment Stay Away
Have you seen woman parking a car? Well, yes this is a case of move all the directors of 4 short films made are pure armature. A big disaster! The best thing you can do is watch short movies on YouTube and stay away from incomplete series. The first one "The Box" only shows eating eating and eating. Maybe director is a chef or something with no ending explain at all finding a box and keep asking whats in it doesn't make anything horror. Probably 120 minutes of my life is wasted. about second one the birthday was a real haha.. If someone dies! what you will do? celebrates birthday? the main thing about this movie that all the short films was incomplete. Makes no sense why they made this movie? Why! probably the worst movie in Hollywood. sorry!
Not what I expected
When I read "Four short horror films that are directed and written by women" I assumed it had to be bad and watch the trailer just to confirm my suspicion.

Unlike what I expected, I was in fact intrigued by it and decided to watch the movie and I am glad that I did, it was actually really interesting.

This is not a movie for everyone, and if you really like your mainstream movies, you are not going to like this. If you however are open to new perspectives, you might.
An interesting collection of ideas, unfortunately not fit for the format.
Proposing a collection of original shorts in a horror landscape over-saturated with remakes and old recipes is a daring proposition, with or without gender twist. XX delivers four 20 minutes works with an episodic animated sequence as interlude. While the animated part is simply masterful, the quality of the shorts varies.

1st Short: The Box. This short seems to draw an illustration of how a dysfunctional family would end up if closeted drama and shouting exchanges were replaced by a supernatural element. Rather ambient, it lets you wonder what to expect. Unfortunately, the conclusion misses the target and leaves you wanting something more elaborate.

2nd Short: The Birthday party. Expedited premise and hardly believable character behavior make this short rather weak. It seems to be intended as a joke and it sort of, kind of work if you're a good audience. Good material for fan theory, but nothing memorable.

3rd Short: Don't fall. Typical monster story, with all the clichés of the genre packed into way too little time to deliver any kind of tension. A success if you want to watch absolutely every (bad) monster film in 20 minutes, a failure if you're looking for anything else.

4rh Short: Her only living son. The best of the lot, with a tense ambiance from early on, and the only one with enough background to establish a more solid story line. The female lead knows how to act, and the dramatic arc is built better than in the 3 other shorts. Nonetheless, some of the narrative is expedited and make the story fall a bit flat.

Ultimately, the bundle gives the impression that none of the stories were meant for the short format to begin with, and try to follow the same formula as full feature films while condensing it in 20 minutes. As a result most of the shorts rest on interesting ideas but none seems to know whether to be a trailer or a feature film, to the detriment of tension and narrative.

It remains that there are far worse movies around. "The box" and "Her only living son" have a compelling second level of reading and can push your empathy buttons just right, and "The Birthday Party" might make you smile ("Don't Fall", though is a total miss). Funnily enough the 20 minutes format, as ambiguous as it is, also makes sure that no story overstays its welcome.

I'll give it a 5 for effort and for the animation. Watch it if you want something a bit different, and for some good starting ideas if you're a fiction writer. Give it a rain check if you're looking for a mind-blowing work.

The good: Interesting ideas + Good metaphors + Refreshing formula + Masterful animated intermezzos

The meh: - Average acting - Narrative doesn't fit the format well - Soundtrack could be more subtle

The bad: - The whole 3rd short (Don't fall). - The mood lapse between the 1rst and 2nd short.
I like the idea. However this movie is horrible
I like the idea of short horror stories coming together in a movie, but not like this. I enjoy creepypasta's, so when I saw the trailer for this movie I was excited. Luckily, I didn't pay to watch this movie in theaters, otherwise I would of been more upset about this film. Watch at your own risk.
Not as bad as the reviews say
I went into this movie, expecting something terrible, but it really wasn't.

It should have been classified as a suspense movie, since there isn't much horror. The acting is good in most segments, but there are some parts where the actors were hamming it up. The cinematography is good, it looks very professional.

The first segment has a very interesting story, but it is a bit slow, and the mom's character seems very unlikable and unbelievable. I would have liked more closure to the end of the segment, rather than the ending they chose.

The second segment was very boring to me, and seemed to be more black comedy than horror.

The third segment was the most enjoyable, since it was actual horror. The story was too short, however, and more backstory on the monster would have been nice. I didn't much care for the characters.

The last segment was also interesting, but slow, and we don't get to see the big bad himself, which disappointed me.

It's not a terrible movie, but it does feel lacking and very slow at times. This is a movie to put on if you're multi-tasking since there will be times you will stop paying attention to it. They could have done a lot more with it, but it's not as bad as some movies I've seen.
If you love Indie Horror this set of 4 short films is for you
I am impressed of the low rating of these 4 short films that comprise XX. I believe that rating sometimes mostly depends on the viewer's expectations.

XX (what a bad title) is a set of 4 short films. The films are indie in style and narrative so this is important to note before you watch them. If you love the prequel to the Texa's chainsaw massacre XX is NOT for you.

If you are always looking for something different in horror movies, a different way of telling a story or a different story all together XX IS for you.

I found "The Box," the first one of the short films to be most disturbing although "My Only Son" is an interesting reworking of a classic horror theme.
not so good horror movie
the only thing creepy about this movie is the animation sequence that plays in between stories and the 'don't fall' main character, other than that, this movie is boring, don't fall is the only story I liked. trailers were good thought, but the movie falls short to scare you or give you the creeps.1st story keeps you hooked to the seat but the ending let you down.
my wife wanted to watch this.... don't
This is seriously one of the worst things i have ever watched. I could not even make it past the second one.... It makes no sense, should not be in the horror category at all. Do not waste your time on this crap. I know many more b-horror movies that i would give an Oscar over this piece....
An episodic Horror movie made by Women. Said the Advertisement for this Film. Sounded interesting, but I was sceptic. Not because of Ladies directing Horrormovies. I know quite a bunch of entertaining Horrorflics, Badabook, American Mary, American Psycho, Slumber Party Massacre, Good Night Mommy, Amer, Humanoids From The Deep(Remake), Under Surveillance and one of my all-time-favorites Ravenous - all of those Films where directed by Women.

I was sceptic because it sounded like a cheap way to get attention for a mediocre Movie. And I was sadly right. This Movie wants to be like V/H/S or ABC's of Death. But the Stories of the Episodes are really dull and uninspired.

Episode 1. 4/10 For trying and its interesting Premise. Episode 2. 2/10 Its like Weekend at Bernies. Without the fun(or horror). Episode 3. 1/10 This is just a waste of time. Stupid. Episode 4. 5/10 In my opinion the most interesting one. But nothing new or even daring.

All those Episodes are followed by an odd intermission in the form of a surreal puppet animation, which is nicely made. But nonetheless, it has nothing to do with the rest and so it feels really deplaced and too artsy.

So: Even though the advert let us hope to see a post-feministic take on the horror genre, we are stuck with uninspired portrayals of boring Housewifes and the typical display of noisy student girls. Not even in a satirical way. My final verdict: 3/10.
Barely even qualifies as a movie.
I could have excused the sexist premise of this project if these 4 ladies actually made a decent movie. Unfortunately the end result barely even qualifies as a movie. The stories we are shown are in an embryonic stage, they are underdeveloped, unfinished and underwhelming. The kind of thing an overconfident fan fiction writer might E-mail to M. Night Shyamalan under the heading "ideas for movies". In fact, the stories are so thin and scarce made up that I fear going into any sort of detail about the plot lines might already spoil them.

But perhaps the thing which reeks the most about this movie is that it actually received positive reviews from professional movie critics. This is particularly suspicious when contrasted with the reviews it has garnered from the public. One has to wonder whether this movie would have gotten the same praise if it was made by 4 men and didn't have a feminist agenda.

I rate this movie at 3/10 stars. The last two stories, while equally unfinished, at least had some potential. And while the movie was underwhelming, it wasn't necessarily boring.
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