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You're Next
Thriller, Horror, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Adam Wingard
Calvin Reeder as Officer Trubiano
Lane Hughes as Fox Mask
Joe Swanberg as Drake
Ti West as Tariq
Amy Seimetz as Aimee
Rob Moran as Paul
Larry Fessenden as Erik Harson
AJ Bowen as Crispian
L.C. Holt as Lamb Mask
Storyline: When a gang of masked, ax-wielding murderers descend upon the Davison family reunion, the hapless victims seem trapped... until an unlikely guest of the family proves to be the most talented killer of all.
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An Inventive Slasher In A Sea Of Sequels
What sounds more torturous — going to a dinner party where you despise every single guest, or being the sole survivor of a wretched Friday the 13th sequel? What if I gave you no option? What if I told you you had to live through both, in one sitting? In all fairness, I should not have made such a proposition in the first place, as you're the fortunate one: the characters in You're Next are the poor souls that have to endure such a bloody, miserable experience, while you, pampered on your couch, get to watch them survive (or die), with a laugh, a gag, or a scream. Take your pick. Choose wisely.

You're Next is probably the best "smart" horror movie since the Scream franchise; it's intelligent not because it's meta or because it's sarcastically aware of itself, but because everything seems to somehow, I don't know, play it straight and have fun with itself, all at the same time. Don't get me wrong, this is a scary film, dressed to the nines with demented killers in animal masks and sickening gore effects. But just because a film is nasty, rude, and not for the squeamish doesn't mean that it can't also be a bloodstained riot. Like The Cabin in the Woods or yes, even Scream, it takes familiar horror territory, looks it straight in the eye, and snarls that it's going to do it better this time around. The home invasion slasher has never been this gratifying.

The Davison family, dysfunctional as they are, are planning a reunion for the 35th anniversary of the parents, Paul (Rob Moran) and Aubrey (Barbara Crampton). To smother early symptoms of a midlife crisis, Paul purchases a fixer-upper mansion in rural Missouri, hoping to use it as a vacation home later on. For now, though, it will act as the meeting place for their anniversary weekend. Arriving are Paul and Aubrey's four kids, Crispian (AJ Bowen), Felix (Nicholas Tucci), Drake (Joe Swanberg) and Aimee (Amy Seimetz), and their significant others, Erin (a terrific, show-stopping, whoisthislady? Sharni Vinson), Zee (Wendy Glenn), Kelly (Margaret Laney), and Tariq (Ti West).

It only takes moments to realize just how much everyone dislikes each other; none of the siblings get along, and it seems their parents like to play favorites (but even then …). Their romantic interests are just as hostile — it's a dinner party from hell. Luis Buñuel would smile at their discomfort. The violent tension is broken, however, when an arrow flies through the window, hitting and killing Tariq before he can even become a stock character. Before anyone can regroup, more and more shots are fired, with a clear intent of slaughter. And no, the predator isn't a dazed Katniss wandering around middle-of-nowhere Missouri. It seems that not only one, but three next generation Freddie/Jason/Michaels are out to get, and exterminate, the Davison clan. Of course, everyone starts reacting like they've never seen Halloween before, getting picked off like those foolish kids in the original Friday the 13th — but Erin, with her Australian swagger and brunette comeliness, turns out to be a Jamie Lee Curtis on steroids, keeping up with the assassins and one- upping them in the deadliest ways possible. Nothing, though, is quite what it seems to be.

You're Next, without a doubt, is an above average horror movie, easy competition in a sad era of reboots and sequels and 3D catastrophes and independent slow burns (sorry, The Innkeepers!). But even if it was the 1970s, You're Next would still be something of a wonder, daring The Stepfather and Fright Night to an arm wrestling match, hardly struggle, and win, without a drop of sweat. It works as a thriller, a horror, and a super black comedy (a really, really black one), beginning as a ball of bloody energy and ending as a ball of bloody energy. Our terror is never really put on hold — it's obvious that some double-crossing is going on, but who is behind all of it?

Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett, also behind last year's excellent The Guest, are a filmmaking team ready to become the Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger of horror. Their staging is so precise and so well- conceived that it's a wonder to think that they are still so young (Wingard was 29 when he directed You're Next in 2011) — their presence is remarkably there, in the way we could feel De Palma's pulse throughout Sisters or Carpenter's smarminess in Halloween. Like early Tarantino, there's a gut feeling that Wingard and Barrett, together or otherwise, will be going places, whether those places be more great works of independent horror or big-budgeted fantasy.

As much as I enjoyed You're Next, however, my prudish inner self was much more apprehensive. While the dialogue simmers with comic mockery and the actors have killer chemistry, the violence, as graphic as it is, takes away much of the fun to be had. I've never been a gore hound, after all, finding much of Mario Bava's work to be too over-the-top and viewing Lucio Fulci as a guy who needs to calm down. The violence in You're Next is so shockingly brutal (the kill scenes, though often clever, are too sadistic for my taste) that it's easy to go from entertained to disgusted within the blink of an eye. And this is coming from the guy who considers Kill Bill Vol. 1 (and its sequel) to be one of the greatest achievements in film. But just because I haven't lost my sensitivity to on screen carnage over the years doesn't mean that you won't admire You're Next's no-holds-barred approach to the slasher genre.
You're Next...Entitlement 101 and How We Treat our Returning Soldiers (spoilers)
Everything you've read previously about this movie is obviously open to interpretation...(black comedy/not funny in the least) and I love horror and horror/comedy. But I can't watch this movie without thinking: (Spoilers! ALL CAPS!!!! Stop Reading if you haven't seen!!!)

This family is f*ing sad...but still...not really developed. And this doesn't really have to be a "thing" with horror movies. More development done well equals a more fun/scary/heart-wrenching experience. But since that's not what we're talking about....

The family in this film is upper-class suburban with a vacation home (mansion) where the family is all convening to celebrate their parents' anniversary. Then a lot of them start dying through non- natural causes. This movie is also described as a horror/comedy.

I describe it as:

A great, lost song (Soundtrack) + (Movie) No loyalty/love for the beige-paint equivalent of parents + a little bit (a lot) of entitlement + animal-masked killers + a fantastic, unexpected element +++++++++ killings = an interesting horror movie.

Favorite/Most Hated Line: Felix: {talking to a family member} "Will you just die already? This is hard enough for me!" Terrible. There couldn't be a more first world problem. Yet....kinda funny in its self-awareness.

But then I get sad when there are multiple close-ups on the "assassins" footwear and they are Army issue/military boots. There's also a line from one of the "masks" of "He's dead and unlike you, I liked my brother."

I respect the assassins in the movie and see this plot point as a depressing reflection of societal norms. Give everything for this country but good luck when you return...enjoy your new jobs at Giant Conglomerate MegaMart for minimum wage. Or, you can "subcontract", survive and really hate yourself. Ugh. This reality shouldn't be conceivable other than in movie form.

All that being said, I like a movie that doesn't equate a survivalist with a political party. We all bleed red, yeah?
another idiotic excuse to make gore
I can only watch horror movies while drunk out of my mind. This movie was so bad that I drank gallons of beer, then dropped. The next day I watched the rest with a clear head and that was my fatal mistake.

I don't even go into how stupid the plot is; basically we have the same old formula in this genre, namely people making very dumb choices. They split up instead of staying together, everyone scattering around in different rooms and floors so that they can be whacked one by one. The bad guys do the same mistake, they never stick together for more than two minutes. And why are they armed with medieval weaponry when handguns are so readily available? Go inside with guns, make everyone kneel down then kill them execution style, one bullet each to the back of the head. Simple, fast and effective.

To top all this stupidity, we have a scrawny female weighing roughly 48 Kg turning into Steven Seagal and this is supposed to be the big surprise in the movie. Let me tell you gals like her can only pull hair and hammer fist the face like 3-year-olds with little or no effect. And that big, burly guy at the end does the exact same thing the dumbest idiot on earth would do - of course we are in the realm of horror movies after all.
Annoying Scream
This movie should be called Scream 5 with the amount of screaming going on, which most of them are so annoying. Also the story is similar and has that twist in the end just like the Scream trilogy. This movie could have been good if it weren't for the obvious story line, stupid characters and acting. The only best thing about this movie is that an Australian chick ends up the sole survivor to the whole massacre. Her character is the only smart one out of the rest. If you've been paying attention to each character you can almost guess who are the bad people. They're too obvious when they acted suspiciously which raises questions. As for the ending the character was in a lose-lose situation, whether this was done purposely or a mistake it makes you wonder " What would you do if you're in that situation ? "
Useless Except for Its Final Minutes
Pretty by-the-numbers home-invasion movie that is pretty unusable until the comparatively entertaining last 10 minutes.

As usual, everyone's stupid as hell, and walks into the killers' knives, arrows, whatever, one after another.

There's tons of gore, and most of it is entirely routine. There is one gag towards the end that is very funny in a gruesome way, but once again, it's pretty much at the end. There is an entertaining way the credits are done, but still a bit late!

Also, I don't know if I've ever seen anything from a major studio that was shot so badly! It's like someone was given a camera, told to point it in the general direction of the action, and hit record.

Certainly missable.

*** (3 Out of 10 Stars)
I finally got around to watching You're Next after hearing so any good things about it.

It is a very mediocre movie. It is a sub par horror film in that it is not scary at all. The only thing it has going for it is gore, and even there it's just more of the same old.

There has been so much hyped around the 'twist' which ruined it for me since I knew there would be one, but when? The bad part is you will already have guessed it, or be so not surprised that it doesn't come across as a WOW moment.

If you like stupid mediocre gore then you will like You're Next. I was quite disappointed and I blame all the glowing reviews for that.
Brutal and Gore Slasher with Good Story and Twists
Aubrey (Barbara Crampton) and Paul Davison (Rob Moran) welcome his family for a reunion in their isolated vacation house. Their sons Crispian (AJ Bowen) comes with his girlfriend Erin (Sharni Vinson); Felix (Nicholas Tucci) with his girlfriend Zee (Wendy Glenn); Drake (Joe Swanberg) with his wife Kelly (Sarah Myers); and their daughter Aimee (Amy Seimetz) comes with her boyfriend Tariq (Ti West). When they are ready to have dinner, they are attacked by a stranger with a crossbow, and Drake is wounded by an arrow and Tariq dies. They discover that their cell phones are jammed and they are trapped in the house. Erin tries to protect the house, closing doors and windows, but the masked killers murder the members of the family. Are the killers lunatic? What is the motive for slaughtering the Davison family?

"You're Next" is a brutal and gore slasher with good story and twists. The plot points are not so obvious and Sharni Vinson is the heroin that every viewer will cheer on. She seems to be a fragile woman but her reaction recalls the lead character in "The Descent". My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Você é o Próximo" ("You're Next")
OMG! This Movie was Terrible!
Maybe I'm too "Old School" Maybe my opinion sucks. Maybe i trusted Rotten tomatoes too much. Whatever the reason I decided to go see this movie, I was wrong. This is terrible! Classic Slasher my A#$! This is a horrible excuse for a Horror film or, Comedy. Laughable someone Bankrolled this. Excuse my language but, I haven't been this disappointed since Burt Wonderstone. Cheesy Plot of a family away in a cabin in the middle of no where for a Family Retreat. All these Snot nosed kids come out the wood works. A family game turns into a nightmare as arrows go whisking thru the windows. Saving you all some time, turns out the ungrateful brother of our story hires killers to take out his parent for ....wait for it....Inheritance!!!! Yes!! But, then the plot starts to turn as the typical brunette comes in her wife-beater dirty, still sexually appealing trying everything to make it. Typical crappy B Movie. Sound a little hostile? I am! I spent close to $40 to go see this CRAP because Critics Raved " Thrill ride of your Life!" Rolling Stone says "Must see of the Year!!!!!!" Crap. Most of the rehashed bullshit Hollywood keeps pumping out is a product of Lost Imagination. Today's Generation of Movie goers have been deprived of the mystery of the story anymore. Trailers give away the Plot, Climax and Resolution in the 2 1/2 min trailers.But even I didn't see this coming. I actually left in the final few minutes to go smoke a cigarette. I came back and my wife ask if we had to stay to finish. Horrible way to leave a theater. I'm not sure if Payola is a practice used in Movie Reviews but, it sure seems that way here. Over hyped film. Lackluster acting. Short comedic punches i guess but, not enough to repair the damage. It's just not believable. I hope you wait and save this for a free Redbox rental for a bored day. Should be a good conversation starter. If you like Movies that is.
Do not be NEXT to waste your money
I wish there were negative numbers available. If they were my vote would be "minus" 10. Who does write those reviews above me? Either blind people or movie maker's family and friends. The movie is simply horrible. Script doesn't make sense at all.

Whoever qualified movie cast as actors should immediately lose his/her job. You would find more realistic acting people in your bar around the corner.

Dialogs are ridiculous. At some point Paul says: "We've been watched by those people for DAYS". He said that after being in his summer house for two days.

At another moment Paul finds some intruder's belongings (sleeping bag, water and even some bottle with urine) in his bedroom closet. Why would the bad guy stay in a closet if the house hadn't been occupied for months (summer house)? He had a whole house to himself.

I could go on and on....

Do NOT waste your money on this garbage.
Direct-to-DVD mediocrity that went theatrical.
Though there may be similar movies predating it, the first movie I remember seeing that featured psychos in cheap, creepy plastic animal masks was FORTRESS (1985), an underrated Aussie thriller featuring kidnappers decked out like "Dabby Duck," "Pussy Cat" and "Mac the Mouse" (as well as "Father Christmas") going after a schoolteacher and the students in her charge. That movie scared the hell out of me as a little kid and perhaps left a lasting impression on others because I've seen several films since featuring killers in identical get-ups. This is another one. It's even plausible the filmmakers are attempting to pay direct homage to that earlier film by casting an Australian leading lady in an otherwise very American film, but it's hard to tell. Unlike FORTRESS, which is more of a suspense thriller than an all out horror film, this one mashes up slasher-gore, home invasion flick, mystery and black comedy. The results are extremely uneven.

Paul (Rob Moran), a millionaire, now-retired marketing director for a defense contractor, and his wife Aubrey (Barbara Crampton), decide to celebrate their thirty-fifth wedding anniversary by having all four of their children and their spouses / significant others over for a weekend visit. Little do most of them know, but their next-door neighbor down the road (Larry Fessenden in his usual one-scene cameo) and his girlfriend have already been slaughtered by a trio of nuts whose identities are concealed with fox, tiger and lamb masks. While having dinner and emotions are already running high because of some bickering between a few of the brothers, one of the guests is shot through the head with an crossbow arrow through the window. From then on out it's a fight for survival for the rest as the intruders stalk the grounds and some of the family members are (rather predictably) exposed as having ties with the masked killers.

Filmed back in early 2011, this somehow managed to garner a belated wide theatrical release (2000+ cinemas) in late 2013. As with nearly all major genre films to come down the pike in the 2000s, a good deal of hype was generated for it by both the distributor and most of the better-known genre websites doing their usual cheerleading routine (considering the latter are little more than paid hype-generating shills posing as unbiased "genre critics" I'm surprised *anyone* cares what they have to say). Despite all of that, audiences rejected this one and it was quickly yanked from theaters after grossing only 18 million dollars. It's quite easy to understand why: There's nothing unique, inventive or all that good about this film and it was hardly deserving of ANY "critical" attention bestowed upon it. The acting is mostly terrible, the script is abysmal (with a silly, predictable, hole- filled plot and characters doing the most moronic things imaginable to get themselves killed), the picture quality is flat, ugly and murky and the film slavishly relies on loud sound cues, jump cuts and jittery camera- work to provide its "scares."

Thankfully, there are two elements that keep the film (just barely) watchable. The first is the high amount of splatter. Axes, knives and machetes are sunk into heads, eyes are gouged out with ice picks, a head is literally blended, nails are driven through feet, throats are slashed open and spew blood, etc. The film provides plenty of blood and utilizes old school makeup effects, so it works OK as a brainless gore-fest. The second successful element is lead actress Sharni Vinson, who starts out as your typically sweet, supportive girlfriend type before her survivalist instincts kick in and she transforms into an crotch-kicking, head-bashing bad ass who can take a lick and keep on ticking. Not even a knife through the shoulder, a leap through a second story window, a shard of glass through the leg or a gunshot to the chest can slow this chick down! Though the character isn't the least bit believable, Vinson has fun with the part and is the only even remotely likable person in the movie. I also enjoyed seeing Crampton in her small role, though the filmmakers don't really give her anything to do. The rest of cast - consisting mostly of a clique of filmmakers / actors who frequently work with one another - is awful.

If you're gonna see this one, I'd keep expectations low. Aside from the bloodshed and the leading lady, there's nothing special or unique or exceptional about this one. There's zero depth, no atmosphere and it's not the least bit scary, suspenseful, original OR clever. I've seen a lot of the defenders claim this is a comedy, but aside from a few mildly amusing moments, most of the attempts at "humor" ("I want to f*** you on this bed next to your dead mom!") are pretty pathetic.
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